Friday, 5 June 2015

Embracing the Cool Tones

Honestly, I'm not a cool toned girl. Don't get me wrong, I think so many warm toned women can pull off the cool tones effortlessly. The cool taupes, silvers, greys and blues... I never really thought I could until I found this little gem while looking for something other than what is now my signature bronzey eye.
This little Wet n' Wild Trio in Silent Treatment that Aditi sent me during our exchange was rediscovered over the last month, and I've got to say, I LOVE IT.
I know people always go on and on about the quality of these shadows for the price... and I'm rather late on the bandwagon, but holy smokes!
Buttery, silky and easy to blend, why don't I own more?

In terms of colours, I really think the 'Browbone' colour reminds me a lot of MAC's All that Glitters, while the 'Eyelid' colour so is similar to MAC's Satin Taupe. If those two have been on your wishlist and you have access to this brand, getittttt!
Rest of the face consists of MAC Prolongwear Concealer in NC 42 to hide the scars and the dark circles, Chanel Loose Powder to Set it in place, Bobbi Brown Bronzer in Dark on the cheeks and MAC's Rebel blotted out on the lips. 

I'm SO in love with this little trio that I am not totally okay with embracing the cool tones on my own face! Bring on the silvers.. heh.

What are your thoughts?

P.S. Does anyone know where I can get some Colourpop Cosmetics? Etsy Seller? Amazon/ebay seller who doesn't charge a boatload in shipping? Hook me up, people!


  1. I think you look gorgeous! I love this look on you, I think I need to take out my trio out again! Also, can I please have your blending skills kthxbai.

    1. Thank yoouuu! Haha, next time you're here, I'll exchange my blending skills for your eyeshadow palettes, heh.

  2. Thats a gorgeous look..Rebel looks gorgeous on you!

    1. Thank you! :) You are as always very kind :)