Thursday, 5 September 2013

Bronze for every Budget

Without hesitation I can say a good bronze cream eyeshadow is a definite must have for everyone. From a makeup noob to seasoned players. It can be worn on its own for a quick I've put in SO much effort - effortless look to a stay-put-all-day base under your eyeshadows. 
I currently own three, and as it happens they're from three strata of brands. Hence this post came into being.
Bad to the Bronze, Indianwood, Chained

Bad to the Bronze, Indianwood, Chained

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze
I don't need to introduce this product to anyone really, they're all over the blogosphere, and this shade in particular has been getting a lot of hype. I don't buy a product unless I've read atleast a zillion reviews.. which is why when I bought this I was nothing short of disappointed. For starters, the colour.. is not what I expected at all. Yes, I saw it and swatched it in the store but somehow it just doesn't work on my eyes. Or is it my skintone that brings out a more taupe-ashy almost silvery brown colour to this supposed bronze that just is not flattering. I've seen this on other people, and it looks completely different. Now my only issue with this isn't just the colour, I don't like the texture of this one in particular. I have other shades from the Colour Tattoo range which are fine, brilliant even. But this one drags on my eyelid, it applied uneven and patchy, and it also creases terribly (even with a primer underneath it and eyeshadow over the top to set it). I have tried every possible way to make this work for me, but sadly it doesn't.
This being said, its just me. It still looks beautiful on other skintones and other people. I've used it during photoshoots and it has photographed beautifully.
For the price, I would definitely say as a range, this is amazing. And the variety of colour is really applause worthy. (INR 350)

MAC Paintpot in Indianwood
Ah, Indianwood, I have nothing but fond memories associated with this. Its the perfect gold-bronze in my opinion, with an orange undertone that really brightens your face almost instantly.
This was my first ever venture into cream eyeshadow, and its probably my most used eye product till date (other than liner) If you layer this under MAC's Woodwinked or Amber Lights, you've got yourself a winner and I guarantee a few compliments in the least.
As far as texture goes, paintpots in general are a bit dry, which works perfectly for my oilmine lids. This lasts a reasonably long time (think 6 hours) before it fades ever so lightly. Mind you if worn on its own. If I wear it over a primer or under an eyeshadow I have no problem what so ever. (INR 1100 when I bought it, not sure if the price has increased now)
I've love this shade to bits and I never thought I would another shade that works better for me than this...

Estee Lauder Stay On Shadow Paint in Chained
...until I found this one. 
I often just skip luxury makeup brands, mostly because (a) the price and (b) the newer products aren't that easily available here (c) when you're new to makeup and you want to collect try so many different things, luxury brands just don't come to mind (atleast mine). But once you past that initial phase of pokemon -gotta catch 'em all- syndrome you start picking and choosing more carefully. 
If you would like a cream eyeshadow with a texture like no other, that is long wearing and so beautiful on the eyelids you never want to take it off - this one is for you.
Estee Lauder's Stay on Shadow Paints first caught my attention in the beginning of the year when the rave reviews hit every blog I read and Chained made it to my wishlist almost immediately. They've recently been launched in India (INR 1950) and I have to say they're worth every penny. 
I've used it on its own and it lasted 12 hours on me (oilmine lids, remember?) without fading or creasing. Worn over primer it will probably be longer. In terms of texture its like nothing I've used before. It almost like chocolate mouse (complete with bubbles et all) and applies like a dream using both fingers and a brush. You can really sheer it out or pack on the colour, as per your preference. 
..and the love affair with Estee Lauder begins.

If I had been asked my favorite bronze eyeshadow a month back - it would have been Indianwood, but now its without a doubt EL's Chained. 
Next on my wishlist? Chanels Illusion d'ombre in Ebouli and Benefits Bronze have more fun. Like I said.. pokemon syndrome.

What is your favorite cream eyeshadow formulation?
Let me know!


  1. I like Estee Lauder Stay On Shadow Paint as well :)
    I wanted to buy Maybelline Tattoo in Bronze too, but will now give it a miss! It's texture sounds similar to the Maybelline's Gold Color Tattoo.

    1. I cannot believe it did not crease. Estee Lauder really did good with this one.

      The gold too? Oh no.

  2. I am eyeing Chained and Cosmic both from EL...Indianwood again has been on my wishlist since forever but i have maybelline bold gold so thinking if i need this one though this shade is so much better than bold gold

    1. I loved Cosmic too! But the temptalia review had me a bit worried, so I didn't pick it up.
      Everyone needs Indianwood, really. :o

  3. Hmmm, your description of EL has me thinking... have you tried the L'oreal Infalliable eyeshadows? Granted they are pressed powder but they are amazing, and they have amazing colors, too!
    Also Drew Barrymore's makeup line (called Flower) has cream eyeshadows that look a LOT like EL's. Haven't tried it myself (on my wishlist though!) but it has good reviews in general.

    1. I've used my friends Infalliable shadow, and it doesn't seem alike at all, to me atleast.
      But with the Flower Make Up line, I keep seeing these amazing reviews on youtube, and I want to trrryy.

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