Friday, 31 May 2013

Face Of The Day #1

Today, I was saying goodbye to a goodfriend. Now that college is over, I feel like I'm becoming a pro at saying goodbye. Well, not really. No one can be good at saying goodbye, ever.
But yeah.
Moving on.
Since my holidays began I haven't been leaving the house much, so when I do leave, I JUMP at the chance to get dressed up.
It's summer here, in Chennai, which means terribly warm weather. So I prefer a really light foundation/ no foundation, despite my very problematic skin.
I used my Bobbi Brown Corrector in Dark Bisque under my eyes and on my more prominent blemishes.
Eyes - MAC Paintpot in Groundwork as a base.
MAC Quarry all over the lid and MAC Dancing in the Dark in the crease.
As well as MAC's Blacktrack gel liner.
Rimmel Scandal Eyes Show off Mascara.
Lips - Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Plum.

In other news, we took a few random pictures and went to the beach. Sigh, so beautiful :)

I leave you with this gorgeous picture of the beach.
have a good day!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Betty bought some butter, well no.

Hey-llo all.
Now I am certainly not the first one to talk about this wonderful product, but I sure as hell won't be the last.
I'm not really a lip product kinda' girl, I prefer to go with the eyes. But this is something that really spoke to me. I love lip balm, so when I heard Revlon is coming out with these lip butters, I could not have been more excited. Excited enough to order these from Amazon before they were launched here, and hell, was this worth it.
When something speaks to your soul, you will do everything in your power to get it, even if it is a lip product, right? No? Just me then.

I own three shades, Sugar Plum, Fig Jam and Pink Truffle.
Sugar Plum as the name suggests is a neutral plum colour.
Fig Jam is a maroonish brown colour, and
Pink Truffle is a pinkish brown - the perfect "My lips but better" shade. For me. 

I loove the pigmentation, and how comfortable they feel.
They last about 2 - 4 hours on me, depending on how much I fidget.

From L to R : Fig Jam, Pink Truffle and
Sugar Plum 

Price : INR 600.

I would really love to own the whole range of shades. But then again, that's just greed talking.
Revlon really seems to be kicking ass. Hmm. Well done Revlon, well done.

An interest, an obsession.

When you spend four years living, breathing, thinking and doing all things fashion related. It sort of sticks to your mind. No matter what you do to unwind or take a break, there is no getting away. 

At first, its almost uncomfortable, it was an interest, which forced itself into becoming all you can think about. But now, it’s all I want to think about.
Well, not all. I still love food, yes food. A bout of pop culture, books etc.
Okay, its not all I think about, but it does occupy the vast majority of my thinking space. Creative thoughts are nice. They make me feel special.
But now that I’ve graduated, I have more free time, to do what I please. But somehow, I keep coming back to this. Fashion, Make up, Cooking. These things seem to run my life at the moment. If my brain isn’t thinking about how I can style a dress I’ve made for a particular shoot, it’s thinking about all the various make up I’m yet to try and all the looks I can achieve, if not that, I’m thinking about the latest recipe I’ve read and how I can adapt it to my liking. 
So basically, my 21 year old brain is in over drive.
This blog, started by a fashion designer by day, foodie, make up artist, stylist and artist by night is just to calm my brain down.
You might also find rants about fictional characters, so be warned.