Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Ruby Woo.

I love red lips. I've always loved red lips. I think there's something so effortlessly classy about red lips. Okay, moving on. 
My mom and I share the same passion/obsession for Make up, and MAC in particular. So between the two of us, we have a fair amount of products. In my case, I own a ton of gel liners and paint pots, and my mom owns half their lipsticks, powders etc. We also tend to finish these rather fast. (Especially since I use their gel liner every single day). ANYWAY. We had enough stuff to Back to MAC again (Second time, first time around, I got this pinkish lipstick which she stole), since I chose last time, she said it was her turn.
We initially went to get Brick O La, but ofcourse, as fate had it, it was out of stock, which meant, it was all mine. I either wanted Russian Red or Ruby Woo. Russian red seemed to pink toned to me, so as the title suggests, I got Ruby Woo.

Oh boy, best. decision. ever.

Now, MAC describes it as a Very Matte Vivid Blue Red. Its called a retro matte.
I think this is one of those colours that will suit you no matter what your skin tone is. 
I personally, LOVE that its a matte. There's nothing I hate more than shimmery lips - on me. So satins and mattes are my favorite finishes. 
Since I have dry lips, I most definitely need to wear lip balm under it.
Oh, and it lasted a good 5 - 6 hours on me, without eating, ofcourse. 

I love love LOVE this shade, do you?


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