Monday, 10 March 2014

Lets Grunge it Up!

I used to love Grunge Music in my teens, Grunge - Metal, the whole shebang. Now, many years later, the music may not appeal to me, but grungy clothing and makeup still does.

Products Used
MAC Strobe Cream
MAC Face and Body Foundation in C5
Bobbi Brown Corrector in Dark Peach
Chanel Loose Powder (to set the under concealer)
Kryolan Camouflage Creme in D14 (eyebase)
Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear (lid) Creme Brule (transition) and Corrupt (lashline)
Rimmel Scandaleyes Khol Kajal in Nude
MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick blotted out

This is sort off my go-to makeup at the moment, what do you think about it?
Also! I'm thinking about re-building my MAC 15 pan palette - suggestions?


  1. I now think I have to pick up some MUG shadows! They look fabulous! How do you think they compare to MAC shadows?

    1. See, I love MAC shadows - but they can be very hit and miss.
      For me, with the colours I chose - there was no miss. Insane pigmentation, amazing quality and more importantly, waaaay more affordable!

    2. Well, you've convinced me I need MUG shadows now. Hnngh.

    3. YESSSS. I love enabling!

  2. Hey, I stumbled upon your blog and I really enjoyed reading your posts!:D Very entertaining to say the least ;).. I plan on buying my first foundation( gasp!) and having acne prone combination skin makes me really nervous! Any recommendations would be much appreciated! Thanks from a fellow nift alum :D

    1. Hah, thank you@ :D
      Okay, so, Clinique has this new foundation called "Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup" which is supposed to be really really good for oily-acne prone skin, like the name suggests.
      They have an extensive shade range, and despite being slightly on the pricey side they're the one company that you can trust when you have sensitive skin :)
      Hope this helps :)

    2. Thanks a ton! I have some hyperpigmentation and a few scars to deal with! I am going to get color matched at a clinique counter and give this foundation a whirl :) And did you have any trouble with MAC foundations at all - clogged pores, breakouts and the like? The mac face and body foundation you love so much makes me want to try it! and Thank you again! :D

    3. And also it would be really cool if you could do a post recommending top 10 products a to-be-bride should own to be able to look presentable in the absence of a stand by make up artist !;) Asking for a friend :P

    4. Ahh, the post is in the works! I've been meaning to do it for sometime! So it shall be done. :D

    5. Also, I did have a few problems with MAC's Studio Fix Fluid - just wasn't my thing. I have lots of scarring, but I hate the idea of a full coverage foundation. So I really really prefer Face and Body and a good heavy duty concealer just to spot conceal like the MAC Prolongwear or MUFE Full cover. :)