Monday, 31 March 2014

The Stay-All-Day/Night Setting Trio

Just as I was Scheduling this post - I realized tomorrow was April 1st. So Happy April Fools day to you all (in advance), try not to fall for any pranks. I usually never do, but you never know.
So, with that, I will let you enjoy the picture above.. toodles..

Longevity is something we all yearn for when it comes to makeup. Who doesn't want their facepaint to stay all day long? If you don't, and like the faded face look; well, good on you.
Now, I'm not talking Primers here. That is a whole new story - I'm talking that one/two/three extra steps over and above primer that makes your makeup last THAT much longer.

Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre in 40 Dore (Translucent 3)
Used and beloved by many a blogger and makeup artist this lovely addition to my face drawer makes me smile just when I look/smell it. Armed with the signature Chanel fragrance, this powder is something everyone's face needs. I got it initially to set my concealer just under my eyes - and that is all I generally use it for. It does work beautifully as a face powder as well. Its light - and lets your natural skin come through without making you look like you're wearing a mask - it also isn't very matte, which helps maintain the dimension in your face. Buttery soft and super simple to use, this powder is as luxurious to use as it looks and feels.
Something I think is worth mentioning is the price. This costs INR 2950 for 30 grams (before you gasp, hear me out) The MAC Loose Powder costs INR 1850 for 8 grams of Porduct (INR 7400 for 32 grams) and The Body Shop Mineral Loose Powder costs INR 1795 for 5 grams (INR 10770 for 30 grams). I did this little bit of research before I went ahead and bought the Chanel powder, so I just thought you ought to know this.

Kryolan Anti Shine Powder
I have been using this on clients and myself for a fair few months, and this thing does not disappoint - its the opposite of the above powder in terms of it being the opposite of luxurious, but that does not take away from this being a pretty darn good powder. I usually use this all over the face - dusting it very lightly all over the face but concentrating on the T Zone. I use a very fluffy brush with this so things don't get too matte. When you use this in a very light layer - it helps your actual skin come through once it settles in - leaving you looking very natural, but no oils will be through. Just for your information, this was around INR 1350 for 30 grams, if I'm not wrong.

NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray
The last step - once everything has settled into my skin I spray this all over to get the glow back in. Though I haven't used it enough to form an opinion as I've used it only once on its own and  I would say it does help longevity, but I have been using this in combination with the above two products and I must say, it is a welcome change as it brings back the dewy(ness) to my skin without ever letting it get oily.
It costs 8 USD (but I got it at 40% off during the same sale as the lip creams)

This may seem like a lot, especially after using a Primer - but this combination of products are usually reserved for particularly long days or nights. They work just as well on their own  for a day to day basis, but if I ever find myself looking at a particularly long day (think 12 or more hours), these are my go-to. What are yours? 


  1. As I have dry skin, I dont face much issue with longevity of foundation. For the concealer, I moisturise my under eye, apply studio fix cream concealer and set it with studio fix powder. Surprisingly studio fix doesn't look cakey when layered over the concealer. The concealer lasts atleast 10 hours on me without creasing. Great tip by the way.

    1. oddly enough, despite having dry skin myself, I find my foundation fading through the day :/ Its very odd. But this seems to work. I love the studio fix powder! Such great coverage! :)

  2. i know this may sound weird but i hardly ever use foundation!! even for special occasions i stick to my maybelline bb cream / lakme cc cream :) even then, i'm going to keep these ideas in mind :D bookmarked :)

    1. I was like that too, but then I discovered the sheerer coverage foundations - and then I realized how amazing they were - I'm pretty sure foundation/primers are my favorite makeup products now.
      But heh, glad I could help :P

  3. I'm not a foundation person - that being said I'm fairly sure it's because I haven't found the right one yet. I have the same issues as you - can never seem to keep it on my face (thanks, excessively oil producing skin). I'm still trying to find the magic combo of primer and foundation... silicone primers don't mesh well with my skin, unfortunately.

    1. A primer + foundation combo is amazing. I always end up using illuminating or glow inducing primers. Helps with the mad dry skin. Try chanel's vita lumier aqua? or MUFE Hd? :)