Sunday, 1 September 2013

Start September with a Scramble.

Eggs, joyous eggs. The one thing I don't see living my life without (other than qoco). Versatile, soft, beautiful, delicious.. I could go on with the adjectives. 
Of the variety of egg-related-dishes you can make, the most easy is the scrambled egg, not to mention its fast and its tasty. 
(Although, its also so easy to screw up, undersalted (yuck), over cooked (ew) and rubber (*gags*) are just some examples of the crappy scrambled eggs I've tasted around the world [sounds fancy, don'it?])
It can be anywhere from rich and luxurious (Made with cream and butter) to healthy (made with milk and pepper). But if you want to up a notch and make it so scrumptious that you will thank the Good Lord for every bite you take.. read on. 

FYI. This is a "healthy recipe". Guilt Free and so so good for you, and your taste buds. 

The cast.
An egg (per person, or 2, or even 3, depends on how greedy you are)
1 small onion (chopped into the tiniest pieces your fingers will let you [onions, not fingers]
Half a capsicum (like the onion)
1 small tomato (be careful here, with all the red, keep those fingers close to you)
1/2 cup of grated broccoli (this is NOT an option. add it, you can thank me later)
1/2 a cube of Processed cheese (this is very optional)
1/2 a cup of milk. 

Start with a tea spoon of olive oil, saute your capsicum, onions and broccoli until golden (in that order, or else it will be ruined. I'm kidding. Not
Now that your veggies are golden and looking pretty - add in the tomatoes. Salt and Paprika (to taste). 
Just when the tomatoes start to cook add in the milk, and grate your cheese over it. Mix it all together and add your egg. Now, this is where you need to be really, really careful. Since we've added tomato and cheese, its going to slow down the scramble and make it too runny, so decrease the heat to low and keep stirring. 
When you think its ready (scrambled and a little runny, in my case) take it off the heat and place it over a piece or two of toasted whole grain bread (texture - check, crunch - check).
You could drizzle some ketchup and mustard over it, actually you should - need to.

So, try this out and you'll love it. 


  1. Mmmmm, eggs. I love omlettes, but my favorite is egg salad. Scrambled eggs are always and easy Sunday brunch option!

  2. I am pure veggie but I recently started eating eggs all thanks to my hubby :) would love to try this..sounds yumm! btw a silly question but when you added egg in the veggies did you first beat the egg separately lightly and then added?

    1. btw just wanted to let you know about this online store by Ryan..he is malaysian based but procure's US based items..I have bought quite a few times from him when i was in KL and never been disappointed..products are very much genuine :) he's got a kind of reputation in malaysia and been doing this since a long time..ok the reason I am letting you know is coz he stocks Nars blushes and bronzers :) not sure if he'll provide delivery to india but he does provide delivery to singapore/malaysia etc asian countries :)

    2. I never beat the egg before putting it in, it scrambles a bit better when it goes in directly, I feel.

      ..I'll look out for it, if not anything I can get it shipped to my friends place in S'pore.
      Thanks so much for that :)

    3. ok i'll try your way soon :) i'll probably skip egg yolk and only go for egg white..trying to reduce fats :D
      I remember you mentioning having sister in s'pore thats why the prices are quite less as compared to the singapore ones you told me :)