Friday, 20 June 2014

That Budget Highlighter

Nope, not the shimmery kind. The ever popular Kim K kind.
So, ever since the Touche Eclat came out (okay, its a highlighter people, NOT a concealer, no matter how misinformed SA's can be, this post confirms that.) everyone has suddenly discovered the use of these highlighting pens. Recently, the MAC Prep+Prime ones have been in the spotlight. Along with those, several budget options like the L'oreal one and the Maybelline one have also popped up. I may be late to the bandwagon, but oh hell, I love it now!
When I was browsing Slassy, I saw the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer and on a whim, I picked up the shade Honey. Honestly speaking, I wasn't expecting wonders, I was expecting ashiness.
But I was pleasantly surprised. So, this is by NO means a concealer. In fact, if I put it directly over my skin, it does turn a bit ashy on me. However, over a corrector like the Bobbi Brown one and it actually works.
Typically, I use it over foundation and corrector.. and I don't set it with powder. See, it does reflect light in a nice way, but dries down almost matte (as you can see), so powdering only makes it look cakey.
The trick with this is over corrector (if you need it, I DO) and devoid of powder.
Its easy as hell to blend into my skin and provides the most subtle yet noticeable highlight - y'know?
Priced at INR 525, I think this is a frekkin' steal.
And before you ask, yes I have used the YSL Touche Eclat (mother owns, I steal err- borrow), and guess what? I prefer this.

What are your thoughts?


  1. I have been meaning to give this a try! seems a good budget option for mac prep n prime and highly raved ysl eclat!

    1. I haven't tried the MAC Prep and Prime, but I like this waaay more than the touche eclat!

  2. I have always wondered how the YouTube gurus even possibly think of wearing a lighter coloured concealer underneath the eye to make it more bright. I need an orange toned heavy duty concealer to hide my panda eyes. Now I now how to not look like an ashy ghost, thanks to your post. Don't you think a highlighter underneath the eyes, over the concealer makes the makeup around the eyes a lot heavier?

    1. Some of the YT guru's don't have pigmentation as bad as we do, I feel. But if you want an Indian "guru" type person try Anchal, she highlights a lot too, but she does it after correcting..

      And not really, because I don't use much foundation under my eye area normally- its more like I buff whatever I choose to use around the face and whatevers left on the brush goes under the eyes - mostly because the corrector is quite thick, and something liquid underneath like (Face and Body for example) really helps it move well, so I use my corrector and a very very thin layer of this (which isn't very hard as its a pretty sheer consistency on its own).. :)

  3. If I had a Sephora gift card for every time I've seen someone overdo the whole contour/highlight thing... I'd own at least one Sephora! I really wish people would understand that you can't just highlight if you have pigmentation, you need corrector too :/

    I so need to try this! Looks wonderful on you, so natural :D

    1. Oh god yes! I can't deal with this madness that is heavy contouring and highlighting.. I like when things look natural, and like skin.
      Its alright for a photoshoot, but for everyday people, nuh uh.