Friday, 6 March 2015

A Cheaper Alternative.

Luxury products are expensive... d'oh, it comes with the name. Just like Fashion and the Trickle Down Theory where the trend or product slowly makes its way down from High end to more affordable with a few modifications or just out and out dupes, the same thing seems to happen with Makeup. Now, I can't take credit for either one of these discoveries, but I can say that I have put them to the test. So here it is.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and L'oreal True Match
Now, we all now how much I love my Armani LSF, its foundation gold in my opinion! So, when I heard Amelia Liana mention in one of her videos that these two were similar, I was waiting to get my hands on it.
In terms of texture and coverage, these two are pretty similar.. actually, I'd venture that they are almost the same. Small difference being the True Match has a SPF of 17 which doesn't make it photograph as well as the Luminous Silk.
However, my big bugbear with True Match is the fact that no, it does not actually match me. W5 is a bit too light and pink on my skin, there is no W6, and W7 (the one I have) is a bit too dark, and a fair bit pinkish also. As a result I have to mix it in with one of my lighter foundations so it matches me.
The Armani LSF as I've mentioned several times before is the perfect match for me. And so wonderfully yellow.
The Armani still wins in my opinion, but the True Match is a pretty decent alternative, provided you actually do find your 'True Match'.
The Armani LSF costs INR 3600, while the L'oreal True Match costs INR 990, I believe?

Estee Lauder Stay on Shadow Paint in Chained and Max Factor Excess Shimmer Pot in Bronze
Once again, I love my EL Chained, so much I've sung its praises in many a post. Repeatedly. Over and over.. you get the picture. When I first heard via Lily Pebbles blog that these Max Factor Excess Shimmer Pots were a dupe for it, it went onto my wishlist almost immediately. After a few months of 'umming' and 'aahing' and wondering if I really needed another cream eyeshadow - another bronze I bit the bullet and bought it.
In terms of colour, Bronze is a lot darker and more shimmery than Chained. While Chained can be a 'my lids but better' kind of shade, Bronze can really make my eyes pop. They both have their uses, but I'm leaning towards Bronze in terms of colour, because its just that little bit more dramatic.
Texture wise, they're both pretty similar. I'd like to say that Bronze is more creamy, but thats probably because my Chained is more than a year old and a bit dry at the moment.
Longevity wise, I'd say they're around the same, Chained beating it marginally because of its lack of visible shimmer, it looks a little less of a mess after about 8 hours.
If I really had to choose between them, I'd choose Bronze, but I'm glad I have both.
Chained costs INR 1800, while Bronze costs INR 800 (GBP 7.99) (I don't think the Max Factor Excess Shimmer Pots have been released in India yet, have they? If they have, I maybe buying a few more, if they haven't... keep an eye out!)

Over and out.


  1. I have W5 in the True Match range and it's one of my year-round foundations. I like the coverage and the skin like finish, but I'm not so happy about how long it lasts on me. Okay, so I don't use primer, haha. I'm looking forward to trying out the new Maybelline Fit Me Matte range, and the L'Oreal matte foundation. But the dilemma is, do I want those, or the new Nars Luminous foundation? Ugh. I hate making decisions.

    I heard that the Max Factor shimmer pot is a great dupe for the Tom Ford cream eyeshadow. Bronze is supposed to be a dupe for Platinum, I think?

  2. Does W5 work for you? Because I think I should probably get it... and mix the two?

    And yes, I heard that also! I've only ever swatched the Tom Ford Cream Shadows, and now that I think about it, the texture is pretty similar :o

    1. Whoops, I just re-checked and I actually have W6 (Sun Beige), which is a great match for my skin.

    2. Also, I'm surprised at the pink tones, since mine is definitely yellow.

    3. Ugh, I wish they had W6 here! :/ I had a feeling it would work for me, but since you don't get it.. :(

  3. Great♥

  4. I bought N7, which turn horribly ashy on me. Searched down and about for W6, but no luck yet, otherwise its a pretty good foundation!