Friday, 19 September 2014

The Tool You Don't Need, But Need.

Yep, I had to talk about the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge that I got a few weeks ago (my first day here!)
Lets start with all the hype that surrounds these sponges... the original Beauty Blender made a wave in the Makeup world and is still a favorite among Youtubers all over the world. Though I was tempted, the cost made sure I would never give into said temptation. However, with Real Techniques came out with their own brushes, at a remarkable decent price, my curiosity soared again.. but I didn't have access to it... until recently.
I have to admit its a strange little tool which practically becomes twice its original size when its run under water... but I think I like it.
Now, nothing will beat my Buffing Brushes (Real Techniques, and more recently Zoeva) but this little orange blob does have its uses.
You see, once you've buffed that foundation into your face, followed by concealer and whatever else you'd like to add .. and things are starting to look a bit heavy, the same orange blob can save you from becoming cake face.
I use it just after foundation to smooth things over with the flat side and pat in twice the amount of concealer (I have very dark circles)  with the pointed edge. It manages to keep my skin more hydrated (possibly the water) while keeping it look so natural and skinlike (see picture above as reference).

So, this is my verdict.. I love it.. for days I have time for this extra step, otherwise, I can manage without it - but I would prefer to have it.

What about you? And what are your plans for the weekend?


  1. I love this little thing, but it is a pain to clean and off course dry. The next day I have this feeling that the sponge is still wet!!

    1. Have you tried putting it in the washing machine in a bag? It really works!