Saturday, 20 December 2014

I'm BACK! + theBalm Tinted Moistureiser Review!

Guess who? Yep! After almost 2 months, I'm back!
Quick little story for ya - I moved to London, which most of you know, to start studying makeup for film, television, fashion and theatre. So far there has been a lot of hair, which I love, surprisingly, but also tons and tons of makeup, which I will post about soon. But somehow along the way, I lost interest in the makeup/blogging world. You see, when you're dealing with actual makeup for Television and Film and even everyday life on a day to day basis, it really makes you rethink this whole beauty blogging world. Because a lot of the people seem to be here for to make money and push products for the sake of it, and to me, that took the fun out of blogging... because, there really is no miracle foundation that will fix every problem you have or that one primer that will fill out your pores, its a combination of things, its always going to be, and there is no wonder product no matter how good the very edited campaign pictures may look or the blogger/ article may claim... but now that I've had some time to think about it, I still want the world to know my take on the product, so I'm back.. with a cheeky little review. I know, Shock horror! I maybe a bit slow getting back into things, but if you're still reading after this break, thank you, and stay tuned!

So, imagine my surprise when my flatmate walks into my room one day and thrusts a box at me and says "its too light for me, you try it". Ofcourse I had no idea what she was talking about. theBalm is not a company I'm very familiar with.. I know of their highlighters and eyeshadow palettes, but bases? I never even thought to try them. But here I was, holding a shiney new tube of theBalm Shelter tinted moisturizer SPF 18 in Medium/Dark which I naturally slapped on almost instantly. Fair warning, for everyone who is yellow undertoned, this looks scarily pink when you first apply it onto your face. Heck, it made me look very grey - which considering is the general colour of winter, not a good look, BUT after a few minutes, it sunk in and started looking pretty good, even if I say so myself. In terms of coverage it a light to medium, good enough to cover my hyper pigmentation, but not great with my acne scarring, so naturally, if you have spots and scars like me you'll need concealer over it. But I just add a bit of my MAC Studio Fix Powder over it to cover those nasty scars, and I, pretty much good to go.
Its glowey, so if you're looking for something matte - stay far far away, but it lasts pretty much all day long and makes me feel like I have nothing on (go figure - tinted moisturizer). So I would say, though I didn't pay for it initially, I would definitely be repurchasing this.

FYI, it costs GBP 17.50 and can be found at feel unique that ships internationally!

Have you heard of/tried this? What are your thoughts? 

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

MAC Palette Tour

I know, I skipped Mondays post, but to makeup for it, here's a tour of my finally completed MAC palette!
I've already mentioned before that I had a 15 pan palette before - but filled with 'popular' colours. Though a fair few of them were brilliant, this time around, I made it a point to only pick shades I know I would love to wear everyday.
As far as quality goes, I find that MAC can be very hit and miss. Some shadows are buttery soft and intense while some are chalky and painfully sheer - so my advice would be to try them. Try before you buy!
The colours I own are:

Top Row
All that Glitters - Beige with gold pearl
Woodwinked - Warm Antique Gold (I won't rave about this AGAIN, I promise)
Amber Lights - Peachy Brown with Shimmer
Bronze - Gold Brown with gold-bronze Shimmer
Antiqued - Ash Brown with Bronze

Middle Row
Soba - Gold Brown with Gold Shimmer (although they sound similar, this is nothing like Bronze)
Soft Brown - Soft Golden Peachy-brown
Texture - Peachy Brown with Shimmer (Same description as Amber Lights which is more orange-gold and a frost finish)
Rule - Vivid Orange (Excellent to intensify a crease)
Brown Down - Teddy bear Brown (Oh, MAC, your descriptions!)

Bottom Tow
Sable - Gold Plum with Bronze Pearl
Twinks - Deep Plum with Pearl (Its amazing when paired with Sable, really makes dusky skin and brown eyes pop)
Satin Taupe - Taupe with silver shimmer
Greensmoke - Tarnished Olive (One colour smokey eye, this is just.. spectacular)
Club - Red brown with green pearl

I'm so happy with this palette - I use it every single day!
What do you think? What does your MAC Palette have?

Friday, 26 September 2014

FOTD #10

Before I start this - can you guys see how pasty I look? Ugh, I really need to pile on the bronzer, and its really making me feel like a corpse. Sigh. But anyway.
Its been a while, hasn't it? I always love posting these types of blogs and I'm so glad I could finally work out the lighting (Stand in front of my window with my camera held awkwardly in my hand) and the rest of that jazz.
This was a quick one before School one day in this past week.
For base I used my Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation all over, followed by my trusty Bobbi Brown Corrector under the eyes. I pricision powdered in certain areas of my face using my Chanel Loose Powder. I really piled on the Bobbi Brown Matte Bronzer to add some colour to dull face.
For the eyes, I went back to an oldie but a favorite.. the Nars Eyeshadow Duo in Cordura, followed by several lashings of my Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara! I ran some dark brown shadow through my brows.. A bit of lip balm and I was done!

What d'you think? 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A Foundation Conundrum

The Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation is supposed to be a gel based foundation with a light-medium coverage that goes over areas of texture and colour and glide over it, while providing radiance and hydrating your skin. Atleast it claims to do all of that.
After using this for close to a month, I've been debating on writing a post about it, because honestly, I don't know what I feel about it. Hence, the conundrum.
For starters, I find it doesn't really glide over my skin the way I presumed something that claimed it was 'gel based' would. It was streaky and patchy, and I really needed to buff it in to stop that from happening.
Secondly, since I needed to buff it into areas where I had texture and pigmentation, I couldn't really build it up to anything more than a light layer - which is great if you have perfect skin, with my skin however, NOPE. Just doesn't work. So it was a bit of a fail on the coverage front.
Third, I found that it just sat on my skin, without sinking in, adding to my need to buff it or use a sponge - which honestly speaking is a huge bother in the morning when I'd rather just sleep that extra ten minutes I take to get this to sink into my skin. Ugh.

But, all is not lost. I really do like how radiant my skin looks when I wear it. And it stays put all day long without much fading. Also, colour match (I have 55) is pretty decent as far as budget foundations are concerned.

So... have you had this problem? Not sure if you like or dislike a product? Well, join the club, and help me make a decision! 

Monday, 22 September 2014

Precise Powdering

Before you say it, I know I know.. I look absolutely hilarious with those lines on my face.. but hear me out, it will all make sense in a moment.
You guys know I love me some glow and the only area I usually powder is under my eye... however, since moving here, I've noticed a fair few changes in my skin. For one.. its much colder and hence my skin is drier in general, which contradicts the title of the post, I know, but patience, grasshopper.
But the difference here is.. despite the cold, I'm still walking a fair bit. And it does make me produce more oil than I did back home travelling from one air conditioned place to another without any real movement.
Hence, precision powdering has been my savior.
As you can see in the second picture.. those are the areas I get a bit shiney around mid day. Mostly around my cheeks and chin, but I add a bit around the nose and forehead as well.. so I just remember to dust a small amount of loose powder like my Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre in 40 Dore around those areas in the morning, and I'm good to go through the day.. also, my makeup so much longer when I do this.

So I ask myself.. why didn't I powder more before this? Strange, innit?

Do you like precision powdering? What are your thoughts?

Friday, 19 September 2014

The Tool You Don't Need, But Need.

Yep, I had to talk about the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge that I got a few weeks ago (my first day here!)
Lets start with all the hype that surrounds these sponges... the original Beauty Blender made a wave in the Makeup world and is still a favorite among Youtubers all over the world. Though I was tempted, the cost made sure I would never give into said temptation. However, with Real Techniques came out with their own brushes, at a remarkable decent price, my curiosity soared again.. but I didn't have access to it... until recently.
I have to admit its a strange little tool which practically becomes twice its original size when its run under water... but I think I like it.
Now, nothing will beat my Buffing Brushes (Real Techniques, and more recently Zoeva) but this little orange blob does have its uses.
You see, once you've buffed that foundation into your face, followed by concealer and whatever else you'd like to add .. and things are starting to look a bit heavy, the same orange blob can save you from becoming cake face.
I use it just after foundation to smooth things over with the flat side and pat in twice the amount of concealer (I have very dark circles)  with the pointed edge. It manages to keep my skin more hydrated (possibly the water) while keeping it look so natural and skinlike (see picture above as reference).

So, this is my verdict.. I love it.. for days I have time for this extra step, otherwise, I can manage without it - but I would prefer to have it.

What about you? And what are your plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

NEW IN! The Zoeva Brush Edition

So, I finally gave in and got myself some Zoeva Brushes... for 'the kit' ofcourse - because I really need more excuses to buy makeup.
They took about 9 days to get to me, mostly because I wasn't home the first time they tried to deliver them. I finally got my hands on them the day before, and I have to say it was love at first glance.
I bought the Complete Set which comes with a wide variety of brushes for the face and eyes, all packed in a sleek looking black pouch with really cute bright pink lining.
The 15 brushes consist of -

  • 102 Silk Finish
  • 104 Buffer
  • 106 Powder
  • 110 Face Shape
  • 128 Cream Cheek
  • 142 Concealer Buffer
  • 227 Soft Definer
  • 228 Crease
  • 223 Petit Eye Blender
  • 231 Petit Crease
  • 234 Smoky Shader
  • 235 Contour Shader
  • 317 Wing Liner
I also got the 109 Face Paint Brush for contouring. 

Every single brush is so soft and incredible quality - really impressed with these at first sight/use. Though I haven't washed them or used them enough to review, my first impression is nothing but positive! Keep your eyes peeled for a favorites/review post!

Have you tried these? What are your thoughts?

Monday, 15 September 2014

A Brow Game Changer

If you're a regular around this part of the web, you know how much I talk about this product, so much so that I don't ever wear a full face of makeup without using this. Infact ever since I've found it I haven't had the itch to try anything else that does something similar/same thing.
The Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade in Black Brown is so right for the eyebrows, its almost scary. Its a gel - moussey texture that is so insanely pigmented that I would advice you to proceed with caution.
Its a long wearing water proof product that can guarantee perfect everybrows all day long. It keeps the hair in place, its a cool toned dark brown which is a great match for my natural hair colour and it has yet to fail me. It truly is one of my favorite products that I feel doesn't get much of chance to shine. Hence this post.

For the record, I got mine from Cult Beauty where they give you free international shipping with your first order... just sayin'.

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?  

Friday, 12 September 2014

A New Base Love

You know how I've always wanted to try the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation? Well, I never did because I could never figure out what I shade I would be or how to get it shipped to me because of how expensive it was! Well, imagine my utter surprise and glee to see that our Makeup Kit for school included 4 shades of this foundation. I was even more surprised to see that both Barcelona and Syracuse (the two shades of foundation I was confused between) were a part of the 4 we were given.
I'm currently inbetween the two, but if I were to buy myself one of them, right now, I'd lean towards Syracuse, but come winter I'll be using Barcelona.

The foundation has a medium coverage with a satin finish. It isn't dewy, it isn't shiney, its just.. as the name suggest a glow.
I've been using it everyday for 2 weeks now. On various skintones and types and I thought I would give you a round up of this little wonder.
It costs GBP 31 (Around INR 3000). The range of colours is ridiculously large and has both warm and cool undertones.
The coverage is medium, but buildable to full, which I have done, and it never goes cakey or thick looking. It really sinks well into the skin without emphasizing texture of settling into lines.
No matter what your skin type is, it seems to last fairly long and doesn't fade till the 8 hour mark, which is great in a foundation.
It doesn't have SPF to it photographs like a dream, which is always a good thing!

I have to say, I am very impressed by this, and by the looks of it, it may become a kit staple for me.
Have you tried this? What do you think?

P.S Keep your eyes peeled for a quick 'what I've learnt so far' post!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Dry Skin Saviors.

So as I type this, keep in mind that I have had a few glasses of wine... SO, Stuff that's keeping my going through colder weather (its 10/15 degrees here)

Soap and Glory Hand Food
I never understood the need for handcream until I came here and my skin started peeling (I kid you not) but now I do. So, first of... This hand cream seriously smells amazing. When I use it I feel the need to keep sniffing my hands - which let me be honest here, looks creepy as hell, but I can't help it! Not only does it smell good, it really helps my hands which are super dry and crinkly look almost human (I said almost!).
Its really moisturizing, but at the same time it isn't greasy and for the price (INR 500) I'd buy it repeatedly!

The Body Shop Body Sorbet in Strawberry
I got this back home before I left... because I wanted something light (in weight) but still heavy duty, contradictory I know, but that's me for you... And this suits that brief. When you put it on, its almost like an airy moussey cream that feels like heaven, smells fantastic and still manages to keep those dry parts completely soft and moisturized. Infact, the first time I used it, my flatmate commented on how good it smelled and bought one for herself in Mango (which doesn't smell as strong though, keep in mind).
So, if you're looking for divine moisture that smells like dessert, and has the most unique texture you'd ever try out.. you need this. I mean it. No, really.. go.. go now and try it out!

What are your dry skin favorites?

Monday, 8 September 2014

Current Favorites #2

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this or not, but since we're working on eachothers faces during class, we don't wear makeup every morning. Which is very refreshing, and gives me plenty more time in the morning - however, it limits my blogging severely as I can only do FOTD/N's of what I'm wearing on the weekends or even test it out new things only during the weekends. Frustrating, yes, but I'll make things work, I promise.
However, the point of this post - makeup products I've been enjoying recently... The Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation is on my list of favorites at the moment because of how light it feels on the skin, and the way it glides on so easily! It has a medium coverage that is enough to cover my scars but still look like skin - which is what I want out of a foundation. Though the shade 55 is a touch lighter than I am at the moment, it still blends beautifully into my skin. I would highly recommend this to anyone who can get their hands on this.
Since its cold here, my skin has been getting a bit grey and dull looking, so my Bobbi Brown Bronzer has really been my go-to to warm things up a fair bit, though I was a bit skeptical about the red tones at first, I find it really helps here. Keeping with the colour theme, I've been loving the Clinique Cheek Pop in Berry Pop which is a berry pink - perfect for this transition to my first ever autumn. Though it does look more like blush and less like a natural flush on me, I find that the colour really helps bring out the natural warmth in my skin.
For my eyes, I've been enjoying two things in particular. One is the Estee Lauder Shadow Paint in Chained which is my first pick for effortless and easy eye makeup that still looks natural, while I've been reaching for the Clinique Eyeshadow in Black Honey other times. Black Honey is another more 'auntumn' colour thats really exciting for me to wear out.

I know this is fairly simple, but these are the bits and bobs I've been loving recently!
What are your favorites?

Friday, 5 September 2014

The 'Holy Grail' Base Product

I'm not entire sure how many times I've mentioned this foundation while running this blog, but I'm guessing atleast once a week? Its probably my most mentioned product in my time writing this blog... yes, you guessed right - the Chanel Vita Lumier Aqua is what I could consider my 'holy grail' foundation. Bear in mind, there is no other product I consider holy grail uptil now, its a big deal people.
To put it simply, it is very easily the base I realize I cannot live without. Now that I'm onto my second bottle of this stuff, let me give you a full indepth review of this wondrous product.
For starters, Its Chanel, which by default makes it a luxury item that may make you tear upon hearing the price (INR 3000 *sob*). But its everything you'd want from a foundation that you shell out a boat load of money for.
The smell? Like Roses, classic Chanel.
The packaging? Travel friendly, light and simple.
The coverage? Light-medium to medium full if you want to build it up, never cakey or heavy looking, sinks in like a dream and looks gorgeous. FYI, its water based so you have to give it a good ol' shake before using it.
The colour match? I'm B50 which matches me as well as one foundation can, but the shade range is a little bit more on the smaller side.
The finish? Like skin, but healthy and glowy and beautiful!
How long does it last? Well, despite using it about 3 times a week on average, I've used the same bottle for over a year, so if you really think about it, its really worth the money you pay. Also, the pigment is so great that a little really does go a long way.
On the skin, it lasts all day on me, no problem at all.

Its lightweight, its easy to use and blend, stays put all day long and looks lovely on my acne prone dry skin. Honestly speaking, there is nothing I don't like about this foundation, I would say... RUN to your local Chanel store and try it. It will be love at first whiff/usage, I assure you.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

NEW IN! The Boots Edition

Obviously, I could not have been here for more than 10 days now and not have gone into Boots and picked up a few things. So a mini haul for you lovely folks.
Lets start of with the one I'm most excited about the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation in 55 which has replaced my trusty Happy Light that I had to leave behind. And you know what? I like it MORE. Its more coverage, but since its gel based it goes on better and stays put forever - not that I have a problem with products staying on here, I mean, its cold all the time. 
Next up, was a new Mascara I needed and the Revlon Bold Lacquer Waterproof Mascara looked much to pretty to pass up. On first try, I did not like this, but now that its dried up a bit, its pretty darn great. Its insanely lengthening and does a great job of separating, which I love or day to day. Also, I got rained on when I was wearing this - did. not. budge.
The Rimmel Brow This Way Styling Gel is supposed to be a great dupe for the Benefit Gimme Brow, but since they didn't have my colour in stock, I chose the clear version, which is very.. meh. It doesn't really hold my eyebrow hair up, and its a bit wet for my liking, but you never know, time will tell. 
Finally, the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge which I've wanted since it came out. I haven't really played around with it much, but I will tell you this - it makes the face looks flawless, even if it does take a while... review on this soon! 

So what do you think of my picks?

Monday, 1 September 2014

Everyday in London

So what was originally supposed to go up on Friday is now here for you on this lovely Monday morning. I start classes today, which is a huge deal, I'm so excited nervous!

But this post is more about what I've been wearing on my face for the past week.
I've been keeping things fairly simple, because I have no idea if its going to rain or shine on me.. so I start with the Chanel Vita Lumier Aqua, a very light layer because in this climate, my skin seems to absorb this stuff like a sponge. Followed by the Bobbi Brown Corrector under my eyes. My skin has also been super dry, so i haven't been setting anything with powder.
For my cheeks, I've been using the Tarte Blush in Blissful, because without the colour I look grey.
For my eyes, I've been using the Estee Lauder Stay on Shadow Paint in Chained, along with my MAC Magnetic Appeal Mineralize Skinfinish in the inner corners, to brighten my eyes. For the eyebrows, the Anatasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade continues to make its daily appearance.
For Mascara, I've been using up my mini Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! Really need to get a full size of it.
Much like the rest of me, my lips are dry and chapped, so i've been using the Maybelline Baby Lips. Simple, takes no time and easy!

What do you think? Also, I'm BACCKK!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Be Right Back!

Hello all, unfortunately, since I've packed away most of my things, I find myself unable to put up any blogposts. And since its 2 days to the BIG MOVE... I'm just going to roll with it.
I reach the UK on Saturday morning, and will probably only get Internet by Tuesday, so normal posting may resume the Friday after this one.

Please be patient with me!

And wish me luck!

Much Love,

Monday, 18 August 2014

Project 10 Pan - Revisited

So this post was supposed to go up several hours ago, but as you can imagine things are a bit hectic around here - with me leaving on Friday and all that.
I posted the original Project 10 Pan 2 months ago - where I gave myself two months to finish mostly base products - which let me tell you was a stretch. Even if they are half full, no one can finish so many basis in 2 months unless I started drinking them.. eeek. But I'm rather proud of the seven products I have finished.

So, I'm left with the MAC Studio Fix Powder + Foundation which is still the wrong colour for me, but I'm sure I'll be using it up soon... or giving it to a friend because I've finally repurchased it in the right shade.
The Bourjois Happy Light is a foundation I LOVE, but I just don't feel like taking something which is so close to finished all the way, so its being passed on to my mother.
Finally, my beloved Nars Casino Bronzer is coming with me because frankly, I can't live without it.

So yes, this is my progress. Bit of a fail, but the stuff has been used up which was the important thing.

...Its a short post today, and the next 3 - 4 will be scheduled to go up on time (I promise).
England, here I come!

Friday, 15 August 2014

That Effortless Foundation

Do you find liquid foundations to be a bit of a pain? Not worth the effort it takes to buff in into the skin? Don't like the feeling? Not easy for on-the-go?
Whatever your gripe maybe with regular liquid foundations, this product is basically the answer to them all!
I completely forgot I even owned it until my recent Project 10 Pan - but once I started using I wondered what made me forget about it to begin with. Its everything you need for a quick 'sweep and go', also, you chuck it into your bags and you've got touch ups throughout the day covered.
The MAC Studio Fix Powder + Foundation is finely milled and silky soft with a matte finish, but after about 10 minutes your natural skin does come through. I use it with an Illuminating Primer or my Strobe Cream, and with both, it works wonderfully. It works really well on people with oily skin, because it stays put. And on someone with Dehydrated Combination Skin like myself, it manages to glide over my dry patches without emphasizing them or getting stuck around them.
Its a medium coverage if you use it with a buffing brush - like I do. But it can also be sweeped on with a fluffy brush for just a veil of matte and hardly any coverage at all. If I build it up, it easily goes upto full coverage. Oddly enough, no matter how much I layer - it never looks too matte of cakey or even like I'm wearing full coverage. There's just something about the formula.
The one pictured is NC43.5 which is too dark for me, but I can make it work. I have repurchased it already in NC42 which matches me perfectly. Oh, and for the record, it currently costs INR 1990. (Ugh, stupid price increases)

Do you own this? What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

No Makeup - Makeup.

I'm all about the smokey eyes and the bright lips, but on occasion, you want to look as natural as possible - without having acne scars and dark circles showing through.
So, I bring to you, my natural no makeup makeup look.

Makeup for me starts with a good base. I need my skin to look half decent, but it still needs to look like skin, so my Chanel Vita Lumier Aqua makes an appearance again. I've typed it out so many times that my phone now auto corrects anything that starts with 'Cha-' to 'Chanel Vita Lumier Aqua' and if my laptop could, it probably would too, whilst rolling its non existent eyes. But anyway. I dabbed a little extra foundation under my eyes to skip concealer.
Some colour always adds a bit of dimension and life back into my face so I used the Bobbi Brown Matte Bronzer in Dark on my temples, cheekbones, across the bride of my nose lightly and near my jawline - the intention was to make it look more natural and less contoured.
After popping a bit of MAC's Groundwork Paintpot on my eyelids, I used the same Bobbi Brown Bronzer in the crease of my eye, so deepen them more.
Now the real star of the show - them lashes. I haven't been much of a mascara girl in the past, but when you aren't wearing eyeliner, mascara really helps you bring some life and lift to your face. So I curled my eyelashes with my Shu Eumera Eyelash Curlers, and followed that up with a generous coat of the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara, which I have to say might be my favorite mascara ever (Thanks Aditi!). I really need a full size of this!
To finish things off, I ran a bit of NARS Coconut Grove Eyeshadow through my eyebrows, and viola!

Do I look natural to you? Just say yes...

Monday, 11 August 2014

The 'Not Me' Colour

When I first received the L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Flashback Silver for my birthday, I swatched and said "oooo pretty" - a gorgeous silver that is sparkly and reflects lavender and pink (more lavender than pink on me) but in the back of my mind, I wondered if I would ever use it. Because its be honest here, a cool toned silver on someone as warm as me is a disaster waiting to happen. So into the depths of my eyeshadow drawer it went, never to see the light of day until recently...
...When I picked up the Laura Mercier Metallic Cream Eyeshadow in Alloy during a sale in which it costed me the grand total of INR 520 (Frekkin' steal, I agree). Without thinking twice, into my bag it went and within a second I found myself clicking 'checkout'.
Fast forward to 3 weeks later when I received it and greedily ripped open the packaging. Yes, I knew what Allow looked like, but it didn't stop me from freaking out a bit. A cool Lavenderish purple with a silver sparkle. Uh oh.
However, when I used it, I found it transformed my eyelids. There is just something about this cream shadow thats subtle but still brightening and downright beautiful!
When I paired this with a light layer of the L'oreal Shadow - a very fluffy brush was used - I realized that YES, warm toned bronze loving me could totally pull off a lavender-silver!
Kachiinnngg. Win. 

What is the 'not you' colour that you've discovered is really 'you'?

Friday, 8 August 2014

Night Out #9

There seems to be a sudden revival of the Face of the Day/Night here on Colliding Interests, hasn't there? Blame it entirely on the 'moving to another country' bit, but I've been going out a lot. And with the going out comes a plethora of other things - good food, actually using my fancy clothes and jewelry and of course the makeup!
I went back to an old Foundation Combination of mine - the Chanel Vita Lumier Aqua mixed in with the Giorgio Armani Luminous silk. I've posted about it here, but let me tell you, it is some seriously amazing stuff. Since it pretty much conceals everything that needs to be concealed in my case, I just dabbed a bit more of the Luminous Silk mixed with the Maybelline Dream Touch Lumi under my eyes, on my chin etc to add a bit more coverage, and highlight those areas ever so slightly. I dusted a bit of the Kryolan Anti Shine Translucent Powder just to set the highlight (precision powdering people!).
For the rest of my face, I used a combination of the Inglot 357 Matte (contour), MAC's Lustre Drops in Sun Rush and the Clinique Cheek Pop in Berry Pop. These are finally out in India, btw, at INR 2100 - ridiculous!
Onto the eyes. I finally got my hands on the Clinique Eyeshadow in Black Honey, which I used all over the lid, and a bit of the Kiko Eyeshadow Stick in 6 in the inner corners. I smoked things out and lined my lashline with Makeup Geek's Corrupt and used a boatload of the Maybelline HyperCurl Waterproof Mascara.
For the lips - this is a bit of a confused one. So, I started out with L'oreal Matte Moisture Lipstick in Lincoln Rose, but I didn't like the way it looked with Black Honey, so I added a bit of the WetnWild Mauve Outta Here on top of that, and suddenly things came together, I feel.

Also featured in this post is my new haircut - I went shorter, woot!
So, what do you guys think?

P.S. Two weeks to England! *runs off to panic*

Monday, 4 August 2014

The Cheek Trifecta

You don't have cheekbones, you say? Moonfaced like me? Never fear, for the cheek trifecta is here!
^ Did that sound like a bad commercial to you too?
Anyway, going back to the point of this post. Using a boat load - I mean 3 products to create an illusion the illusion of cheekbones. Sussh, its our secret.

The Bronzer/Contour
Refer to the brown portion of the little diagram up there. A matte Bronzer of contour shade - preferably slightly cooler helps mimic the place where the shadow falls - if you're like me an entirely lacking in the cheekbone department. I place it in a triangle because I find it suits my face shape the most (think moon), but this is something that you need to work out for your own face. More oval faces can get away with just a line. Oh, and do not forgot to the blend the crap out of it - because y'know, you don't want to look like you have dirt on your face.
I find the Bobbi Brown Matte Bronzer pretty decent for contouring. And then there's the Inglot 357 matte eyeshadow which is the perfect contour colour on darker skins (yes, I'll shut up about it now)

The Highlight
So, right after the contour I like to highlight the area, because when you add blush over that, it gives you that 'oh, I'm so glowy, I light up your life' face. Ideally, this goes on your actual cheekbone, from the centre of your eye upwards to "lift" the face a bit. High cheekbones = I'd use something that doesn't have visible glitter, but a sheen would probably work. I love the MAC luster drops in Sun Rush for this. It gives me an almost JLow glow (I wish!). What this essentially does is draws the light to the top of your cheekbones, making your contour look more like a shadow - see see? Its coming together, ain't it?

The Blush
You could skip this, but with a stark contour, I find a little blush goes a long way.
Now, once again, the thing about blush is your placements depends on your face - how you like to wear it etc. I personally, hate blush on the apples of my cheeks, so I place it along the contour line and blend it out into the apple-area, so it gives me colour, but intensifies my contour at the same time.

So, 3 steps to cheekbones, told you it wasn't that hard!
In case I sounded a bit.. odd through this post, blame is on me listening to blurred lines while writing this. I know, I know.. judge away.

Friday, 1 August 2014

The Makeup Tool Everyone Needs!

Things just got a bit upclose and personal with the second picture, didn't it?
So, eyelash curlers, probably the most boring thing to blog about, but really, they needs waay more attention than they get!
To start off - I used to use a pair of Etude House Eyelash curlers that were nothing great. I somehow wrote it off as something that I didn't need to spend much money on.
However, since they weren't doing the greatest job, I bit the bullet and got the Shu Uemera Eyelash Curlers, and holy shit my eyelashes have never been the same.
There is just something about the shape of these curlers that get right to your roots and help your lashes curl.. while keeping them that way. Worth the hype? HELL YES.

While we're talking lashes, another discovery which would probably get several eyes rolling is Waterproof Mascara. Now, I'm not much of a mascara girl - and its taken me a fair few months to get into the habit of wearing mascara regularly - but waterproof mascara? Consider me lazy. Its a pain to take off - and hence I just don't use it. But unfortunate truth? It helps the curl stay all day long. If you want proof - the second picture shows you my curled and waterproof mascara'd lashes after 6 hours.
So it works? Yes.

This is my newest revelation - though its nothing particularly new to the beauty world.
What's yours?

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Game Changing Blush

Did you ever think you'd see an entire post about a blush? I certainly didn't, but after a sudden increase in the number of coloured cheek products I owned and this post, here we are.
The Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in Blissful is described as a shimmering peach, however, since Tarte has repackaged their products - this one seems to have been reformulated - or they just forgot the shimmer. Either way, I'm not complaining.
On me, its a beautiful peachy pink matte that isn't overly pigmented. Its a bit on the sheer side, which is always a plus when it comes to blush - less chance of clown cheeks.
When I first apply it (I'm an NC 42 in MAC as reference) it gives me just a hint of colour that I can place even at the hollows my cheek and work upwards; a sculpting blush of sorts, but with added colour, it gives me the most natural looking flush that I cannot describe. I don't blush at all, naturally. However, if I did, I sure as hell hope I looked like this.
The formula is a pleasure to work with, its long wearing and silky.
The only drawback for me, personally is the product becoming a bit hard over time - I've had it for about a month now and I've had to scratch the surface once already - if this is an indicator, I'm slightly worried. However, since everything else about this is so perfect, I can look past it. It has after all made its way into my daily rotation of 'I woke up like 'dis' products.

What do you think of these blushes? 

Monday, 28 July 2014


Okay so this was a fun day to dress up.
For the face I used the Chanel Vita Lumier Aqua, followed by the Bobbi Brown Corrector under the eyes. To set it all, I used the Kryolan Translucent Powder.
I contoured using the NARS Casino Bronzer, and used the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Blissful on the cheeks.
For the eyes, I used MAC's Woodwinked all over the lid, with Nars Coconut Grove in the outer half. I blended it all with Makeup Geek's Cocoa Bear, followed by the Maybelline Gel Liner. For the eyebrows I stuck with my favorite Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade and the Tarte Lights Camera Lashes! Mascara for ze lashes.. and for lips, I used MAC's Ruby Woo.

Its a pretty standard Indian-ish look for me.. what are your thoughts? :)

Friday, 25 July 2014

Things I want to tell my Teenage Self

This is a very different style of post for me. Its much more personal and a little rant and ramble driven.
Though I'm the last person to dwell on the past, like every other human being, I sometimes wish I could go back and change certain things.

  1. Take care of your skin. This is something I wish I did, y'know, not just washing my face, but maybe a bit of toner of moisturizer would have helped keep my skin decent. The second part of this would be - don't take anything for granted - this should be a life motto, but in particular with my skin, I just took things for granted, and now I'm paying for it.
  2. Always wear SPF - As much as you love being tan and prove a point to the fair and lovely obsessed - don't damage your skin while doing this.
    This is embarrassingly true. I've always maintained that dusky/dark/tan whatever you want to call it is as beautiful and lovely as fairer complexions, but when I was younger, I was all about going out in the sun and getting as tanned as possible, without sunscreen. Ugh, I still believe in the cause wholeheartedly, I just wish I wore sunscreen. 
  3. Do NOT Thread Your Eyebrows. This one is a bit of a controversial one I know, especially when threading is all the rage now in the beauty world. But the people who used to thread my eyebrows made it thinner and thinner everytime I went to them. You can see the evidence staring you in the face - practically no eyebrows. Pluck child, don't thread.  
  4. Keep 'em bangs long - Bangs are still around, but its different now that it was then. Everyone had these short bangs swept to one side that just didn't work for my face shape. It only made my face look wider - so please. NO. 
  5. Take it easy on the kajal. Seriously. Can you SEE THAT? Panda eyes alert - except only at the bottom. Not pretty.
There are honestly a lot more things I would like to tell my teenage self, like the benefits of concealer, and a bit of lipstick or tinted lip balm, but they just don't seem as important. 
What beauty mistakes would you tell your teenage self to avoid? 

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Let me introduce you a to a product I've had for a while now, and recently rediscovered.
Since the highly metallic - almost foiled eyeshadow is now all the rage, I thought it was an appropriate time to talk about this wonder product.
The Kiko Longlasting Eyeshadow Stick in 6 is an Antique gold that reflects darker in the crease - making it a great single eyeshadow to use all over your lid. The texture is creamy and bendable by both hand and brush, and it goes on opaque at first swipe. It is such intense shimmer on your lids, that it looks like you've used a very glittery eyeshadow without the glitter or the fallout.
Another great thing about this product is how well it stays put. Normally eyeshadows crease on me instantly, but this goes on and stays put for a good 8 hours before it begins to fade.
It makes a wonderful lid colour, but makes an even better inner corner highlight giving you that very bright, very awake look.
Seriously though, look how shineeeeeeeyyy.

Now, the only downside is that it isn't easily available. Europe or UK have Kiko as far I'm aware, and I'd suggest asking someone to get you any shade from this range, its amazing.

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts? 

Monday, 21 July 2014

Night Out #8

These Night Out/FOTD posts are becoming some of my favorites, should I make this a weekly feature?
On Friday, I went with a couple of friends for the opening of the Chennai International Fashion Week, we got to see Rocky Star's Resort Collection, followed by some terrible wine and amazing spaghetti cabonara at a pub nearby. It was a really good evening.
But ofcourse, let me go over the contents of my face.
As you can see, my skin is currently healing/drying so I have lots of texture there.. sigh. I used MAC's Strobe Cream all over my face as a base, I dabbed a bit of my Bobbi Brown Corrector under my eyes and MAC Pro Longwear Concealer to conceal my scars.. once I was happy with all the blending, I used the Maybelline Dream Touch Lumi to highlight under my eyes (in a V shape) on my chin, centre of my forehead and nose. I set the highlighted areas with the Kryolan Translucent Setting Powder. I used my Nars Casino Bronzer on the outer perimeter of my face as a bronzer - it also helps add some dimension making my face less err, round. I contoured with my favorite Inglot 357 Matte Eyeshadow and used the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Blissful on the cheeks.
For the Eyes, I used the Kat Von D Monarch Palette, the gold shade all over the lid, a dark brown in the outer half and crease to blend it out. I used the matte black from the palette as eyeliner and followed it up with tons of Maybelline Hyper Curl Waterproof Mascara after curling them.
For Lips, I used my L'oreal Matte Moisture Lipstick in Raspberry Syrup which has got to be my favorite lipstick, ever!

Sooo, what do you guys think? 

Friday, 18 July 2014

Favorite MAC Eyeshadows

Hello there, welcome to the newly redone Colliding Interests, what do you think? I'm still working out a lot of the quirks, but it should be fully sorted out really soon!
So if it isn't already evident from my blog in general, I really do love my eyeshadows. I've said it several times before that MAC as a brand introduced me to makeup, particularly eyeshadows. I can safely say I've owned a fair share of shadows from them, but these would the five I would repurchase without a second thought till the end of time.. yep. Its serious business.

This is the newest addition to my favorite MAC Eyeshadows, and you just can't go wrong with it. I posted about it here. But for the sake of this post, let me repeat myself - MAC describes it as a gold-plum with bronze pearl in a Velvet finish. It comes across more pinky plum with a golden sheen on me which is perfect. It goes everything... its my 'I woke up like dis' eyeshadow.

Described as a gold brown with a gold-bronze shimmer and a Frost finish. This has got to be all time favorite go-to eyeshadow, I love it so much this is my second pan of this stuff - yep, its just that good! It makes a brilliant lid colour - that sultry bronze goddess kinda' lid, but it also makes an excellent outer half - depth inducing colour. Basically, its frekkin' perfect.

Though MAC claims its a peachy-brown with shimmer in a Velvet finish, you see no shimmer on the lid. I've said it before and I will say it again, it is the best colour to blend out pretty much any lid colour - blue? Works. Green? Works. Bronzes? Works. Anything? It works. Its a great staple that everyone needs to own.

Amber Lights
Amber lights is an orangey gold colour with a bit of bronze sheen and a Frost finish. The MAC website describes it as a "peachy brown with shimmer" same as texture, which confused me a bit. But we'll just ignore that.
Its the kind of eyeshadow that instantly brightens any look and makes your eyes scream 'look at me'. I love using this with a bit of teal eyeliner, it just makes your eyes stand out like no other.
I'm not the biggest fan of sheeny shadows, but this one makes me want to try foiled shadows - because thats exactly how it looks!

So, I left the best for last... the gold everybody needs to own. Described as antique warm gold in a Veluxe Pearl finish. Its a beautiful sheeny eyeshadow that makes a brilliant inner corner highlight.. Tan skin, this shadow, some mascara and BAM you're sorted.

As you can see, my love affair with MAC continues.. What are your favorites?

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Pondering Blush...

Suddenly, in the last month of so, I've gone from owning one blush, which I wore maybe once a week at the most, to owning five, and wearing it on a regular basis. Infact, I've been skipping the bronzer, and reaching for the blush. Shocking, isn't it? I've been using the five I now on for various things, so I thought I may as well post about it.

The Pop of Colour
Perfect for days when I look a little worse for wear. I've realized there is nothing like a little colour on your cheeks to make you look healthier and somehow happier. I find the best blush for this is the Clinique Cheek Pop in Berry Pop. It's a powder blush that looks almost cream - like and super skinlike when worn. If I could blush, I would think this is the colour I'd turn.
Another blush is super pigmented and bright is the Milani Matte Baked Blush in Bella Rosa. Oh. My. God. This is beyond beautiful. It is so insanely pigmented though that I have to be very careful with how much pressure I use when I tap my brush in... and its so flattering on that I honestly don't know how I lived without this.

The Everyday Blush
The reason I originally bought the Chanel Cream Blush in Presage is only because of how natural it looks on me. The formula is easy to blend and stays put for hours. Though it can be built up, it by no means tries to steal the show, instead it accentuates everything. I find coraly pink lipsticks go great with this one.
Another simple everyday browny-pink blush is the Wet n Wild Blush in Mellow Wine. Its so perfect for everyday - heck, I can even define 'em cheekbones with this. I cannot believe how good the quality of this is.. honestly, our drugstore brands have a long way to go...

The All Rounder
This is the product that got me past my "meh" attitude towards blush in the first place. The Tarte Amazonion Clay 12 Hour Blushes are everything people say they are. Pigmented, longwearing and so easy to wear. The shade I have, Blissful is a peachy pink that is so flattering on me! No matter what else I'm wearing - eye, lips, clothing, this always just works.

So, I'm a convert. Go ahead, enable me.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Travel Makeup Bag - The Wedding Edition

The past weekend and beginning of this week have been pretty hectic filled with lots of weddings and travelling. Well, not really. But I was in Bangalore during the weekend and we came back to another wedding we had to go too. So I just thought I'd club the two together and viola!

The Base
This really was a No-Brainer for me. I've publically pledged my love and undying devotion to the Chanel Vita Lumier Aqua and ofcourse, it was the base of choice. A rediscovery for me in terms of powder is the MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation. I'd thrown this into my bag and forgotten about it, but when I decided to do the project 10 pan I rediscovered my love for it. Honestly, its an amazing powder, and I will be repurchasing once I finish it! The Bobbi Brown Corrector is another staple I cannot live without, so that came along with me.
Just in case I felt like it, I love a little bit of contour and highlight - but I like it to be subtle (post coming soon!) so I took my Inglot 357 Matte Eyeshadow (here) to contour lightly and the Maybelline Dream Touch Lumi (here) to highlight.
I would normally never take this along, but ever since I've discovered how good blush can make me look (thank you Tarte Blissful) I took along my Chanel Cream Blush in Presage just to add a bit of colour to the cheeks.
To set everything in place and decake the layers, I took my NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray, which makes your makeup last forever and ever and ever...

The Eyes
Yes, I took a palette, and nothing else. Not only did this give me sometime to really play around with these colours, The Kat Von D Monarch Palette has cool and warm toned neutrals along with a good mix of textures, making it perfect to carry along! As a base I took the MAC Groundwork Paintpot, another staple that I hardly talk about, but it keeps my shadows in place, without any fuss or fancy. Ofcourse I had to take eyeliner - Indian makeup without eyeliner just seems to wrong, so I brought my trusty Maybelline Gel Liner that needs to be replaced, desperately. For Mascara, I wanted something water proof that would hold a curl, so the Maybelline Hyper Curl Waterproof Mascara it was!

The Lips
Last but not the least, the lips, which previously would have gone with a bit of tinted lip balm. But through all these fun evenings, I sported a bright lip. My two favorites ofcourse were the L'oreal Matte Moisture Lipstick in Lincoln Rose and the Maybelline Vivd Lipstick in Shocking Coral. Btw, these two mixed makes a heavenly combination.

So this was it! A bit excessive for most I know, but I like my options, and I like products.
What are your Wedding Essentials?

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Skin Savior - Glyco A

As I begin to write this, I have my fingers and toes crossed all while practically hugging wood. You see, my skin has been going through a very very VERY bad few months. I've been breaking out all over the place, and scarring - my cheek at one point looked so covered in pink and red bumps that you may have mistaken my blemishes as chicken pox. I tried everything, I cut down on dairy, watched what I ate, drank tons more water - but nothing seemed to work. I also made the mistake of using my La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo which has worked on my breakouts before - but this time, I just broke out more.. Has anyone else faced this problem?
Heck, I even tried the au naturale route and kept using sandalwood paste on my face. Though it did soothe the angry blemishes, nothing seemed to be working. I wracked my brains wondering what I'd changed in my rountine - and the it hit me like a train, after months of using a BHA Based toner followed by an AHA Based cream at night, I just stopped. I'm not sure why I stopped, but I did, and I think (this is a lot of guesswork on my part) my skin just decided to protest.

Immediately, I started using my Glyco A - 12% Glycolic Acid based cream (Saw it first on Parita's blog) again, and within a week, my skin is under control.
I'm honestly getting a bit emotional while writing this because my skin is such a sensitive issue for me. For someone who had no skin issues all through my teenage years, dealing with breakouts and flare ups in my 20's is something I did not expect. And everytime I have these flare ups (hormones, PCOD, all that fun jazz) my confidence plummets, I don't want to leave the house, I hate looking in a mirror, and most worst of all, I feel hideous.
Yes, I'm learning to deal with it, but honestly speaking... if Glyco A hadn't worked the way it has been.. I'm not sure what I would have done. In a matter of a week or so, it has calmed my skin, fading a lot of the marks that were causing me so much stress. It hasn't stopped my breakouts completely... yet, but it has prevented the severe ones (at one point I woke up everyday with 3 - 4 new very painful and very swollen blemishes).

I use about a half a pea sized quantity over the areas of my face that is affected the most (cheeks, jawline, chin) after I've used my toner. I use my regular moisturizer on the rest of my face and my usual eye cream under my eye.
Few things you need to be cautious about being a) you need to use a very good sunscreen during the day or your skin will burn. (experience speaking) and b) don't use it like you would a spot treatment (I use Benzac AC for that or La Roche Posay Effaclar A.I), use it regularly and if you plan on stopping, don't do it abruptly, stop it gradually.
If you want something milder to start with, there is a Glyco 6 which has 6% Glycolic Acid instead of the 12%. FYI, this costs about INR 150.

Basically, if you're skin is going through shit, I'd say give this a go, you should see results. 

Monday, 7 July 2014

The Kat Von D Monarch Palette

I'll start with this - I'm not a swatches kinda' girl. You need patience and a very good eye/focus for it - and no matter how much I try, it just ain't good enough. Being a perfectionist, I can't put up something I'm not okay with. So you won't be seeing swatches, but you will be seeing posts of me wearing various colour combinations from this palette, and I hope that its enough.
If you do want to see swatches though - on Indian Skin, I'd ask you to head over to Aditi's Blog (which I love) for swatches.

Kat Von D's makeup range is something I've always wanted to try, I love her packaging (how rad are those butterflies?) I love her eyeshadows colours, and I desperately want to try her Tattoo Liner. And being quite tattood myself, you can see the appeal, can't you?
The Monarch Palette consists of warm neutral shadows. Though I won't say they're all warm, they really do have a complexity about them that you don't see very often in neutral shadows. As far as the palette goes - it has converted me to the premade palette love - something I previously hated.
The eyeshadows are buttery soft (a little bit powdery but nothing that you can't deal with) and blend like a dream together. They last about 9 hours on me before they start fading (I always use a primer). There is just SOMETHING about these colours that make me almost drool. Kat Von D really knows how to make her neutrals interesting - you won't find too many generic colours here... most of them have some interesting of unexpected undertone.
I have so many unsual favorites from this palette - yes ofcourse I love the orange the gold and the brown, but for me telepathy is the most gorgeous metallic beige - with a dirty green grey undertone, while delaney has such a beautiful taupey - silver vibe to it. Killing Jar is by far the most stunning rose gold I have come across and so flattering on tan skin!

This is probably the first thing that came to mind when I opened the palette. Its started out as a simple matte smokey eye, but towards the end, I decided to add a bit of shimmer to the inner corner and voila - its a whole new (albeit predictable) look.
After priming my lids, I used entomology (off white matte) all over the lid - upto the brow bone as a base. In the crease went wrath (the most gorgeous orangey-terra cotta colour - mildly shimmery) and I blended it, reapplied and blended it till I was happy with the intensity. On the lid, I used a bit of shadow box (matte dark brown) and blended it into wrath (note: I reapply and blend, A LOT). On the lashline, I smudged deadhead (matte black). I also used a bit of deadhead and wrath mixed together on the lower lashline. This makes for a very interesting smokey eye... but I wasn't happy with just "interesting" so patted summerfly (yellow-gold with shimmer) over shadow box, so it formed more of an antique gold. Tons of mascara later - done!
Rest of the face - Bourjois Happy Light Foundation, Bobbi Brown Corrector, Tarte Blissful Blush, a dusting of MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation and MAC Rebel Lipstick.

This palette is beyond beautiful, and I cannot wait to put up a few other looks I've come up with. What are your thoughts?

Friday, 4 July 2014

Makeup Swap with Aditi of BGMM!

So Aditi is someone I know through my blog and hers. What began as just comments, eventually turned into conversations. Over the last few months, I think our shared love for makeup has made us very good friends - you need someone you can talk products with all the time, y'know?
Incase you haven't read her blog - head over there as soon as you read this! I love her sense of humour and the general wit that runs through her blog.
Since she lives in the US, and I live here - I think we both focused on getting eachother things we won't otherwise have access too. You can tell she knows me by the matte formulas and the bright colours, heh.

Now, you can see she has been MORE than generous with what she has got me.. I mean look at it -  I needed to take two pictures for you to see everything!  Everything was sweetly wrapped in wrapping paper in bubble wrap, I'm sorry I didn't take any pictures of it, I was too excited to bother.
So I'll quickly run through everything she sent me:

  1. Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette (HELLO BLOGGER FAVORITE!) 
  2. Wet n Wild Silent Treatment Trio (There's a Satin Taupe lookalike in there that I need to try!)
  3. Wet n Wild Mellow Wine Blush 
  4. Milani Baked Matte Blush in Bella Rosa (I've been stalking websites for this - aahh thank you!)
  5. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Mini in Memorable 
  6. Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mini Mascara
  7. Maybelline Vivid Lipsticks in Shocking Coral and Wild Rose (SO EXCITED!!)
  8. L.A Girl Glazed Lip Paints in a Pin Up and Blushing. (Blushing is the
  9. Milani Lip Intense Liquid Colour in Pink Rave
  10. Wet n Wild Lipsticks in Don't Blink Pink, Cherry Bomb and Mauve Outta Here (cutest names ever? Yep!)
  11. Jordana Easy Liner for Lips in Sedona Red and Rock N' Rose.
Seriously though, this is beyond amazing and I cannot wait to start using these products! The Maybelline Vivids are just beyond gorgeous.
Thank you SO MUCH Aditi! This is a pretty epic haul! I really hope you enjoyed my package as much as I loved yours!