Monday, 17 August 2015

A Colourpop Gush

After all the gush and hype surrounding Colourpop Cosmetics, I've been dying to get my hands on some of the products - so much so, I had dreams about it.... creepy, I know.
So with my recent Sephora purchases, I also snuck in a cheeky little Colourpop haul, consisting of a few things for mum and ofcourse, me.
Without looking up swatches or reviews, I just decided to get 2 of the lippie stix and eyeshadows that appealed to me just by description.
What really caught my eye about the brand was the eyeshadows that looked ridiculously pigmented and a lot of people claimed they lasted forever even on non primed lids, which made me even more curious.
Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Game Face is a very 'me' colour - a coppery orangey Metallic bronze colour which you know I'll wear a ton. (Centre of the eyelid in the picture)
Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in On the Rocks which looked like a good standard bronze - but holy hell this one made my jaw drop. What I thought was just a simple bronze I would wear everyday turned out to be a complex and shimmery - almost glittery eyeshadow that looks mighty interesting on the lids but not OTT, y'know? It has purple and gold sparke in it that just makes it shine so different in different light - It's a one stop lid colour that makes it look like I've made a lot more effort than I have - and I love those colours!
As for formula - I feel like they're inbetween a cream and powder - almost mousse like. You have to use your fingers with these, which I don't really have a problem with, but it makes me wonder how I'd use their matte shadows in the crease. But since I don't have any of their mattes, I won't worry about it too much. 
As for the longetivity... wait for it... it lasted a good 5 hours on my oily eyelids without a primer... and almost 12 with a primer - the longest any eyeshadow has lasted on me. Further more, it just doesn't fade! It's still just as vibrant as it was when I applied it... MIND BLOWN. 
As you can tell, I love these... and I've already got my next set in my basket to be bought. Heh.
A part of my wishes I could depot these though, because if I could.. my kit will have NOTHING but Colourpopr Eyeshadows.

The Colourpop Lippie Stix in Brinx (a 90's brown with a peachyundertone on me) and Lumiere (A plumish natural lip colour) are slowly becoming my go - to lip colours. Though they are matte, I find them creamy and moisturising and just like the lipstick hella' long lasting.
You guys know how iffy I usually am with lip products, but these make me want to put on lipstick everyday... especially Brinx, since it has this ability to brighten my face, and make me look so put together and grown up - it's my "I'm a Makeup Artist who knows her shit" lippie.

(Next on my wishlist is Tootsie - a grey-beige that seems to be all the rage - hey! That rhymed.)

At $5 for a product, this brand is very quickly becoming a favorite of mine... I have this strange feeling I'm going to be placing another massive order soon! Ahh Colourpop, if you ever read this, I love your products, I love how affordable they are - and the quality is just beyond fantastic. I cannot wait to own more stuff! 

What are your thoughts on colourpop?


  1. I went to their site last day, looked adoringly at the shadows, and then the International shipping clause....they ship to Aus and NZ, and not India :( . May be, I will have to get hold of some NRI uncles :p

    1. YESS. This is the time to get hold of those relatives, smile and beg them to bring back stuff for you! Heh.

  2. I love the complexity of these shadows and for the price and texture surprisingly they last very long on the eyes..i still havent faced creasing at all! You know I am addicted to these and On The Rocks is in my cart already :)

    1. I love them so much. My cart has so much stuff! I'm going to go broke at this rate!

  3. These are some of my favorite cream shadows (cream? powder? I dunno what to call them). I'd also look into some of their brighter colors! Oh and yes, you need Tootsie. And Nillionaire. If it's still around, you NEED it!

    1. They both are! And in my cart. I just need to find a way to get them to meeeeeeeee!!