Friday, 18 July 2014

Favorite MAC Eyeshadows

Hello there, welcome to the newly redone Colliding Interests, what do you think? I'm still working out a lot of the quirks, but it should be fully sorted out really soon!
So if it isn't already evident from my blog in general, I really do love my eyeshadows. I've said it several times before that MAC as a brand introduced me to makeup, particularly eyeshadows. I can safely say I've owned a fair share of shadows from them, but these would the five I would repurchase without a second thought till the end of time.. yep. Its serious business.

This is the newest addition to my favorite MAC Eyeshadows, and you just can't go wrong with it. I posted about it here. But for the sake of this post, let me repeat myself - MAC describes it as a gold-plum with bronze pearl in a Velvet finish. It comes across more pinky plum with a golden sheen on me which is perfect. It goes everything... its my 'I woke up like dis' eyeshadow.

Described as a gold brown with a gold-bronze shimmer and a Frost finish. This has got to be all time favorite go-to eyeshadow, I love it so much this is my second pan of this stuff - yep, its just that good! It makes a brilliant lid colour - that sultry bronze goddess kinda' lid, but it also makes an excellent outer half - depth inducing colour. Basically, its frekkin' perfect.

Though MAC claims its a peachy-brown with shimmer in a Velvet finish, you see no shimmer on the lid. I've said it before and I will say it again, it is the best colour to blend out pretty much any lid colour - blue? Works. Green? Works. Bronzes? Works. Anything? It works. Its a great staple that everyone needs to own.

Amber Lights
Amber lights is an orangey gold colour with a bit of bronze sheen and a Frost finish. The MAC website describes it as a "peachy brown with shimmer" same as texture, which confused me a bit. But we'll just ignore that.
Its the kind of eyeshadow that instantly brightens any look and makes your eyes scream 'look at me'. I love using this with a bit of teal eyeliner, it just makes your eyes stand out like no other.
I'm not the biggest fan of sheeny shadows, but this one makes me want to try foiled shadows - because thats exactly how it looks!

So, I left the best for last... the gold everybody needs to own. Described as antique warm gold in a Veluxe Pearl finish. Its a beautiful sheeny eyeshadow that makes a brilliant inner corner highlight.. Tan skin, this shadow, some mascara and BAM you're sorted.

As you can see, my love affair with MAC continues.. What are your favorites?


  1. Love the new layout! Near the comments section, there's an extra 'F' for some reason (between 'X comments' and 'Post a Comment'). Not sure if it's missing something.

    I have zero MAC eyeshadows, hahaha. I guess my list would be (if I ever got around to it) Woodwinked, Amber Lights, Soft Brown, and either Expensive Pink or Satin Taupe. I'm pretty sure I have dupes, though - I should, given the amount of neutral shadows I have :P

    1. I don't see it! Why don't I see it? :o

      You may have tons, but still, SOME of these are totally worth the hype. :D Come on, you know you want 'em :P

  2. Woodwinked is gorgeous! i love shroom for highlight as well, its amazing! next I want embark..heard so much about it :)

    1. Embark is pretty nice as a colour, but the texture of embark is a bit dry for my liking..

  3. oh by the way love the new layout! :)