Monday, 17 March 2014

Review - Makeup Forever HD Primer

Before I start, let me just say that I took a before and after picture on a day when I was having particularly bad skin so you can see what it does/does not do.

Alright so, I've been using this on and off since I got in November, and I think I've finally tested it out in every way possible.

My experience with MUFE in Hong Kong was pretty much a bust, if I think about it. I wanted a colour correcting primer, and ended up getting this one, because the MUA said it would better suit me. I also got the Full Cover concealer, which does actually cover everything (I tried it on my tattoos, it covers it all up) but I got matched to the wrong shade. Sigh. This is what I get for now doing my research and just trusting the instore MUA. Never again.

Anyway, the MUFE HD Primer has 7 different colours, all of them do different things. I got no 6 which supposedly "lightens dark complexions". Now, that statement alone was enough to seriously put me off. I hate anything that is supposed to be "lightening" or make you "fairer". If there was one beauty related thing I could change about this country, it would be our obsession with fairness. I don't want my skin to be lighter. I'm tan/dark, and I love being this way. But for the sake of this review - this does not lighten my skin in any way. So, if you want something to "lighten" your skin, this is NOT it.
Longetivity - it doesn't do the best job in keeping my makeup on that much longer than normal. I would say it extends its life for about another hour or so. It also seems to work better with water based foundations like Chanel's Vita Lumier Aqua and MAC's Face and Body. So in the longevity aspect, I'd say.. not worth it.

However, hear me out, the one thing it does so decently is hide my dark spots to a certain degree - you may be able to see that from the picture above. It also evens out my skin a bit and leaves behind a beautiful luminosity.

So, ultimately, would I buy this again? As a primer - no. For "lightening" my skin - no. For adding a bit of glow while diminishing my dark spots - maybe, but there are other cheaper/better products in the market aimed for those purposes.
The Verdict - Do I need this in my life? No, but I will use it till I finish it.

I hope this was useful :)


  1. Sounds like a product I'll skip. And lightening primer just sounds lame to me!

    1. Exactly! I can't imagine why a company like Makeup Forever would describe it like that. Ridiculous.

  2. I noticed the same does hide dark spots pretty well but i dont think i wud purchase this for that purpose!

    1. Especially for the price. Just not worth it.