Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Night Out #11

Another day... another bronzey eye, but WAIT... plot twist! Funky blue gradient bottom lash!
I've had these pictures saved as a draft for a pretty long time now - something just keeps stopping me from posting it - but ho hey, why not?
For base I used the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 7.5 - for some reason this foundation doesn't work on my skin the way it used to - I used to rave about how amazing it was, but now it just sits on my skin without sinking in - can you tell from the pictures? I followed it up with the MAC Prolongwear Concealer in NC42 and set everything in place with my Ben Nye Banana Powder - after wanting it for years, I can say, it does brighten - but I'm not a fan of how matte it leaves my skin, almost making my undereyes look a bit.. crapey.
For Bronzer, I used my Bobbi Brown Matte Bronzer in Dark and blended it to my cheeks. Because it's a reddish brown, it works very well as a subtle blush as well.
For my brows I used the same thing I've been using for over a year now and just it pan on; the Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade in Ebony.
For my eyes, I used MAC's Bronze eyeshadow all over the lid, and MAC's Woodwinked in the inner corners. As for the interesting bit, I used MAC's Chromographic Pencil in Hi-Def Cyan on my waterline and blended it below.. to top it off, I used Urban Decay Chaos (electric palette) and blended it out with Urban Decay Fringe. I then used Fringe to create a wing from the lower lashline upwards and add some definition to the upper lashline. L'oreal False Lash Architect 4 D Waterproof Mascara finished up the eyes rather nicely.
Finally, for lips, I used MAC's Twig lipstick.

I was rather pleased at how this came out, what do you think?

Monday, 17 August 2015

A Colourpop Gush

After all the gush and hype surrounding Colourpop Cosmetics, I've been dying to get my hands on some of the products - so much so, I had dreams about it.... creepy, I know.
So with my recent Sephora purchases, I also snuck in a cheeky little Colourpop haul, consisting of a few things for mum and ofcourse, me.
Without looking up swatches or reviews, I just decided to get 2 of the lippie stix and eyeshadows that appealed to me just by description.
What really caught my eye about the brand was the eyeshadows that looked ridiculously pigmented and a lot of people claimed they lasted forever even on non primed lids, which made me even more curious.
Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Game Face is a very 'me' colour - a coppery orangey Metallic bronze colour which you know I'll wear a ton. (Centre of the eyelid in the picture)
Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in On the Rocks which looked like a good standard bronze - but holy hell this one made my jaw drop. What I thought was just a simple bronze I would wear everyday turned out to be a complex and shimmery - almost glittery eyeshadow that looks mighty interesting on the lids but not OTT, y'know? It has purple and gold sparke in it that just makes it shine so different in different light - It's a one stop lid colour that makes it look like I've made a lot more effort than I have - and I love those colours!
As for formula - I feel like they're inbetween a cream and powder - almost mousse like. You have to use your fingers with these, which I don't really have a problem with, but it makes me wonder how I'd use their matte shadows in the crease. But since I don't have any of their mattes, I won't worry about it too much. 
As for the longetivity... wait for it... it lasted a good 5 hours on my oily eyelids without a primer... and almost 12 with a primer - the longest any eyeshadow has lasted on me. Further more, it just doesn't fade! It's still just as vibrant as it was when I applied it... MIND BLOWN. 
As you can tell, I love these... and I've already got my next set in my basket to be bought. Heh.
A part of my wishes I could depot these though, because if I could.. my kit will have NOTHING but Colourpopr Eyeshadows.

The Colourpop Lippie Stix in Brinx (a 90's brown with a peachyundertone on me) and Lumiere (A plumish natural lip colour) are slowly becoming my go - to lip colours. Though they are matte, I find them creamy and moisturising and just like the lipstick hella' long lasting.
You guys know how iffy I usually am with lip products, but these make me want to put on lipstick everyday... especially Brinx, since it has this ability to brighten my face, and make me look so put together and grown up - it's my "I'm a Makeup Artist who knows her shit" lippie.

(Next on my wishlist is Tootsie - a grey-beige that seems to be all the rage - hey! That rhymed.)

At $5 for a product, this brand is very quickly becoming a favorite of mine... I have this strange feeling I'm going to be placing another massive order soon! Ahh Colourpop, if you ever read this, I love your products, I love how affordable they are - and the quality is just beyond fantastic. I cannot wait to own more stuff! 

What are your thoughts on colourpop?

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

That Perfecting Powder feat. Hourglass

It's about time right? I've been lusting after these for close to two years now...
The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders have been ever so hyped. Light semi-sheen inducing powders that mattify and set liquid product but still give you a lit from within glow that doesn't look fake or cakey is a bit of a large claim isn't it? Hence my curiosity. Whilst I had the opportunity to try these when I was in the UK, at that pricetag, I had to choose between the Hourglass Powder and food... ofcourse the latter won.
Recently, I placed a little Sephora order when my best friend was coming back from the states, most of it for my kit, but I got this and one other thing for myself.
After uhmming and aarrhing, I chose the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light as it was supposed to blur imperfections and give your skin a slight glow... and boy does it deliver!
I use it to set the concealwe under my eyes, centre of my forehead, all over my nose and my chin... and you can see the difference it makes before and after in the pictures.

It lasts all day long and genuinely makes me feel so much more confident in my own skin. I have to say I LOVE this.
Also, let us take a minute to appreciate that sexy packaging, because it ticks every single box for me.
So much so that it's very quickly moving into 'holy grail' product territory.
Even though I'm not much of a blush girl... I have my eye on Mood Exposure... maybe even the bronzers... I need help.

What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer - #highlightonfleek

Let us take a moment here and just look at that beautiful highlight... yes?
I know I'm late jumping on the bandwagon, but ohmigodgivememorehighlighters! I've always been one for cream highlights because they look more natural, but ever since strobing has become more popular, I can't help but want to layer them.. enter theBalm's Mary Lou-Manizer. First of all - the name? THE NAME. I love it. Quirky is something I can identify with - and this just makes me happy.
Secondly, the packaging - I'm more of a black and metallic girl when it comes to Makeup packaging, but this is so classy and funky that I can't help but lurrrvve it.
Thirdly, Strawberrynet.com was on a huge sale and I snagged this lovely gem for a steal of INR 1400. Seriously.
Now, the actual product. It's a light golden finely milled powder with shimmer. It doesn't have any chunky glitter in it, but I still think it could have been smaller shimmer, y'know? But it doesn't bother me all that much.
Now this thing is pigmented as hell. You can really get a stripe of highlight on your cheeks if you aren't careful, so I apple this with my fingers an work it into my skin, giving me a subtle sheen. It wears roughly 5-6 hours on me before fading, which isn't bad at all.
It doesn't emphasise my textures skin, instead it gives me a bit of a soft focus glow... which I absolutely adore.
On days I'm feeling particularly dull, I dab this over my MAC Lustre Drops and it creates such a gorgeous glow... I can't get enough.
I may be needing a few more highlighters soon...

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?

P.S. Incase you guys didn't know, I write a bimonthly column for The Hindu Metro Plus - all about makeup, you can find the articles here (Iupdate as they come out). Take a read and let me know!