Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Favorite Eyeshadows For Indian Skin

Now, here's an interesting title - though I'm not usually one to proclaim "this is the best for this" etc, I do genuinely think these eye shadows are my all time favorites - always need to have - holy grail status - the never leave for a job without kind.
They're a mix of MAC and Makeup Geek (a brand I truly love). I know none of these colours will be new to any regular reader of my blog, but let me bang on about it anyway.

Makeup Geek Vanilla Bean
I deem this the perfect setting shade. Once I apply my eyebase, I like to go over it with this just so everything is smooth and powdered for the crease colours. With a fluffy brush it's almost translucent on my eye, but if I use a synthetic brush which is more dense, it can make a brilliant browbone highlight. On me, it's a cream with a hint of shimmer running through it. It's also excellent at blending out my crease colour when I blend it really high up - which I always do.

Makeup Geek Creme Brule
The perfect transition shade. I just this in my crease and blend it upwards practically till the brow bone. It's a peachy brown that compliments both warm and cool shadows really well! Though I do like the intensity of MAC's Soft Brown or Texture, how subtle this is really makes a big difference.

Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear
A warm red toned brown that is my favorite eyeshadow to deepen the crease and smudge along the lower lashline. Makes me feel all grungy and a little messy - which, as you might have guessed by now, i love. Blown out, slightly messy eyeshadow looks are totally my thing, and this shadow is the key!

MAC Woodwinked
I think I should be banned from talking about this eyeshadow, but I can't okay? I just can't. Hands down a holy grail - cannot live without - eyeshadow. A metallic gold bronze with an orange undertone. Perfect worn on it's own, but even more of a punch worn in the inner corners with a dark eye. I will never get over the perfection that is this eyeshadow.

MAC Soba
On days when I want the focus to be on the skin or the lips, Soba is my best friend. It is basically a more golden version of my natural skin colour with some shimmer. Whack it on with some (read: loads) of mascara and a dark lip and you're the definition of editorial glam. I also love this eyeshadow for the sandwich placement - darker colours on the inner and outer corner and this in the centre.
Probably the most underrated of the eyeshadows I own, but definitely a staple.

MAC Amber Lights
Phew. Now this one is a stright up orange gold which goes with every.single.Indian.outfit. The sheen it imparts is basically so beautiful, I have no words. Not to mention, it literally makes your skin glow. If I'm having a long day, or my skin is looking a bit dull, I whack this on and instantly look more awake and put together.

MAC Bronze
*insert angles singing* Probably my all time favorite eyeshadow (yes, even more so than Woodwinked) It is the perfect bronze. Despite looking everywhere for a bronze that competes with this, nothing ever will. It's a warm toned bronze with gold and a bit of red to it. It is so perfect, I can't even find the words. This is my second pan - which I've just hit pan on - which in itself can tell you how much I love it. Though I like to consider myself a bronze eyeshadow fiend, I can't seem to find anything as good as this one.

MAC Sable
Probably the only cool toned eyeshadow in this lot - but holy hell this is gorgeous. It's a shimmery cool taupey plum purple with a bit lilac and lord knows what else. Everytime I describe it, my description changes, because I can't pinpoint what the colour really does to my eyelids. It brightens (but in a more subtle way that Amber Lights) and really brings out the warmth in my skin. It's a colour I didn't think i would like, and I have NO idea why I picked it up or what made me, but boy, am I glad!

Makeup Geek Corrupt
The darkest most pigmented black you will ever find. Smooth, blendable and opaque. Enough said.

What are your favorites? Do let me know!


  1. I have no favorites. I can't do it! I have a special attachment to all my eyeshadows and I feel like I'll betray them all if I pick favorites.

    I need Bronze, as always. I think I have Woodwinked and Amber Lights and agree with you, they're lovely shades!

    1. Hahaa, I'm so detached now. However I have found a palette with comparable colours... soon to be revealed :P

  2. Creme Brulee and Cocoa Bear are my right or die! can't live with out them! I love Soba! its one of those meh looking shades in the pan but looks gorgeous on the eyes! on days when I dont want anything on the eyes I'd go with Soba! its one of the most underrated eyeshadows from mac in my humble opinion :)

  3. I am a MAC lippie girl, and own only 1 eye-shadow from em. I also prefer palettes than individual shadows, Anastasia shadow couture world traveller palette is my latest bae :)

    1. I'm not a palette girl at all, usually. But recently found one I can love forever.
      I love the freedom of individual shadows. How do you like the Anastasia palette?

    2. The Anastasia palette is awesome, especially the matte shades....blends like a dream...Also, in this palette, they have a wide range of colors that looks flattering on tan skin...

    3. Oh dear... I need to check it out now.