Monday, 16 November 2015

Current Favorites

I feel like I haven't done one of these posts in agessssss. Well, it's been a year and a half, which qualifies as ages right? Right.
I find myself trying stepping out of the minimalist avatar I was portraying for the last year or so lately. I want more complicated eye looks and more dewy skin. I've also been on the hunt for more affordable options to my high end favorites. These three are all those things, including being travel friendly, something I've found myself doing a lot offlate and needing. Oh, while on the topic of travelling, could someone link me to a nice/pretty/cute makeup bag? I have this ugly bag I'm sure was meant for stationary and I really want a new one.
But coming back to the products in question - these are on here because I love them so much, but also because they're super slim and easy to carry around.

The Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette
I've already reviewed this here (incase you're interested) and I can't say enough good things... It's my favourite eyeshadow palette, probably of all time. It has the perfect set of mattes, shimmers and frosty earth tone colours that are perfectly neutral and still interesting. There isn't a single day when I sit down and do my makeup and not reach for it. I've taken it with me on 2-3 trips so far and not once thought I needed something else. It costs about INR2300 approx, and if you don't have it, I'd say go out and buy it today, you will not regret it.

Revlon PhotoReady Skin Lights in Bare Light
This is subtle glow in a tube. More often than not, I bang on about wanting glowing, youthful skin which looks like I sleep loads, drink plenty of water and eat a mighty healthy diet (while I try, it ain't possible, you and I both know, but susssh). But this product does that with my skin. I look for want of a better word.. healthy. It has micro shimmer running through it that reflects the light perfectly, helping it bounce of your face, but not once does it look like you have shimmer.. nope, just healthy, happy skin.

L'oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation
...I love using this over the SkinLights, they really are a match made in heaven. Now, you'll rarely ever see me wanting anything matte, if you've been around here a while. Other than eyeshadow and the sides of my nose, I do not want anything matte on my face. But the reviews of this intrigued me, even my favourite dry skinned bloggers and Youtubers were raving about it. Naturally, I had to try it. I got mine from Amazon India, and by god. This is almost an exact dupe to my Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk, down to the colour.. and my lord I love it. (Does anyone want a comparison post?) It's matte, but not flat and goes on really smooth. It is very rapidly making its way to being my favourite foundation (currently NARS Sheer Glow).

So, there you go.. my current obsessions, what are yours?

Thursday, 15 October 2015

What I Wore #2

Crop Top - Zara
Skirt - Global Desi
Clutch - Zara
Shoes  - Forever 21
Earrings - Vera Moda

So, remember when I said I wanted to inject some colour into my outfits? I found this gorgeous skirt at Global Desi and HAD to get it. I've mentioned before that my accessorizing is rather minimal .. but these earrings were so stunning. And I loved the fact that the Zara Clutch was a lighter grey leather. I'm really happy with how this turned out. What do you think?

Monday, 12 October 2015

Night Out #12

Another weekend, some more going out makeup. This time featuring a quick smokey eye I've been obsessed with (A quick how to above). It's easy and features very few products. Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear in the crease, Makeup Geek Corrupt on the lid blended back and forth with a MAC 217. On the Inner Corner, I used theBalm's Mary Lou-Manizer that I also highlighted my cheekbones with. For lashes, I used the Ardel Demi Whispies but cut in half and double stacked to really give me lashes some lift and oomph.
The rest of my face consisted of NARS Sheer Glow in Barcelona and Syracuse, Bobbi Brown Corrector in Dark Peach and MAC Prep + Prime Translucent to set everything. Bronzer was the Bobbi Brown Matte Bronzer in Dark so it reflects the reddy brown of the shadow in the crease. As for lips, I used the Maybelline Matte Lipstick in Nude Nuance.

P.S. The Outfit Details are coming in the next post.

What do you think?

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

What I Wore #1

I thought I would do something a little bit different today. Incase I haven't mentioned it already, originally, I had a Fashion Design Degree from NIFT and did a bit of styling after that... but alas, it wasn't for me. The thing is though, I still do and will always love fashion - making it very hard for me to afford to feed both my Makeup and Fashion addiction, but first world problems eh?

Now, this may seem a bit strange, but I never really had the confidence to take pictures of my outfits, and even these pictures, it took me a good 3 months to pluck up the courage to post.
So, a little personal insight for you. From the age of 13-14, I started putting on some weight.. and a few health related issues made things worse for me and by the time I was 18-19, I was definitely overweight. Studying Fashion and Making clothes for a US 6/8 when I was infinitely bigger made things worse. My self confidence took a toll.. it was a struggle.
Eventually, I started kick boxing and a bit of yoga, but nothing that made much of a difference. Food was my comfort. When I had bad days, I ate junk, under the pretense of exercising, I ate more junk... all until I ran off to England. While studying there, I walked a fair bit everday (to and back from classes) coupled with the inability to afford junk food and my newfound love for nutritional facts and books... things changed. I changed. I became a lot more aware of how I ate, what I ate, my daily activity and calorie intake. So I came back 6 months later, 15 kgs lighter. I now am a pretty standard UK10 (US6) and I'm happy with my size.
Somehow though, I thought with my weight loss, I'd gain more confidence, which I have to an extent... but now I have new problems to deal with. Loose Skin, Stretch Marks... Cellulite in parts that just won't go. But I persist... I want to feel more confident. And I want to be Body Positive. I want to love myself - Body with a bit of jiggle and lots of stretch marks, Face full of acne scarring... they're all signs of being human and a little journey of weight loss and finding myself.

So, I'm starting this whole Body Positive thing with a little Outfit Post. Shot by my very talented bestie Achala Ganesan from the blog Seriously Noir. Go Follow, you'll love!

Dress - Fab Alley/ Jabong
Shrug -
Shoes - Forever 21
Watch - Michael Kors

Dress - Fab Alley/Jabong
Shoes - Zara
Watch - Michael Kors

I've pretty much start building my wardrobe from scratch. Since nothing fit anymore. And a staple for me is the Basic Black Dress. This is a Skater Style Dress From Jabong and I believe it was INR 750. It's really good quality with a pleated wasit which I love.
As you can see, my style is very minimal and monochrome... though I am adding a few pieces of colour now, back when these pictures were taken (August) I didn't have much more than Black, White, Grey and Blue.
I really liked how it went from a simple day dress to a still simple but more put together evening look.
Oh, excuse my expression and general awkwardness. I cannot pose for a camera. I am an absolute nightmare (ask Achala)

I hope you liked this post and are as excited as I am for the few I have to come..?

P.S. I also plan on doing a series on quick healthy meals, would this interest anyone?

Monday, 28 September 2015

The Palette That Beats Them All!

Freshly Toasted in the crease, Bitter Start to highlight the brow bone, Delicate Acidity and Warm Tones layered on the eyelid. Beans are white on the lashline

A hefty claim right? But this is coming from a girl who hates most premade palettes. I hate when I don't use something, which is why I just stay away from palettes in general. Quads, I can handle. And all the palettes that are hyped I see myself using 5-6 of the pans at the most, and I simple can't justify buying it... until I saw this. I saw it mentioned by a couple of people on YouTube... a quick check of Temptalia's review and I was sold. This is also rather special to me because the boy bought it for me *grins*, but I digress.
The Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette is most certainly me in a palette. It's incredibly warm toned, with a good range of both matte and shimmers. There is not a single eyeshadow I haven't used and loved. ]
A little technical information for you - each pan is the same size as a standard MAC pan and contains 1.5 grams of product (same as a MAC pan) so you're getting 15 grams of product. For 17.50 Euros (INR 1300 + shipping) you get 10 eyeshadows. When I bought it, inclusive of Shipping it cost me INR 2000, so each eyeshadow cost me INR 200. In my opinion, STEAL.
For one the packaging is ultra cute - not too OTT and totally functional. I love how slim it is... and the cardboard makes it perfect for travelling. Definitely a win for me.
In terms of pigmentation and colour pay off, it is insane. Every colour is buttery and pigmented and makes me want to own more of their eyeshadow formulation.
Bitterstart is a matte warm cream shade.
Sweeter End is a shimmery pale pinky gold - very similar to MAC's All That Glitter eyeshadow.
Warm Tones is a cranberry pinky red colour.
Subtle Blend is a warm bronze. It's similar to MAC's Bronze, but not as red.
Beans are White is a cool toned matte brown shade. NARS Coconut Grove is very similar. This one was a bit dry, but makes for an excellent brow or liner shadow.
Pure Ganache is a gorgeous slightly orange toned gold. It's warmer than MAC Woodwinked, but not as orange as MAC Amber Lights. It's actually a prefect mixture of the two.
Substitute for Love is a warm orangey brown with a hint of shimmer running through it, but it doesn't translate on the eyelid. It is almost an exact dupe of MAC Texture.
Freshly Toasted is a matte red brown. Similar to Makeup Geek's Cocoa Bear, but richer.
Infusion is deep brown-black with golden shimmer running through it. NARS Cordura is very similar, but is cooler.
Delicate Acidity is a cool toned taupey purple brown. I don't own anything like this and cannot stop using it.

As you can see, if you like warm shadows you need it. I haven't stopped using it since I got it, and I doubt I will. Without a doubt, favorite palette, ever!

What do you think?

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Favorite Eyeshadows For Indian Skin

Now, here's an interesting title - though I'm not usually one to proclaim "this is the best for this" etc, I do genuinely think these eye shadows are my all time favorites - always need to have - holy grail status - the never leave for a job without kind.
They're a mix of MAC and Makeup Geek (a brand I truly love). I know none of these colours will be new to any regular reader of my blog, but let me bang on about it anyway.

Makeup Geek Vanilla Bean
I deem this the perfect setting shade. Once I apply my eyebase, I like to go over it with this just so everything is smooth and powdered for the crease colours. With a fluffy brush it's almost translucent on my eye, but if I use a synthetic brush which is more dense, it can make a brilliant browbone highlight. On me, it's a cream with a hint of shimmer running through it. It's also excellent at blending out my crease colour when I blend it really high up - which I always do.

Makeup Geek Creme Brule
The perfect transition shade. I just this in my crease and blend it upwards practically till the brow bone. It's a peachy brown that compliments both warm and cool shadows really well! Though I do like the intensity of MAC's Soft Brown or Texture, how subtle this is really makes a big difference.

Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear
A warm red toned brown that is my favorite eyeshadow to deepen the crease and smudge along the lower lashline. Makes me feel all grungy and a little messy - which, as you might have guessed by now, i love. Blown out, slightly messy eyeshadow looks are totally my thing, and this shadow is the key!

MAC Woodwinked
I think I should be banned from talking about this eyeshadow, but I can't okay? I just can't. Hands down a holy grail - cannot live without - eyeshadow. A metallic gold bronze with an orange undertone. Perfect worn on it's own, but even more of a punch worn in the inner corners with a dark eye. I will never get over the perfection that is this eyeshadow.

MAC Soba
On days when I want the focus to be on the skin or the lips, Soba is my best friend. It is basically a more golden version of my natural skin colour with some shimmer. Whack it on with some (read: loads) of mascara and a dark lip and you're the definition of editorial glam. I also love this eyeshadow for the sandwich placement - darker colours on the inner and outer corner and this in the centre.
Probably the most underrated of the eyeshadows I own, but definitely a staple.

MAC Amber Lights
Phew. Now this one is a stright up orange gold which goes with every.single.Indian.outfit. The sheen it imparts is basically so beautiful, I have no words. Not to mention, it literally makes your skin glow. If I'm having a long day, or my skin is looking a bit dull, I whack this on and instantly look more awake and put together.

MAC Bronze
*insert angles singing* Probably my all time favorite eyeshadow (yes, even more so than Woodwinked) It is the perfect bronze. Despite looking everywhere for a bronze that competes with this, nothing ever will. It's a warm toned bronze with gold and a bit of red to it. It is so perfect, I can't even find the words. This is my second pan - which I've just hit pan on - which in itself can tell you how much I love it. Though I like to consider myself a bronze eyeshadow fiend, I can't seem to find anything as good as this one.

MAC Sable
Probably the only cool toned eyeshadow in this lot - but holy hell this is gorgeous. It's a shimmery cool taupey plum purple with a bit lilac and lord knows what else. Everytime I describe it, my description changes, because I can't pinpoint what the colour really does to my eyelids. It brightens (but in a more subtle way that Amber Lights) and really brings out the warmth in my skin. It's a colour I didn't think i would like, and I have NO idea why I picked it up or what made me, but boy, am I glad!

Makeup Geek Corrupt
The darkest most pigmented black you will ever find. Smooth, blendable and opaque. Enough said.

What are your favorites? Do let me know!

Monday, 14 September 2015

Brightening with bareMinerals

Primers. I've never really believed in them, simple reason being I don't believe in them prolonging the wear time of your makeup. Yes, I believe the oil control ones prevent the skin from eating the makeup up, by creating a barrier. But I see that happening only in that particular case.
What I do think primers do very well is correct/brighten or create a smooth base for your products. I had previously used the MUFE Primer, which I didn't love, but used up anyway because it did brighten my face and lessen the angry purple of my acne scars.
This time, I saw the bareMinerals Prime Time Brightening Foundation Primer on strawberrynet for INR 1290 and thought for the price I really needed to give it a go!
It's a peachish liquid that has a siliconey smooth texture to it. It also has a golden sheen does wonders in brightening my face. The texture also helps in filling in the texture left on my skin due to breakouts and blemishes... it smoothes over my face very easily - one pump being more than enough and doesn't form little balls if I try and work it into my skin (always a plus).
It doesn't prolong the wear of my foundation in anyway, and I'm not particularly oily to talk about oil control, but it keeps my base looking fresh for however long I choose to wear it - preventing fading.
It also does add a little brightness to my face - and glow, which my dry skin could really do with.
I'm going to continue using it to see how much of a difference it really makes and I shall report back... for now, I like it. I can see the difference in my foundation on days I use it as opposed to the days I won't.

And for the price, I would surely make sure I have it at all times.

Have you tried this? What do you think?

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Night Out #11

Another day... another bronzey eye, but WAIT... plot twist! Funky blue gradient bottom lash!
I've had these pictures saved as a draft for a pretty long time now - something just keeps stopping me from posting it - but ho hey, why not?
For base I used the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 7.5 - for some reason this foundation doesn't work on my skin the way it used to - I used to rave about how amazing it was, but now it just sits on my skin without sinking in - can you tell from the pictures? I followed it up with the MAC Prolongwear Concealer in NC42 and set everything in place with my Ben Nye Banana Powder - after wanting it for years, I can say, it does brighten - but I'm not a fan of how matte it leaves my skin, almost making my undereyes look a bit.. crapey.
For Bronzer, I used my Bobbi Brown Matte Bronzer in Dark and blended it to my cheeks. Because it's a reddish brown, it works very well as a subtle blush as well.
For my brows I used the same thing I've been using for over a year now and just it pan on; the Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade in Ebony.
For my eyes, I used MAC's Bronze eyeshadow all over the lid, and MAC's Woodwinked in the inner corners. As for the interesting bit, I used MAC's Chromographic Pencil in Hi-Def Cyan on my waterline and blended it below.. to top it off, I used Urban Decay Chaos (electric palette) and blended it out with Urban Decay Fringe. I then used Fringe to create a wing from the lower lashline upwards and add some definition to the upper lashline. L'oreal False Lash Architect 4 D Waterproof Mascara finished up the eyes rather nicely.
Finally, for lips, I used MAC's Twig lipstick.

I was rather pleased at how this came out, what do you think?

Monday, 17 August 2015

A Colourpop Gush

After all the gush and hype surrounding Colourpop Cosmetics, I've been dying to get my hands on some of the products - so much so, I had dreams about it.... creepy, I know.
So with my recent Sephora purchases, I also snuck in a cheeky little Colourpop haul, consisting of a few things for mum and ofcourse, me.
Without looking up swatches or reviews, I just decided to get 2 of the lippie stix and eyeshadows that appealed to me just by description.
What really caught my eye about the brand was the eyeshadows that looked ridiculously pigmented and a lot of people claimed they lasted forever even on non primed lids, which made me even more curious.
Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Game Face is a very 'me' colour - a coppery orangey Metallic bronze colour which you know I'll wear a ton. (Centre of the eyelid in the picture)
Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in On the Rocks which looked like a good standard bronze - but holy hell this one made my jaw drop. What I thought was just a simple bronze I would wear everyday turned out to be a complex and shimmery - almost glittery eyeshadow that looks mighty interesting on the lids but not OTT, y'know? It has purple and gold sparke in it that just makes it shine so different in different light - It's a one stop lid colour that makes it look like I've made a lot more effort than I have - and I love those colours!
As for formula - I feel like they're inbetween a cream and powder - almost mousse like. You have to use your fingers with these, which I don't really have a problem with, but it makes me wonder how I'd use their matte shadows in the crease. But since I don't have any of their mattes, I won't worry about it too much. 
As for the longetivity... wait for it... it lasted a good 5 hours on my oily eyelids without a primer... and almost 12 with a primer - the longest any eyeshadow has lasted on me. Further more, it just doesn't fade! It's still just as vibrant as it was when I applied it... MIND BLOWN. 
As you can tell, I love these... and I've already got my next set in my basket to be bought. Heh.
A part of my wishes I could depot these though, because if I could.. my kit will have NOTHING but Colourpopr Eyeshadows.

The Colourpop Lippie Stix in Brinx (a 90's brown with a peachyundertone on me) and Lumiere (A plumish natural lip colour) are slowly becoming my go - to lip colours. Though they are matte, I find them creamy and moisturising and just like the lipstick hella' long lasting.
You guys know how iffy I usually am with lip products, but these make me want to put on lipstick everyday... especially Brinx, since it has this ability to brighten my face, and make me look so put together and grown up - it's my "I'm a Makeup Artist who knows her shit" lippie.

(Next on my wishlist is Tootsie - a grey-beige that seems to be all the rage - hey! That rhymed.)

At $5 for a product, this brand is very quickly becoming a favorite of mine... I have this strange feeling I'm going to be placing another massive order soon! Ahh Colourpop, if you ever read this, I love your products, I love how affordable they are - and the quality is just beyond fantastic. I cannot wait to own more stuff! 

What are your thoughts on colourpop?

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

That Perfecting Powder feat. Hourglass

It's about time right? I've been lusting after these for close to two years now...
The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders have been ever so hyped. Light semi-sheen inducing powders that mattify and set liquid product but still give you a lit from within glow that doesn't look fake or cakey is a bit of a large claim isn't it? Hence my curiosity. Whilst I had the opportunity to try these when I was in the UK, at that pricetag, I had to choose between the Hourglass Powder and food... ofcourse the latter won.
Recently, I placed a little Sephora order when my best friend was coming back from the states, most of it for my kit, but I got this and one other thing for myself.
After uhmming and aarrhing, I chose the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light as it was supposed to blur imperfections and give your skin a slight glow... and boy does it deliver!
I use it to set the concealwe under my eyes, centre of my forehead, all over my nose and my chin... and you can see the difference it makes before and after in the pictures.

It lasts all day long and genuinely makes me feel so much more confident in my own skin. I have to say I LOVE this.
Also, let us take a minute to appreciate that sexy packaging, because it ticks every single box for me.
So much so that it's very quickly moving into 'holy grail' product territory.
Even though I'm not much of a blush girl... I have my eye on Mood Exposure... maybe even the bronzers... I need help.

What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer - #highlightonfleek

Let us take a moment here and just look at that beautiful highlight... yes?
I know I'm late jumping on the bandwagon, but ohmigodgivememorehighlighters! I've always been one for cream highlights because they look more natural, but ever since strobing has become more popular, I can't help but want to layer them.. enter theBalm's Mary Lou-Manizer. First of all - the name? THE NAME. I love it. Quirky is something I can identify with - and this just makes me happy.
Secondly, the packaging - I'm more of a black and metallic girl when it comes to Makeup packaging, but this is so classy and funky that I can't help but lurrrvve it.
Thirdly, was on a huge sale and I snagged this lovely gem for a steal of INR 1400. Seriously.
Now, the actual product. It's a light golden finely milled powder with shimmer. It doesn't have any chunky glitter in it, but I still think it could have been smaller shimmer, y'know? But it doesn't bother me all that much.
Now this thing is pigmented as hell. You can really get a stripe of highlight on your cheeks if you aren't careful, so I apple this with my fingers an work it into my skin, giving me a subtle sheen. It wears roughly 5-6 hours on me before fading, which isn't bad at all.
It doesn't emphasise my textures skin, instead it gives me a bit of a soft focus glow... which I absolutely adore.
On days I'm feeling particularly dull, I dab this over my MAC Lustre Drops and it creates such a gorgeous glow... I can't get enough.
I may be needing a few more highlighters soon...

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?

P.S. Incase you guys didn't know, I write a bimonthly column for The Hindu Metro Plus - all about makeup, you can find the articles here (Iupdate as they come out). Take a read and let me know!

Sunday, 26 July 2015

NEW IN! Strawberrynet + Repurchases

I feel like it's been ages since I bought myself any makeup, because really, it has! I've been buying stuff for my kit - which ofcourse I get to try out, but it's not really mine, y'know? Having said that, I did a bit of makeup shopping recently...
... One fine day, I woke wanting to try some new products. Since I was in the market for a new bronzer, I looked around the usual sites that ship to India.. Beautybay, Luxola etc. By chance I popped onto strawberrynet, when they were having a 30% off sale, and I picked up these gems.
The Bare Minerals Bronzer in The Deep End because Aditi claims she likes it more than NARS Casino (my favorite)... theBalm's Mary-Lou Manizer - I've heard too many people rave about this, and for INR 1400, I just HAD to try it.
Lastly, a new primer... I hadn't heard too many reviews about the Bare Minerals Prime Time Brightening Primer, so I thought I would give it a go... because glow + me = win. It also happened to be priced at INR 1200. Can't go wrong with that, can I? Ofcourse, reviews of all of this coming soon!

As for the repurchases ... Bobbi Brown Corrector in Dark Peach and MAC Prolongwear Concealer in NC42 as I use those two every day!

Have you bought anything new lately?

Friday, 17 July 2015

My Lips in a Tube - MAC Twig!

You probably know the drill by now, I don't post often enough, i apologize and promise to be more regular - when I do post, I get all sad because there aren't any comments and sigh like a loser. But I'll stop. Because really, I write this blog for me and to share my love of makeup with other people.

Today's post isn't all that new or original, but it's a new find I'm in love with. I've been into the whole nude lip trend offlate - I'm all about 'em sultry bronzey eyes and nude lips (pretty much my staple makeup).. so imagine my surprise when I realized I only had one nudeish colour. Off to MAC I went, hoping to pick up Mehr, which seemed like the kind of pinkey nude I would like... but along the way, I met MAC's Twig... and it was love at first swatch.
MAC describes it as a "soft muted brownish-pink" which is pretty spot on in my opinion. It is literally the colour of my lips. So when I wear this, they look all even and pretty. Being a Satin Finish, it's comfortable to wear, but I like to put on my lipstick, blot it, put it on again, blot it and repeat a few times to it really settles and forms a nice little stain. It lasts about 3 hours on me and an extra 3 as a stain.

FYI, It costs INR 1495 (Yes, my wallet cries)

What do you think?

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Night out #10

I love the idea of tone on tone makeup. Which is exactly why I tried creating something a bit more tonal when I was going out a few weeks ago.
For my base, I used the L'oreal True Match in W7 around the perimeter, keeping it away from the centre... For the undereyes, chin, nose and forehead, I used a combination of NC42 mixed in with NC35 in the MAC Prolongwear Concealer. After setting these areas with the Ben Nye Banana Powder, I bronzed up the perimeter of my face with the NARS Bronzer in Casino. This helps add dimension and makes my roundish face seem even more oval and well defined. I went in and further contoured the cheekbones using the Inglot Eyeshadow in 357 Matte.
For the eyes, I started with Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in Creme Brule and Cocoa Bear in the crease faded out to the brow bone. I repeated this processes till I was happy with the intensity. I then used the Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in Cognac all over the lid and blended it out into the MUG shadows. In the outer third, I used Makeup Geek Corrupt to smoke out Cognac... Once i blended everything in again, I used the Maybelline Gel Liner to create the wing, followed by 3 coats of the L'oreal Miss Manga Mascara. Since the eyes were a bit too dark for my liking, I used MAC All That Glitters in the inner corners to brighten my eyes.
For the lips, I used the L'oreal Matte Moisture Lipstick in Maple Mocha.

Overall, I was rather pleased with this look.
What are your thoughts?

Monday, 15 June 2015

Sick Days - A Little Makeup Pick-Me-Up

So, I've spent the last few days sick and confined to my bed... first it was a cold and a cough, then it just got worse and worse and worse. Today however, I was sick of the coughing and looking like death, so I took matters into my capable hands (shamlessplug).
To start with, I decided to pamper my skin. Yes, I've been hydrating like a mad person over the last few days, but my skin still looked dull and lifeless. The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask came to my rescue. Dabbed a generous amount of this stuff to my face and rinsed it off after 20 minutes and my skin looked SO MUCH better.
After a nice hot shower, I decided to put on some makeup, for the first time this week (It's Friday today, so in my world, big deal). I find that when I'm sick, my eyes get all dull, and thanks to the coughing and the lack of sleep, my undereyes looked a bit like Edward Scissorhands... to fix that I used the MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer in NW 35 to correct the purple undertones, and topped it off with my MAC Prolongwear Concealer in NC 42, pretty much all over the centre of my face... sheered out to the edges to give me that highlighted effect. After quickly setting everything in place.. I decided to finally sort the lifeless zombie face situation with a little blush (fun fact - haven't used blush in a good 3 - 4 months). Instantly, the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Blissful bought some much needed life back into my face.
To brighten my eyes, I went for some shadow, but the real star of the show are my Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers that lift up lashes and make me eyes appear larger and brighter and more awake. After some lashings of mascara, I felt entirely human again - until I started coughing... But I look so much better, which makes me feel better.

So there yah go. These are my little pick me ups for days when I'm deathly ill. What are yours?

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Facial Oils for Every Occasion

So, I've been having a moment with oils lately.
For some reason until recently, oils have had quite the bad reputation when it comes to skincare. As someone who used to have oily skin, I used to shy away from oils because of the general stigma around "oils are bad for oily skin", which is pure bullshit.
Having said that though, with my now dehydrated skin (that would probably have never gotten to this stage if I had just moisturized or used said oils) which is slowly returning to normal but sensitive and acne prone... oils are a blessing.
To start, I'd like to take a moment and write a tiny little ode to the best kind of oil in my life... The Body Shop Cleansing Oil. I've mentioned this a few times before, but it is now a staple in my daily life and my kit, and let me tell you, there isn't s single person this oil hasn't wow'd. One pump, followed by a gentle massage and a damp cloth or water to was it off... it cleanses your skin like no other, getting every bit of makeup (including waterproof mascara) in the most fuss free manner till date. Priced at INR 1095, it isn't something that breaks the bank, but will change your life. For certain.
The next best thing I've discovered (more recently) is the Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil for Dehydrated skin, which is making my skin better with each passing day. It's a heavy oil that takes sometime to sink into the skin.. and heavily fragranced (so beware of that) but once it sinks in, it can calm the worst of my breakouts without much effort. I use it at night every alternate day or just over a particularly bad blemish more regularly and it has done nothing but wonders to my skin. It costs a bit of a bomb at INR 2450, but I've been using it every alternate day for a while now and it hardly seems to have made a mark on the bottle.
The Body Shop Vitamin E Serum Overnight Serum in Oil is another favorite I've talked about before, but thought I may reiterate my love for. Priced at INR 1695, this oil is seems to work for a lot of skin types (My mother who has normal to oily skin swears by it) and with my dehydrated skin, it works like a dream giving me all the moisture I need. I use this in rotation with my Clarins Oil. It also seems to help my acne scars which is always a win for me.
Finally, the ever famous Bio Oil that claims to do a LOT. I use it on my body especially in areas where I have stretch marks from hitting the gym or losing weight... it hasn't worked miracles, but I can see them slowly lightening... I'm pretty sure I will continue using this at night just because of the smell and the moisture it gives me, even if not for the stretch marks. Bio Oil costs INR 450 (which is good because I go through this stuff like it's going out of style)

So there you have it, my little arsenal of oils that I think work wonders.
(Little disclaimer, like every product - different things work for different people, just keep that in mind)

What are your favorite oils?

Friday, 5 June 2015

Embracing the Cool Tones

Honestly, I'm not a cool toned girl. Don't get me wrong, I think so many warm toned women can pull off the cool tones effortlessly. The cool taupes, silvers, greys and blues... I never really thought I could until I found this little gem while looking for something other than what is now my signature bronzey eye.
This little Wet n' Wild Trio in Silent Treatment that Aditi sent me during our exchange was rediscovered over the last month, and I've got to say, I LOVE IT.
I know people always go on and on about the quality of these shadows for the price... and I'm rather late on the bandwagon, but holy smokes!
Buttery, silky and easy to blend, why don't I own more?

In terms of colours, I really think the 'Browbone' colour reminds me a lot of MAC's All that Glitters, while the 'Eyelid' colour so is similar to MAC's Satin Taupe. If those two have been on your wishlist and you have access to this brand, getittttt!
Rest of the face consists of MAC Prolongwear Concealer in NC 42 to hide the scars and the dark circles, Chanel Loose Powder to Set it in place, Bobbi Brown Bronzer in Dark on the cheeks and MAC's Rebel blotted out on the lips. 

I'm SO in love with this little trio that I am not totally okay with embracing the cool tones on my own face! Bring on the silvers.. heh.

What are your thoughts?

P.S. Does anyone know where I can get some Colourpop Cosmetics? Etsy Seller? Amazon/ebay seller who doesn't charge a boatload in shipping? Hook me up, people!

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

That Kylie Jenner Lip

I know I know, first Kim K, now Kylie Jenner, for someone who cannot stand the Kardashians, a lot of my posts seem to have some association with them. But I can't help it! I love a lot of their makeup. And their tanned skin being somewhat on par with Indian tones, its very hard not to embrace those trends they seem to set.
If you happen to be in Chennai and read the Hindu (if you don't, you really should, because it is afterall the only paper worth reading) you may have seen my article dedicated to it. (If you haven't - it is on my facebook page *insert shameless plug*)
But, this is a little concoction on my own for my dearest but slightly neglected blog.
What is it? A combination of the L'oreal Matte Moisture Lipstick in Maple Mocha - a redish plummy brown shade with the Jordana Easy Liner for Lips in Rock n' Rose (Thank you again, Aditi, I don't know how I lived without it). So till i get my hands on soar, this is going to be my version.
What are your thoughts?

Do you have a favorite mimic Kylie combination? yes? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS.

Over and out. 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Foundation that isn't.

This is probably the base product I forget about most easily. For some reason, MAC Face and Body never really is my first choice on myself because it requires me to conceal a lot more than a fuller coverage foundation, but if you want your foundation to look more skin like, and you don't have too much to conceal, this is the answer to your prayers.

Firstly, it is more on the dewy side - so those of you looking for a matte foundation may want to skip this one (unless you powder the crap out of it). It gives you a very light coverage that is build able, and tends to stay put. A little note - it also happens to be water proof.
However, the application with this foundation is what can make or break it.
If you buff it on with a brush, chances are it won't really do much to your skin, probably won't stay put either.
If you use a sponge, since it is water based - the sponge will soak up most of the product.
I would suggest using your fingers in circular motions, once it becomes slightly paste like, give it a moment and let it set. Once it does that, it will not budge.
I've used this on the face and the body and it gives the most luminescent complexion, giving the skin the illusion of being healthy and plump.

I would say it is better for dry skins because of how water based it is, but you never know, it could work on some oily skins as well. Makeup totally depends on the person, not the product.

FYI, I use a C3 around the centre of my face and a C5 around the perimeters to give myself a very highlighted base... followed by a shit ton of concealer.

All in all, I would say if you're a makeup lover, Face and Body should definitely be a part of your collection.

Do you own this? What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

FOTD #11

I am the worst blogger in history, I know. Sigh. Butttt, I have an FOTD to makeup (getit? getit?) for it? Cool?
This one is all about the eye makeup, not revolutionary, but I loved how it turned out.
And its so simple. Just a bit of MAC Bronze e/s all over the lid and smudged in the bottom lash line, and blended out... followed by Makeup Geek Corrupt Eyeshadow as a liner to intensify that outer edge and wing it out. Tons of lashings of the L'oreal Miss Manga Mascara and to really make the eyes stand out, MAC's Chromographic Pencil in Hi-Def Cyan on the waterline.
Its the easiest way for someone to look like you've put in that extra effort (I had a meeting that day) without really trying.
For the rest of the face, I used MAC Face and Body in C5 all over, followed by MAC Prolongwear Concealer to Highlight. NARS Casino to Bronzer, a little bit of the Chanel Loose Powder to set things and a smidgen of lip balm later, DONE.

It was so fast (10 minutes, no joke) and easy and turned out better that I'd expected.

What do you think?

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Moisturiser That Ticks All the Boxes

Welcome back to this episode of 'Laya buys into hype - and loves it'. It seems to be a trend on this blog eh? I don't think this is huge with bloggers around the world, but I know most Professional Makeup Artists love this stuff. It only took the Pixiwoo sisters and 2 of my tutors to mention this product in passing before I jumped at the chance to purchase this for my kit and while I was buying it.. ahem, one for myself. *hides head in shame* #sorrynotsorry
The Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentrate is a moisturiser that can also be used to prime the skin. The company has some grand claims...
"The name Embryolisse is synonymous with fabulous French skincare and Lait-Creme Concentre is the jewel in their crown. Enriched with essential fatty acids and vitamins, this 3-in-1 lotion helps restore harmony where there's imbalance; nourish areas of dryness and protect your complexion from environmental aggressors. Light in texture and quickly absorbed, skin instantly feels plumped, soothed and hydrated while the velvety finish grips your foundation to help you stay"
But do not fear, for I am here to tell how true the above statements are.
To start with, it feels absolutely lovely to use. Be it my skin or someone elses, no one has ever said anything but how amazing this product feels on the skin. You instantly feel hydrated and your skin looks healthy and plump, without looking oily.
It absorbs quickly, but leaves a thin film of moisturised goodness that makes working with any skin (including textured and blemished skin like mine) a pleasure to work with.

On my dehydrated and blemish prone skin, I use two layers of this stuff (which explains the state of the tube) and it actually gives me almost healthy looking skin, with a glow that I cannot achieve with any other moisturiser.
I do prefer using it under my makeup, and something much more concentrated in the nights, but if you have normal or oily/combination skin, I reckon you can get away with using it twice a day.
It is lightly scented, however, it is not something that lingers. But I would keep that in mind if you're someone who doesn't like scented products.

It moisturises, it plumps, it feels great and most importantly soothes my blemishes when they're angry at the world. I can't ask for more in a skincare product.

The only downside? The steep price. GBP 20 (INR 2000 approx) for 75ml, which compared to Clinique is not all that bad, but thats a personal choice. You can get it shipped to India from here.

If you're looking for a new moisturiser that will not disappoint no matter what kind of skin you have, I would highly recommend this!

What do you think?

Friday, 13 March 2015

The Base Everyone Talks About

The Makeup Forever HD Foundation has got non stop rave reviews in the beauty community. It has also been featured on most 'Holy Grail' product lists that I've seen. Naturally, I've been curious.
While I was here, since it was only available in Mumbai and Delhi and it costs INR 3600, I kept my distance. But then, I decided to add it to my kit.
I have it in three shades, and 153 is the perfect match for me - its so wonderfully yellow (dare I say, almost as perfect as my Armani LSF) and I have used it on every kind of skin you can think of. I've found it sits best on oily/combination skin, but on my mildly dehydrated and acne prone skin, it sinks in and gives me a very natural looking finish.
The coverage of this thing is phenomenal. The picture above is me wearing only the foundation wearing no concealer whatsoever. So you can see how well it covers all my scarring.
In terms of longevity, it wears so well, I find that it looks even better after a few hours - which I didn't think was possible.

Overall, I love it. I love it so so so much that I didn't think it was possible. Infact, this may be rivaling my favorite Armani LSF.

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?

P.S. This will be a part of a series I've been creating on my blog called 'The Foundation Files'. Anything base related will be found here = )

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Kim K Inspired Makeup

I can't believe I actually did this. And let me secretly admit, I do love a good old Kim K makeup stalk. Yes, I think its too much makeup, but those smokey eyes are always on point. And when I saw this - largely wearable, I decided I needed to recreate it. After going back and forth about publishing this post for the last few days, I finally decided to just do it.
What i really love about it is the bronzey eyes with that silvery highlight in the inner corners. Now, I by no means claim I look anything like her, heck, my face is about twice as wide as hers, but its pretty makeup, why not try it out?

I started out with a light layer of the L'oreal True Match in W7 around the perimeter of my face, since its darker, it helps add a bit of dimension. After concealing my under eyes with the MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW 35, I went over the 'highlight' areas with my MAC ProLongwear Concealer in NC42. So, this is the classic Kim K areas - triangle under the eyes, bridge of the nose, centre of the forehead, chin and below the cheekbone. Once I blended it out and set it with my Ben Nye Banana Powder, I contoured using the Inglot 357 Matte Shadow and the NARS Casino Bronzer over the areas I'd used the true match.
For the eyes, I used the Max Factor Excess Shimmer Pot in Bronze.. what I loved about this eye is that its a single colour that seems to go pretty high up - almost till the eyebrow on the inner side of the eye. I find that this shape suits my eye a fair bit, so I was pretty happy with it. I ran a bit of the Shimmer Pot under my eye also. To really make the eyes pop, I used a Brown Kohl liner by Lakme, because I prefer using brown with my skintone, but I'm pretty certain she has black.
After tons and tons of mascara because I wasn't feeling the lashes - L'oreal Miss Manga Mascara, and some lipbalm, I called it a day.

What do you guys think?

Friday, 6 March 2015

A Cheaper Alternative.

Luxury products are expensive... d'oh, it comes with the name. Just like Fashion and the Trickle Down Theory where the trend or product slowly makes its way down from High end to more affordable with a few modifications or just out and out dupes, the same thing seems to happen with Makeup. Now, I can't take credit for either one of these discoveries, but I can say that I have put them to the test. So here it is.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and L'oreal True Match
Now, we all now how much I love my Armani LSF, its foundation gold in my opinion! So, when I heard Amelia Liana mention in one of her videos that these two were similar, I was waiting to get my hands on it.
In terms of texture and coverage, these two are pretty similar.. actually, I'd venture that they are almost the same. Small difference being the True Match has a SPF of 17 which doesn't make it photograph as well as the Luminous Silk.
However, my big bugbear with True Match is the fact that no, it does not actually match me. W5 is a bit too light and pink on my skin, there is no W6, and W7 (the one I have) is a bit too dark, and a fair bit pinkish also. As a result I have to mix it in with one of my lighter foundations so it matches me.
The Armani LSF as I've mentioned several times before is the perfect match for me. And so wonderfully yellow.
The Armani still wins in my opinion, but the True Match is a pretty decent alternative, provided you actually do find your 'True Match'.
The Armani LSF costs INR 3600, while the L'oreal True Match costs INR 990, I believe?

Estee Lauder Stay on Shadow Paint in Chained and Max Factor Excess Shimmer Pot in Bronze
Once again, I love my EL Chained, so much I've sung its praises in many a post. Repeatedly. Over and over.. you get the picture. When I first heard via Lily Pebbles blog that these Max Factor Excess Shimmer Pots were a dupe for it, it went onto my wishlist almost immediately. After a few months of 'umming' and 'aahing' and wondering if I really needed another cream eyeshadow - another bronze I bit the bullet and bought it.
In terms of colour, Bronze is a lot darker and more shimmery than Chained. While Chained can be a 'my lids but better' kind of shade, Bronze can really make my eyes pop. They both have their uses, but I'm leaning towards Bronze in terms of colour, because its just that little bit more dramatic.
Texture wise, they're both pretty similar. I'd like to say that Bronze is more creamy, but thats probably because my Chained is more than a year old and a bit dry at the moment.
Longevity wise, I'd say they're around the same, Chained beating it marginally because of its lack of visible shimmer, it looks a little less of a mess after about 8 hours.
If I really had to choose between them, I'd choose Bronze, but I'm glad I have both.
Chained costs INR 1800, while Bronze costs INR 800 (GBP 7.99) (I don't think the Max Factor Excess Shimmer Pots have been released in India yet, have they? If they have, I maybe buying a few more, if they haven't... keep an eye out!)

Over and out.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Charlotte Tilbury - The Dolce Vita Palette

One of the only things I knew before I even went to the UK was that I was going to come back owning this particular palette by Charlotte Tilbury. If you happen to be living under a rock for the last few years, Charlotte Tilbury is very talented and very well known makeup artist, who recently came out with her own brand of makeup. Luxurious packaging, incredibly creative concepts and flawless products were a given with her vast expertise in the industry... and every single review has been positive. So obviously, I needed to own something from her range. I visted her counter about a dozen times, I kid you not. And very single time, I swatched this palette. Eventually, I just gave in and bought myself this palette for my birthday. After using it a fair bit (read: it has not left my lids) I thought I'd post about it.

For starters, it looks beautiful, doesn't it? The Dolce Vita as a look is inspired by likes of Sophia Loren, Penelope Cruz and Monika Bellucci, emphasizing the on copper smokey eyes and a nudeish pink lip.
And this palette most certainly gives you the vibe.
The four colours (on me - a pearly white, a copper red, a medium-dark brown with golden shimmer and a bronze glitter) compliment eachother perfectly. They blend together seamlessly, so much so that I barely used my blending brush - a first, I must admit!
I really put this palette to the test by wearing it on a night out. Put it on at 6:30, and at 4:30 am it will still intact. Pretty impressive, non?

If I could change one thing about it, it would be the light highlight shade which I think is a bit too cool on me, but considering this is supposed to flatter a variety of skintones, its more a personal thing than something wrong with the palette.

The verdict? I could not be happier with the palette I picked (The Golden Goddess was the other option) and in the future, when I make decent money (lots of money) i would like to include a bunch of her products in my kit, because they really are a pleasure to work with.

FYI, this palette costs GBP 38.

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?

Friday, 27 February 2015

Real Techniques Bold Metals - Brush Porn for everyone.

Firstly, I graduated, I'm back in India, etc etc. But that's really not what this post is for. Its about these beautiful brushes. When I saw on instagram that Real Techniques was releasing a new range of brushes, my jaw literally dropped. Not only do I love brushes (read: obsessed) I love Real Techniques and the Pixiwoo Sisters who've created them. Safe to say, they went on my wishlist almost immediately. Fast forward to when the pricing in the UK was out, I honestly shed a tear or two. GBP 25 (INR 2500 approx) for a single brush?!?! Were they really worth it? I had to find out. And now let me tell you.

Real Techniques Bold Metals 100 - Arched Powder Brush
Firstly, I'm not the biggest powder girl, however, I do like a light dusting of powder to set the liquid products on my face. Enter this brush. Now, its soft - oh, so soft and I find myself stroking my face with it just because I can more often than not.
The handle is absolutely gorgeous. Not only does it look great, it fits in your hand perfectly and reminds me of a paint brush in its length, making me feel much fancier than I am.
Price - GBP 25

Real Techniques Bold Metals 300 - Blush Brush
If you have the original RT blush brush, you know its huge, and more suited for powder than blush. Now this, is the perfect size for blush. It almost reminds me of the MAC 129.
But, I prefer using this for bronzer/contouring as I find the angles at which it was cut to be perfect to get under those cheekbones or carve out cheekbones on moon like round faces like mine.
Oh, also, its so sofffft. And the rose gold handle only makes me use it more.
P.S. This was a birthday gift from my lovely friends, and I shall be forever thankful to them for listening to my broad, and very obvious hints :)
Price - GBP 22

Real Techniques Bold Metals 200 - Shadow Brush
Now this, I bought on a whim. Having bought one of the gold and rose gold ranges, I desperately wanted to complete the set. I would never have bought all of them, but owning one of each seemed fair, right? Right.
I find this a bit too big to place shadow with, and not fluffy enough for blending. However this is perfect for what a teacher of mine called the 'magic brush'. A large shadow brush that you use just to erase the mistakes you make. Magic Brush? I think so..
Price - GBP 12

So there you have it, my take on these gorgeous brushes. If you have the budget for them, I'd say, get them. If you don't? Get them anyway. They look great, are great to hold and genuinely are amazing quality brushes. Oh, did I mention they're soft?

What are your thoughts?