Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Capsule Makeup Bag

Since everyone is always about the "capsule" everything, I thought I'd give you my version. I first came across this concept in this video, followed by this one. And the idea intrigued me. So, here you have it!

The Face
I've confessed my love for Chanel's Vitalumier Aqua faaar too many times, but here you go, another mention. It has the most perfect coverage, where it hides all my acne scarring but leaves my skin looking all glowey and natural. Next up is the Bobbi Brown Corrector in Dark Peach, which does an even better job at hiding my undereye darkness than its Bisque counterpart. Safe to say - I should start matching myself to foundations and concealers. I have never once had a successful match - sigh, but more on that later.
Just to set the concealer under my eyes, I need powder, and the Bourjois Healthy Balance is the perfect candidate for this - never cakes and looks pretty darn natural. Lets not forgot Bronzer, which is the one thing I cannot leave home without; lo and behold it isn't my trusty Casino Bronzer, instead its the Bobbi Brown Bronzer in Dark, which works brilliantly to contour as well.

The Eyes/Brows
I haven't picked any eyeshadow (I know, shock, gasp, horror) but that is mostly due to my current love for grungy eyes - so the Bobbi Brown Bronzer in Dark makes a reappearance as my eyeshadow/socket option.
The Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade in Ebony has been my go-to for brows ever since I got it, but the best part about it is that is also doubles up as an eyeliner - win. And the Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara finishes off the eyes.

The Lips
Now, we all know I'm not the biggest lipstick person. So the best option for me is the Maybelline Baby Lips - the tinted formula. Keeping my lips moisturized while adding a bit of colour? Hello, thats my dream lip product right there.

So, tell me, what's in your Capsule Makeup Bag?


  1. Oh man. I'm into bronzers at the moment and have been trying to find on - might just give both the BB and the Nars a try (unless you have a preference?)

    Also the Chanel foundation - good for oily skins or no?

    1. Ahh, I'm so conflicted - I've loved Nars for years now.. and I haven't used the Bobbi Brown one long enough, so as of now, I'd say I prefer the Nars :) But Nars has slight shimmer and BB is matte, so take your pick, or not *wink*

      Its supposed to be great for all skin types - a lot of youtube peeps I follow use this and love it, despite their oily skin?

  2. Nice collection of essentials there!