Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Dry Skin Saviors.

So as I type this, keep in mind that I have had a few glasses of wine... SO, Stuff that's keeping my going through colder weather (its 10/15 degrees here)

Soap and Glory Hand Food
I never understood the need for handcream until I came here and my skin started peeling (I kid you not) but now I do. So, first of... This hand cream seriously smells amazing. When I use it I feel the need to keep sniffing my hands - which let me be honest here, looks creepy as hell, but I can't help it! Not only does it smell good, it really helps my hands which are super dry and crinkly look almost human (I said almost!).
Its really moisturizing, but at the same time it isn't greasy and for the price (INR 500) I'd buy it repeatedly!

The Body Shop Body Sorbet in Strawberry
I got this back home before I left... because I wanted something light (in weight) but still heavy duty, contradictory I know, but that's me for you... And this suits that brief. When you put it on, its almost like an airy moussey cream that feels like heaven, smells fantastic and still manages to keep those dry parts completely soft and moisturized. Infact, the first time I used it, my flatmate commented on how good it smelled and bought one for herself in Mango (which doesn't smell as strong though, keep in mind).
So, if you're looking for divine moisture that smells like dessert, and has the most unique texture you'd ever try out.. you need this. I mean it. No, really.. go.. go now and try it out!

What are your dry skin favorites?


  1. Favorite hand cream: Etude House Missing You Hand Cream. I have the one that comes in a panda tub - it's SO ADORABLE, smells good, is moisturizing and doesn't leave my hands sticky!

    I also like TBS body butters. I have one in passionfruit and olive. They're on the heavier side, yes, but they really work!

    1. Agreed! I'm probably going to have to get a few of those soon. I feel like a prune -_-