Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Lasting Power

So today, I thought we could talk lasting power. Make up that lasts all day long. 
When I know I have a really long day ahead of me I like to keep things simple. 

Especially on days when I know I'm going to be sweaty, and hot.. I stick to the bare minimum. Concealer, and powder, for starters. Something along the lines of a powder foundation which gives you decent coverage is a definite win in my opinion.
Next, with the eyes, I usually just wear liner, but sometimes, just liner doesn't cut it. On days like that, I've discovered Estee Lauder's Stay on Paint in Chained really works. I don't need a primer under it, and it stays put, all day long. (The above picture was taken after a particularly gruesome 11 hour day, mostly spent sweating in the sun.. so excuse the very tired face).
Also, instead of filling my eyebrows, I run some mascara through them.. this tints them ever so slightly and helps them stay put all day.
I avoid cheek products if I know I'm going to sweat.. especially since the place I sweat most is around my cheeks. I also only use clear lip balm, 'cause it keeps them lips hydrated.

In other news, I just got myself a new camera.. the Canon EOS M. Its mostly for my work.. but you can now expect better pictures - quality wise.
Isn't she beautiful? Hopefully, in the next few months I will be acquiring a portrait lens :)

Sorry for the rambly/update kind of post. My mind is currently all over the place. 
Oh, if you're particularly bored, head over here, to view my online portfolio. Sure, MOST of my important project like my graduation project is still missing.. but you can still get a look at what I do? 

Haha, okay, I'm ending this now. 


  1. I'm still experimenting with primers to see if a miracle can be done about my oiliness, augh.

    Nice camera!

    1. I know right? I haven't even bothered buying one since my disaster with the Revlon one :(

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