Monday, 28 September 2015

The Palette That Beats Them All!

Freshly Toasted in the crease, Bitter Start to highlight the brow bone, Delicate Acidity and Warm Tones layered on the eyelid. Beans are white on the lashline

A hefty claim right? But this is coming from a girl who hates most premade palettes. I hate when I don't use something, which is why I just stay away from palettes in general. Quads, I can handle. And all the palettes that are hyped I see myself using 5-6 of the pans at the most, and I simple can't justify buying it... until I saw this. I saw it mentioned by a couple of people on YouTube... a quick check of Temptalia's review and I was sold. This is also rather special to me because the boy bought it for me *grins*, but I digress.
The Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette is most certainly me in a palette. It's incredibly warm toned, with a good range of both matte and shimmers. There is not a single eyeshadow I haven't used and loved. ]
A little technical information for you - each pan is the same size as a standard MAC pan and contains 1.5 grams of product (same as a MAC pan) so you're getting 15 grams of product. For 17.50 Euros (INR 1300 + shipping) you get 10 eyeshadows. When I bought it, inclusive of Shipping it cost me INR 2000, so each eyeshadow cost me INR 200. In my opinion, STEAL.
For one the packaging is ultra cute - not too OTT and totally functional. I love how slim it is... and the cardboard makes it perfect for travelling. Definitely a win for me.
In terms of pigmentation and colour pay off, it is insane. Every colour is buttery and pigmented and makes me want to own more of their eyeshadow formulation.
Bitterstart is a matte warm cream shade.
Sweeter End is a shimmery pale pinky gold - very similar to MAC's All That Glitter eyeshadow.
Warm Tones is a cranberry pinky red colour.
Subtle Blend is a warm bronze. It's similar to MAC's Bronze, but not as red.
Beans are White is a cool toned matte brown shade. NARS Coconut Grove is very similar. This one was a bit dry, but makes for an excellent brow or liner shadow.
Pure Ganache is a gorgeous slightly orange toned gold. It's warmer than MAC Woodwinked, but not as orange as MAC Amber Lights. It's actually a prefect mixture of the two.
Substitute for Love is a warm orangey brown with a hint of shimmer running through it, but it doesn't translate on the eyelid. It is almost an exact dupe of MAC Texture.
Freshly Toasted is a matte red brown. Similar to Makeup Geek's Cocoa Bear, but richer.
Infusion is deep brown-black with golden shimmer running through it. NARS Cordura is very similar, but is cooler.
Delicate Acidity is a cool toned taupey purple brown. I don't own anything like this and cannot stop using it.

As you can see, if you like warm shadows you need it. I haven't stopped using it since I got it, and I doubt I will. Without a doubt, favorite palette, ever!

What do you think?


  1. I had this sitting in a cart for months. MONTHS. I'm just waiting for the day I can get my hands on it! I have my eye on their Mixed Metals and Rose Golden palettes as well *drool*

    1. You need to get it. You know it. Time to press that checkout button.
      Also, I really want Rose Golden too! I didn't at first, but everytime I see it, it grows on me!

  2. I have to do a Zoeva haul asap! Along with this palette I am also eyeing the Rose Gold palette and some brushes!

    1. You do! Everyone needs this! I think I'm going to wait for you and Aditi to get the Rose Gold Palette before I get it :P