Friday, 25 July 2014

Things I want to tell my Teenage Self

This is a very different style of post for me. Its much more personal and a little rant and ramble driven.
Though I'm the last person to dwell on the past, like every other human being, I sometimes wish I could go back and change certain things.

  1. Take care of your skin. This is something I wish I did, y'know, not just washing my face, but maybe a bit of toner of moisturizer would have helped keep my skin decent. The second part of this would be - don't take anything for granted - this should be a life motto, but in particular with my skin, I just took things for granted, and now I'm paying for it.
  2. Always wear SPF - As much as you love being tan and prove a point to the fair and lovely obsessed - don't damage your skin while doing this.
    This is embarrassingly true. I've always maintained that dusky/dark/tan whatever you want to call it is as beautiful and lovely as fairer complexions, but when I was younger, I was all about going out in the sun and getting as tanned as possible, without sunscreen. Ugh, I still believe in the cause wholeheartedly, I just wish I wore sunscreen. 
  3. Do NOT Thread Your Eyebrows. This one is a bit of a controversial one I know, especially when threading is all the rage now in the beauty world. But the people who used to thread my eyebrows made it thinner and thinner everytime I went to them. You can see the evidence staring you in the face - practically no eyebrows. Pluck child, don't thread.  
  4. Keep 'em bangs long - Bangs are still around, but its different now that it was then. Everyone had these short bangs swept to one side that just didn't work for my face shape. It only made my face look wider - so please. NO. 
  5. Take it easy on the kajal. Seriously. Can you SEE THAT? Panda eyes alert - except only at the bottom. Not pretty.
There are honestly a lot more things I would like to tell my teenage self, like the benefits of concealer, and a bit of lipstick or tinted lip balm, but they just don't seem as important. 
What beauty mistakes would you tell your teenage self to avoid? 


  1. Applying sunscreen: I used to make fun of girls who used to carry umbrella, even to a point that I called some of those girls beauty obsessed. Today, my skin is paying the prize for my foolishness. I have serious unevenness on my face

    1. I used to do the same thing! And same! -_-

  2. You look quite different in your 2008 pics

    1. ahha yess. 16 year old me was verrrry different.

  3. you look so adorable in 2008 pics!! <3