Sunday, 2 June 2013

Lady At Play

So recently, MAC came out with their new Mineralize Rich Range of lipsticks, which I believe is now a part of their permanent range of lipsticks.
When I went into the store and realized that these lipsticks were out, I went straight to Style Surge, because I'm obsessed with Temptalia's blog, and I saw it there.
But then my eyes fell on Lady at Play, now, this was one hell of a bright, for me, someone a) barely wears lip products, and b) usually sticks to the plums and the browns.
MAC describes this colour as a "Mid-tonal cool tangerine". It seems to pink undertones, in my opinion which I usually shy away from, but this. This colour is worth it. 

The texture is creamy and moisturizing, but it does tend to flake a little on me, but then, I have very dry lips (which is odd, considering my oily skin), so I need to wear lip balm underneath this, to avoid said flaking, and lasts a good 3 - 4 hours.
It dries to an almost matte like satin finish, which looks lovely and goes opaque with just one coat. Tick, tick and tick.

I wore it for my fashion show, and it made a statement alright!
I'm so glad I got this, I highly doubt I can live without this lipstick now.

The onlllyyy downside for me is the price. INR 1650 is ridonculous!
But I suppose its worth it. But only in this case.

Have you tried anything from this range? What do you think?


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