Friday, 4 July 2014

Makeup Swap with Aditi of BGMM!

So Aditi is someone I know through my blog and hers. What began as just comments, eventually turned into conversations. Over the last few months, I think our shared love for makeup has made us very good friends - you need someone you can talk products with all the time, y'know?
Incase you haven't read her blog - head over there as soon as you read this! I love her sense of humour and the general wit that runs through her blog.
Since she lives in the US, and I live here - I think we both focused on getting eachother things we won't otherwise have access too. You can tell she knows me by the matte formulas and the bright colours, heh.

Now, you can see she has been MORE than generous with what she has got me.. I mean look at it -  I needed to take two pictures for you to see everything!  Everything was sweetly wrapped in wrapping paper in bubble wrap, I'm sorry I didn't take any pictures of it, I was too excited to bother.
So I'll quickly run through everything she sent me:

  1. Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette (HELLO BLOGGER FAVORITE!) 
  2. Wet n Wild Silent Treatment Trio (There's a Satin Taupe lookalike in there that I need to try!)
  3. Wet n Wild Mellow Wine Blush 
  4. Milani Baked Matte Blush in Bella Rosa (I've been stalking websites for this - aahh thank you!)
  5. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Mini in Memorable 
  6. Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mini Mascara
  7. Maybelline Vivid Lipsticks in Shocking Coral and Wild Rose (SO EXCITED!!)
  8. L.A Girl Glazed Lip Paints in a Pin Up and Blushing. (Blushing is the
  9. Milani Lip Intense Liquid Colour in Pink Rave
  10. Wet n Wild Lipsticks in Don't Blink Pink, Cherry Bomb and Mauve Outta Here (cutest names ever? Yep!)
  11. Jordana Easy Liner for Lips in Sedona Red and Rock N' Rose.
Seriously though, this is beyond amazing and I cannot wait to start using these products! The Maybelline Vivids are just beyond gorgeous.
Thank you SO MUCH Aditi! This is a pretty epic haul! I really hope you enjoyed my package as much as I loved yours! 


  1. Wooo! So glad you liked everything! As far as the lip paints are concerned, I think the red one is called "Pin Up" and the plum brown is "Blushing" :D

    1. Noted and changed! I loved everything! So excited still! :D

  2. Wow!!thats a great haul...

    1. It is! I couldn't believe the number of things she packed into that box!