Wednesday, 1 October 2014

MAC Palette Tour

I know, I skipped Mondays post, but to makeup for it, here's a tour of my finally completed MAC palette!
I've already mentioned before that I had a 15 pan palette before - but filled with 'popular' colours. Though a fair few of them were brilliant, this time around, I made it a point to only pick shades I know I would love to wear everyday.
As far as quality goes, I find that MAC can be very hit and miss. Some shadows are buttery soft and intense while some are chalky and painfully sheer - so my advice would be to try them. Try before you buy!
The colours I own are:

Top Row
All that Glitters - Beige with gold pearl
Woodwinked - Warm Antique Gold (I won't rave about this AGAIN, I promise)
Amber Lights - Peachy Brown with Shimmer
Bronze - Gold Brown with gold-bronze Shimmer
Antiqued - Ash Brown with Bronze

Middle Row
Soba - Gold Brown with Gold Shimmer (although they sound similar, this is nothing like Bronze)
Soft Brown - Soft Golden Peachy-brown
Texture - Peachy Brown with Shimmer (Same description as Amber Lights which is more orange-gold and a frost finish)
Rule - Vivid Orange (Excellent to intensify a crease)
Brown Down - Teddy bear Brown (Oh, MAC, your descriptions!)

Bottom Tow
Sable - Gold Plum with Bronze Pearl
Twinks - Deep Plum with Pearl (Its amazing when paired with Sable, really makes dusky skin and brown eyes pop)
Satin Taupe - Taupe with silver shimmer
Greensmoke - Tarnished Olive (One colour smokey eye, this is just.. spectacular)
Club - Red brown with green pearl

I'm so happy with this palette - I use it every single day!
What do you think? What does your MAC Palette have?