Saturday, 20 December 2014

I'm BACK! + theBalm Tinted Moistureiser Review!

Guess who? Yep! After almost 2 months, I'm back!
Quick little story for ya - I moved to London, which most of you know, to start studying makeup for film, television, fashion and theatre. So far there has been a lot of hair, which I love, surprisingly, but also tons and tons of makeup, which I will post about soon. But somehow along the way, I lost interest in the makeup/blogging world. You see, when you're dealing with actual makeup for Television and Film and even everyday life on a day to day basis, it really makes you rethink this whole beauty blogging world. Because a lot of the people seem to be here for to make money and push products for the sake of it, and to me, that took the fun out of blogging... because, there really is no miracle foundation that will fix every problem you have or that one primer that will fill out your pores, its a combination of things, its always going to be, and there is no wonder product no matter how good the very edited campaign pictures may look or the blogger/ article may claim... but now that I've had some time to think about it, I still want the world to know my take on the product, so I'm back.. with a cheeky little review. I know, Shock horror! I maybe a bit slow getting back into things, but if you're still reading after this break, thank you, and stay tuned!

So, imagine my surprise when my flatmate walks into my room one day and thrusts a box at me and says "its too light for me, you try it". Ofcourse I had no idea what she was talking about. theBalm is not a company I'm very familiar with.. I know of their highlighters and eyeshadow palettes, but bases? I never even thought to try them. But here I was, holding a shiney new tube of theBalm Shelter tinted moisturizer SPF 18 in Medium/Dark which I naturally slapped on almost instantly. Fair warning, for everyone who is yellow undertoned, this looks scarily pink when you first apply it onto your face. Heck, it made me look very grey - which considering is the general colour of winter, not a good look, BUT after a few minutes, it sunk in and started looking pretty good, even if I say so myself. In terms of coverage it a light to medium, good enough to cover my hyper pigmentation, but not great with my acne scarring, so naturally, if you have spots and scars like me you'll need concealer over it. But I just add a bit of my MAC Studio Fix Powder over it to cover those nasty scars, and I, pretty much good to go.
Its glowey, so if you're looking for something matte - stay far far away, but it lasts pretty much all day long and makes me feel like I have nothing on (go figure - tinted moisturizer). So I would say, though I didn't pay for it initially, I would definitely be repurchasing this.

FYI, it costs GBP 17.50 and can be found at feel unique that ships internationally!

Have you heard of/tried this? What are your thoughts?