Monday, 28 September 2015

The Palette That Beats Them All!

Freshly Toasted in the crease, Bitter Start to highlight the brow bone, Delicate Acidity and Warm Tones layered on the eyelid. Beans are white on the lashline

A hefty claim right? But this is coming from a girl who hates most premade palettes. I hate when I don't use something, which is why I just stay away from palettes in general. Quads, I can handle. And all the palettes that are hyped I see myself using 5-6 of the pans at the most, and I simple can't justify buying it... until I saw this. I saw it mentioned by a couple of people on YouTube... a quick check of Temptalia's review and I was sold. This is also rather special to me because the boy bought it for me *grins*, but I digress.
The Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette is most certainly me in a palette. It's incredibly warm toned, with a good range of both matte and shimmers. There is not a single eyeshadow I haven't used and loved. ]
A little technical information for you - each pan is the same size as a standard MAC pan and contains 1.5 grams of product (same as a MAC pan) so you're getting 15 grams of product. For 17.50 Euros (INR 1300 + shipping) you get 10 eyeshadows. When I bought it, inclusive of Shipping it cost me INR 2000, so each eyeshadow cost me INR 200. In my opinion, STEAL.
For one the packaging is ultra cute - not too OTT and totally functional. I love how slim it is... and the cardboard makes it perfect for travelling. Definitely a win for me.
In terms of pigmentation and colour pay off, it is insane. Every colour is buttery and pigmented and makes me want to own more of their eyeshadow formulation.
Bitterstart is a matte warm cream shade.
Sweeter End is a shimmery pale pinky gold - very similar to MAC's All That Glitter eyeshadow.
Warm Tones is a cranberry pinky red colour.
Subtle Blend is a warm bronze. It's similar to MAC's Bronze, but not as red.
Beans are White is a cool toned matte brown shade. NARS Coconut Grove is very similar. This one was a bit dry, but makes for an excellent brow or liner shadow.
Pure Ganache is a gorgeous slightly orange toned gold. It's warmer than MAC Woodwinked, but not as orange as MAC Amber Lights. It's actually a prefect mixture of the two.
Substitute for Love is a warm orangey brown with a hint of shimmer running through it, but it doesn't translate on the eyelid. It is almost an exact dupe of MAC Texture.
Freshly Toasted is a matte red brown. Similar to Makeup Geek's Cocoa Bear, but richer.
Infusion is deep brown-black with golden shimmer running through it. NARS Cordura is very similar, but is cooler.
Delicate Acidity is a cool toned taupey purple brown. I don't own anything like this and cannot stop using it.

As you can see, if you like warm shadows you need it. I haven't stopped using it since I got it, and I doubt I will. Without a doubt, favorite palette, ever!

What do you think?

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Favorite Eyeshadows For Indian Skin

Now, here's an interesting title - though I'm not usually one to proclaim "this is the best for this" etc, I do genuinely think these eye shadows are my all time favorites - always need to have - holy grail status - the never leave for a job without kind.
They're a mix of MAC and Makeup Geek (a brand I truly love). I know none of these colours will be new to any regular reader of my blog, but let me bang on about it anyway.

Makeup Geek Vanilla Bean
I deem this the perfect setting shade. Once I apply my eyebase, I like to go over it with this just so everything is smooth and powdered for the crease colours. With a fluffy brush it's almost translucent on my eye, but if I use a synthetic brush which is more dense, it can make a brilliant browbone highlight. On me, it's a cream with a hint of shimmer running through it. It's also excellent at blending out my crease colour when I blend it really high up - which I always do.

Makeup Geek Creme Brule
The perfect transition shade. I just this in my crease and blend it upwards practically till the brow bone. It's a peachy brown that compliments both warm and cool shadows really well! Though I do like the intensity of MAC's Soft Brown or Texture, how subtle this is really makes a big difference.

Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear
A warm red toned brown that is my favorite eyeshadow to deepen the crease and smudge along the lower lashline. Makes me feel all grungy and a little messy - which, as you might have guessed by now, i love. Blown out, slightly messy eyeshadow looks are totally my thing, and this shadow is the key!

MAC Woodwinked
I think I should be banned from talking about this eyeshadow, but I can't okay? I just can't. Hands down a holy grail - cannot live without - eyeshadow. A metallic gold bronze with an orange undertone. Perfect worn on it's own, but even more of a punch worn in the inner corners with a dark eye. I will never get over the perfection that is this eyeshadow.

MAC Soba
On days when I want the focus to be on the skin or the lips, Soba is my best friend. It is basically a more golden version of my natural skin colour with some shimmer. Whack it on with some (read: loads) of mascara and a dark lip and you're the definition of editorial glam. I also love this eyeshadow for the sandwich placement - darker colours on the inner and outer corner and this in the centre.
Probably the most underrated of the eyeshadows I own, but definitely a staple.

MAC Amber Lights
Phew. Now this one is a stright up orange gold which goes with every.single.Indian.outfit. The sheen it imparts is basically so beautiful, I have no words. Not to mention, it literally makes your skin glow. If I'm having a long day, or my skin is looking a bit dull, I whack this on and instantly look more awake and put together.

MAC Bronze
*insert angles singing* Probably my all time favorite eyeshadow (yes, even more so than Woodwinked) It is the perfect bronze. Despite looking everywhere for a bronze that competes with this, nothing ever will. It's a warm toned bronze with gold and a bit of red to it. It is so perfect, I can't even find the words. This is my second pan - which I've just hit pan on - which in itself can tell you how much I love it. Though I like to consider myself a bronze eyeshadow fiend, I can't seem to find anything as good as this one.

MAC Sable
Probably the only cool toned eyeshadow in this lot - but holy hell this is gorgeous. It's a shimmery cool taupey plum purple with a bit lilac and lord knows what else. Everytime I describe it, my description changes, because I can't pinpoint what the colour really does to my eyelids. It brightens (but in a more subtle way that Amber Lights) and really brings out the warmth in my skin. It's a colour I didn't think i would like, and I have NO idea why I picked it up or what made me, but boy, am I glad!

Makeup Geek Corrupt
The darkest most pigmented black you will ever find. Smooth, blendable and opaque. Enough said.

What are your favorites? Do let me know!

Monday, 14 September 2015

Brightening with bareMinerals

Primers. I've never really believed in them, simple reason being I don't believe in them prolonging the wear time of your makeup. Yes, I believe the oil control ones prevent the skin from eating the makeup up, by creating a barrier. But I see that happening only in that particular case.
What I do think primers do very well is correct/brighten or create a smooth base for your products. I had previously used the MUFE Primer, which I didn't love, but used up anyway because it did brighten my face and lessen the angry purple of my acne scars.
This time, I saw the bareMinerals Prime Time Brightening Foundation Primer on strawberrynet for INR 1290 and thought for the price I really needed to give it a go!
It's a peachish liquid that has a siliconey smooth texture to it. It also has a golden sheen does wonders in brightening my face. The texture also helps in filling in the texture left on my skin due to breakouts and blemishes... it smoothes over my face very easily - one pump being more than enough and doesn't form little balls if I try and work it into my skin (always a plus).
It doesn't prolong the wear of my foundation in anyway, and I'm not particularly oily to talk about oil control, but it keeps my base looking fresh for however long I choose to wear it - preventing fading.
It also does add a little brightness to my face - and glow, which my dry skin could really do with.
I'm going to continue using it to see how much of a difference it really makes and I shall report back... for now, I like it. I can see the difference in my foundation on days I use it as opposed to the days I won't.

And for the price, I would surely make sure I have it at all times.

Have you tried this? What do you think?