About Me

My name is Shrutilaya, welcome to my space!
I graduated from NIFT with a Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design in 2013.
While studying Fashion at NIFT I started helping my friends out with makeup for our many photoshoots, I loved it so much that I realized I would rather be a Makeup Artist than a Fashion Designer.

Which then led me to the Delamar Academy in London in 2014. Studying there was everything I ever dreamed of!

Today (2018) I've been working as a Makeup Artist on Bridal Shoots and Fashion Shoots for about 3 years, but I've found that as much as a love makeup, I'm slowly going back to my fashion roots as well.
I've also been writing for The Hindu's MetroPlus and The Weekend Magazines for the last three years, talking about makeup and skincare twice a month!

My website can be found here, and my Facebook page here.

I created this blog as my little Makeup/Fashion Space - where I discuss all things beauty, skincare and occasionally Fashion. Think of it as a corner of the World Wide Web that serves up a weekly dose just how little self control I have.

I hope you enjoy.
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  1. You have got an awesome blog, <3 the goodwork,keep it up

  2. Well, see now, that explains why you're so awesome at this :D
    BTW, your portfolio is gorgeous and I'm drooling over everything! :)