Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Wing.

Winged Liner. I've been wearing winged liner for a good four years now, which is the longest relationship I've had with.. well, anything. I don't think I've ever left my house without some variation of a wing, because without, as my friends would gladly confirm to you, I look sick-depressed-very-unlike myself. 
I guess I can say that over the years, this has made itself a permanent place in my "signature look"?

If there's one thing I feel I've perfected, its the winged liner, so today I'm sharing with you what I've learned from my daily attempts, success/failures.

  • Stick to gel eyeliner - the consistency works best, if you ask me... especially if you have oilmine lids. Gel liner is also easier to use and work with. I can't stand that cold-wet feeling of liquid liner, so I just shy away from it at all times. 
  • Gel eyeliner usually lasts even through an afternoon nap, in my case, but on days I KNOW I might just end up rubbing my eyes due to the fact that I'm stuck in lab for 14 hours (GC, I'm looking at you), I set it with a bit of black eyeshadow, just along the wing, to ensure it stays put. 
  • I always start with the angle I'm going for first. And do that on either side. This makes sure its even, and it gives me the liberty to decide HOW I want my liner.. thick from the tear duct.. thin from the centre of the eye.. you get the picture?
  • The Brush - in my opinion, you need a brush for good liner, and no, not talking about the applicator that comes with liquid liner. I know most stores like MAC try and sell you an angled liner brush like the MAC 266? Yeah. No. I prefer traditional brushes, like the (MAC) 210 or 211. They're easier to line the eyes with, and give you a really SHARP precise wing. 
Now, I'm not sure if this really helps anybody out? But this just my two cents on what works for me. 
Do you like your winged eyeliner? :)


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