Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Foundation that isn't.

This is probably the base product I forget about most easily. For some reason, MAC Face and Body never really is my first choice on myself because it requires me to conceal a lot more than a fuller coverage foundation, but if you want your foundation to look more skin like, and you don't have too much to conceal, this is the answer to your prayers.

Firstly, it is more on the dewy side - so those of you looking for a matte foundation may want to skip this one (unless you powder the crap out of it). It gives you a very light coverage that is build able, and tends to stay put. A little note - it also happens to be water proof.
However, the application with this foundation is what can make or break it.
If you buff it on with a brush, chances are it won't really do much to your skin, probably won't stay put either.
If you use a sponge, since it is water based - the sponge will soak up most of the product.
I would suggest using your fingers in circular motions, once it becomes slightly paste like, give it a moment and let it set. Once it does that, it will not budge.
I've used this on the face and the body and it gives the most luminescent complexion, giving the skin the illusion of being healthy and plump.

I would say it is better for dry skins because of how water based it is, but you never know, it could work on some oily skins as well. Makeup totally depends on the person, not the product.

FYI, I use a C3 around the centre of my face and a C5 around the perimeters to give myself a very highlighted base... followed by a shit ton of concealer.

All in all, I would say if you're a makeup lover, Face and Body should definitely be a part of your collection.

Do you own this? What are your thoughts?


  1. I have always heard such good things about this foundation but it does not suit me..i tried c4 which is perfect match but then it oxidizes like crazy and turns way too orangey on me :( plus I agree with you the coverage is minimal and way too dewy

    1. Yeah, I forgot to mention that it oxidises on certain people.... which really sucks, because it really is a good no nonsense base.

  2. I use C5, and I have a hella oily face. I set it with a translucent powder and I really like the luminous finish it gives me. It's usually my go-to for days when 1. I do actually use foundation, 2. want to keep it simple and natural, and 3. don't need something that'll last all day (or atleast 5-6 hours - because this won't).

    1. It really doesn't last on you?
      This thing lasted on a 12 hour shoot the other day... 38 degrees! Sigh, I'll never fully understand makeup. Heh.

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