Tuesday, 6 October 2015

What I Wore #1

I thought I would do something a little bit different today. Incase I haven't mentioned it already, originally, I had a Fashion Design Degree from NIFT and did a bit of styling after that... but alas, it wasn't for me. The thing is though, I still do and will always love fashion - making it very hard for me to afford to feed both my Makeup and Fashion addiction, but first world problems eh?

Now, this may seem a bit strange, but I never really had the confidence to take pictures of my outfits, and even these pictures, it took me a good 3 months to pluck up the courage to post.
So, a little personal insight for you. From the age of 13-14, I started putting on some weight.. and a few health related issues made things worse for me and by the time I was 18-19, I was definitely overweight. Studying Fashion and Making clothes for a US 6/8 when I was infinitely bigger made things worse. My self confidence took a toll.. it was a struggle.
Eventually, I started kick boxing and a bit of yoga, but nothing that made much of a difference. Food was my comfort. When I had bad days, I ate junk, under the pretense of exercising, I ate more junk... all until I ran off to England. While studying there, I walked a fair bit everday (to and back from classes) coupled with the inability to afford junk food and my newfound love for nutritional facts and books... things changed. I changed. I became a lot more aware of how I ate, what I ate, my daily activity and calorie intake. So I came back 6 months later, 15 kgs lighter. I now am a pretty standard UK10 (US6) and I'm happy with my size.
Somehow though, I thought with my weight loss, I'd gain more confidence, which I have to an extent... but now I have new problems to deal with. Loose Skin, Stretch Marks... Cellulite in parts that just won't go. But I persist... I want to feel more confident. And I want to be Body Positive. I want to love myself - Body with a bit of jiggle and lots of stretch marks, Face full of acne scarring... they're all signs of being human and a little journey of weight loss and finding myself.

So, I'm starting this whole Body Positive thing with a little Outfit Post. Shot by my very talented bestie Achala Ganesan from the blog Seriously Noir. Go Follow, you'll love!

Dress - Fab Alley/ Jabong
Shrug - SheIn.com
Shoes - Forever 21
Watch - Michael Kors

Dress - Fab Alley/Jabong
Shoes - Zara
Watch - Michael Kors

I've pretty much start building my wardrobe from scratch. Since nothing fit anymore. And a staple for me is the Basic Black Dress. This is a Skater Style Dress From Jabong and I believe it was INR 750. It's really good quality with a pleated wasit which I love.
As you can see, my style is very minimal and monochrome... though I am adding a few pieces of colour now, back when these pictures were taken (August) I didn't have much more than Black, White, Grey and Blue.
I really liked how it went from a simple day dress to a still simple but more put together evening look.
Oh, excuse my expression and general awkwardness. I cannot pose for a camera. I am an absolute nightmare (ask Achala)

I hope you liked this post and are as excited as I am for the few I have to come..?

P.S. I also plan on doing a series on quick healthy meals, would this interest anyone?


  1. You've really become so skinny swoot!! love your outfit :D

    1. Skinny, not so much. But a lot better. Thanks man :)

  2. Awesome girl!!!iv put on lot of weight since I moved to Cochin. Would love to read the new series and please keep doing OOTD!