Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A Little Correct and Conceal

Ah, Bobbi Brown. The company I have to thank for my two little concealer friends. Cute, aren't they? 
I first came across Bobbi Brown's Corrector and Concealer on youtube. The two together really seemed to work. So that year, when I went to Thailand on holiday, I ran to the Bobbi Brown counter to get matched. They matched me to Dark Bisque Corrector, and the concealer in Golden, even though I was pretty sure I was "Warm Honey". That was in 2011. For the record. DO NOT get colour matched on a holiday when you're tanned

Bobbi Brown Corrector in Dark Bisque
The corrector is supposed to correct the darkness under your eyes. Its creamy and slightly thick in consistency. I used to use my fingers with this because I read somewhere that the heat on your finger is supposed to loosed the product a bit, but hello? I have no body heat. (I get cold in Chennai, for reference). But I have found that the Real Techniques Expert Crease Brush is brilliant. It places just the right amount of product and blends it out like a dream. But I digress (whats new, really?)
I'm currently on my third corrector. I got my first one in Thailand, second in Singapore and third one more recently a week after Bobbi Brown opened in Delhi. I need it in my life. I do. 
It eliminates my under eye circles like no other I've tried. 
You're supposed to add the creamy concealer over this and set it, but I find it's too heavy and it creases. Just the corrector set with your normal face powder = win. 

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Honey
Though I was initially matched to Golden, I quickly realized it was too dark for me. (As soon as the holiday tan wore off) So it just sat at the back of my drawer, gathering dust. It didn't work for me over the corrector, but it worked really to hide blemishes. Recently, I've discovered I'm much lighter than I ever thought I was. Taking this break after college and not going out much has help me lose my tan that was accumulated during school, which continued on to college. Honestly, when I see my pictures now, compared to the ones before, there is a rather obvious difference. There is a point to all this, I promise you... My point being, after 2 years, I revisited my Creamy Concealer, and this time I got it in Honey. Honey is the perfect shade match to my face (which is lighter than my hand). It covers ANY blemish of mine and stays put all day long. Its a miracle really. 
And the best part about Honey? It works as a great under eye concealer on its own. 

Have you tried Bobbi Brown Concealers? 


  1. I too had got matched when i was in KL and they matched me to Dark Peach :) its on my wish list..will probably get it once i have made a dent on my current correctors and concealers :) how does dark bisque compare to nw range from mac?

    1. They look similar to me, but MAC concealers just don't do what they say they do! Atleast the ones I've tried :/

  2. I like their consistency but hate that with color changes in skin, a re-visit to the store becomes necessary.

    1. Yeah, it sucks, really. But I guess you have no other choice.