Monday, 22 September 2014

Precise Powdering

Before you say it, I know I know.. I look absolutely hilarious with those lines on my face.. but hear me out, it will all make sense in a moment.
You guys know I love me some glow and the only area I usually powder is under my eye... however, since moving here, I've noticed a fair few changes in my skin. For one.. its much colder and hence my skin is drier in general, which contradicts the title of the post, I know, but patience, grasshopper.
But the difference here is.. despite the cold, I'm still walking a fair bit. And it does make me produce more oil than I did back home travelling from one air conditioned place to another without any real movement.
Hence, precision powdering has been my savior.
As you can see in the second picture.. those are the areas I get a bit shiney around mid day. Mostly around my cheeks and chin, but I add a bit around the nose and forehead as well.. so I just remember to dust a small amount of loose powder like my Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre in 40 Dore around those areas in the morning, and I'm good to go through the day.. also, my makeup so much longer when I do this.

So I ask myself.. why didn't I powder more before this? Strange, innit?

Do you like precision powdering? What are your thoughts?


  1. I'm so torn between this powder, the Nars loose powder and the Laura Mercier loose powder! I do like that this one has a bit of a tint to it, though!