Thursday, 11 July 2013

TBT - Green Hair

As far as I'm aware, the "ThrowBackThursday" is purely an instagram thing, incase I'm wrong, please let me know.
I always enjoy looking at TBT posts, but somehow I never seem to remember "AH, its Thursday let me post an old picture", heck, off late I can't differentiate between Tuesday and Sunday.

But oddly enough, I remembered today. So hey! TBT coming your way!

When I used to have green hair. I bleached parts of my hair in August last year, and after a couple of months, I got bored, so I decided to throw some colour into it.
Purple seemed everywhere, so was red and dark blue, and ofcourse pink.
I was contemplating getting turquoise or green, and in the end went with green.
My friend got me the dye as a gift from Singapore. Its the La Riche Directions Hair Colour in Apple Green. 

I parted the bleached areas separately, shoved a whole bunch of colour on it, wrapped it up in foil, put my hair in a shower cap and slept through the night - the colour was on for about 14 hours. And Voila!  Gorgeous almost emerald green looking hair which beautifully faded out into a leafy light green. I did this twice, so I had these random strands of green for about 3 months. It fades pretty quickly, but I loved the colors it went through before I dyed it for the second time.
I know I know, the damage this does to your hair, blah blah blah, but on the bright side, my hair has grown so much that most of the bleached strands have been cut off anyway. HAH.

Also, I thought I should mention I used LUSH's R&B Hair Cream/Leave in conditioner thing on just the dyed bits, it kept my hair super smooth and it never for a second looked like it had been bleached.
I higgghhlly recommend using this if you plan on coloring your hair.
I still use it on my hair, because its basically meant for curly hair, and it sort of helps my wavy - curly hair find a good balance between bloody mess and crazy curls. (see picture above for messy curls)

I think I might dye my ends lavender next.
What do you think?


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