Friday, 27 February 2015

Real Techniques Bold Metals - Brush Porn for everyone.

Firstly, I graduated, I'm back in India, etc etc. But that's really not what this post is for. Its about these beautiful brushes. When I saw on instagram that Real Techniques was releasing a new range of brushes, my jaw literally dropped. Not only do I love brushes (read: obsessed) I love Real Techniques and the Pixiwoo Sisters who've created them. Safe to say, they went on my wishlist almost immediately. Fast forward to when the pricing in the UK was out, I honestly shed a tear or two. GBP 25 (INR 2500 approx) for a single brush?!?! Were they really worth it? I had to find out. And now let me tell you.

Real Techniques Bold Metals 100 - Arched Powder Brush
Firstly, I'm not the biggest powder girl, however, I do like a light dusting of powder to set the liquid products on my face. Enter this brush. Now, its soft - oh, so soft and I find myself stroking my face with it just because I can more often than not.
The handle is absolutely gorgeous. Not only does it look great, it fits in your hand perfectly and reminds me of a paint brush in its length, making me feel much fancier than I am.
Price - GBP 25

Real Techniques Bold Metals 300 - Blush Brush
If you have the original RT blush brush, you know its huge, and more suited for powder than blush. Now this, is the perfect size for blush. It almost reminds me of the MAC 129.
But, I prefer using this for bronzer/contouring as I find the angles at which it was cut to be perfect to get under those cheekbones or carve out cheekbones on moon like round faces like mine.
Oh, also, its so sofffft. And the rose gold handle only makes me use it more.
P.S. This was a birthday gift from my lovely friends, and I shall be forever thankful to them for listening to my broad, and very obvious hints :)
Price - GBP 22

Real Techniques Bold Metals 200 - Shadow Brush
Now this, I bought on a whim. Having bought one of the gold and rose gold ranges, I desperately wanted to complete the set. I would never have bought all of them, but owning one of each seemed fair, right? Right.
I find this a bit too big to place shadow with, and not fluffy enough for blending. However this is perfect for what a teacher of mine called the 'magic brush'. A large shadow brush that you use just to erase the mistakes you make. Magic Brush? I think so..
Price - GBP 12

So there you have it, my take on these gorgeous brushes. If you have the budget for them, I'd say, get them. If you don't? Get them anyway. They look great, are great to hold and genuinely are amazing quality brushes. Oh, did I mention they're soft?

What are your thoughts?