Monday, 23 June 2014

Products Worth the Splurge!

High End Products can be daunting mostly because of how expensive they are. But over time, after reading tons of reviews and trying them out, you may give in and buy a few things... or buy it on a whim and all in love. Either way. Lots of money is spent.
Caution: All the products are well loved, and I'm sure I will be repurchasing them when they finish/expire... they may tempt you, and I would like to be held fully accountable for it.

Giorgio Armani Si EDP
The whim I was talking about earlier? This was it. You see I hardly ever feature perfumes on this blog, despite being perfume obsessed. But here's the thing, so far I've only found one perfume I cannot live without, and that is Miss Dior.
When I was in Hong Kong, Giorgio Armani Si had just come out... and the posters were everywhere. I happened to be talking to a particularly helpful SA at the Duty Free when I was looking at the Marc Jacobs Daisy/Honey etc.. when I confessed my love for Miss Dior and how long it lasts on me, she pointed at this and said I needed it.
To put it very simply, it was love at first whiff. You can look up the notes etc here. But let me tell you, its amazing. Everyone who has smelt it on me till date has inquired about it (be it male or female) and it lasts atleast 12 hours. If I wear it the night before, I can still smell it the next morning. Its sweet, but not overly so.. its a little spicey, and oh so intoxicating. One whiff, and you'd probably agree with me.

Chanel Vita Lumier Aqua 
I've talked about this so many times I might as well give it its own post soon. But you know the drill, lightweight, excellent coverage, can be built up, glowly as hell and stays put for hours. It smells like a dream.. ugh, I cannot get over this. If you love base products, I'd say you have to try this one!

Estee Lauder Stay On Shadow Paint in Chained
Once again, this isn't new to the pages of Colliding Interests, but I can't NOT mention this... its the perfect cream eyeshadow in my opinion. It stays put for hours, looks beautiful, blends like a dream and the texture is so much fun to work with.
I had to hunt high and low to get these, and despite a few other colours in the range not being upto the mark, Chained most certainly is.

Guerlain Meteorites 
I have a full review of this here. But it doesn't hurt to repeat myself, does it?
If you don't mind a bit of shimmer, its perfect for setting, it blurs, hides blemishes and gives you that airbrushed look, only in person. If you can't stand that much shimmer all over your face, it works beautifully as a highlighter.
Everything about this bleeds luxury and is by far the definition of a splurge for me, but the smell, the container, the product.. definitely worth it if you're having a princess moment.

NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Cordura
Another product that needs to have its own post.. when my friend was coming back from Singapore, I asked her to get me a duo. Unsure between Cordura, Surabaya and Kalahari, I chose Cordura because it looked perfect for a complete eye look. It has a golden colour and darker colour which is what Nars seems to call Cordura. The gold/bronze colour is gorgeous.. it makes a very subtle lid colour, being slightly darker than my skintone. But the real star of this duo is the darker shade. Its almost a grey-black with golden shimmer. It is the most beautiful colour to smoke out any eye look. I've looked at various brands trying to find something similar, that does the same, but nothing compares.
As far as formulas go, the shadows are buttery and smooth with excellent colour pay off. They don't have any fallout (UD I'm looking at you), and stay on pretty long even without a primer.
If you have access to NARS (unlike me) I'd say BUY THE DUOS!

What are your splurge-worthy products?


  1. Chained cream shadow has been on my wishlist since you mentioned it long long time back..unfortunately here in Pune we don't get any high level brands which is a huge bummer! definitely checking out the perfume next time..i am looking for a new one :)

    1. Ugh, thats a bummer! The stock here isn't great either.. they've been "awaiting stock" for over 5 weeks now!
      Oo! Try it try ittt! Its the besttttttt. :D

  2. I for sure am gonna invest in Chanel vita lumiere aqua....I'm in a base phase now and the more the merrier :)}

    1. Please doo! You will not regret it!
      The base phase is always the best. I think bases are my favorite.

  3. I'm torn between the Chanel Vita Lumiere Aqua and the Perfection Velvet Lumiere! I really like the sound of Nars Corduroy, but then again I have so many shadows already....

    1. Haha, from what I've gathered, Perfection Lumiere Velvet is more for oily skins? And it has an almost matte-velvet finish. Whereas Vita Lumiere Aqua is full on glowy and amazeballs. one extra won't make a difference, would it?

    2. Yeah, that's what makes it so tempting. In any case, I have to finish what I already have before I even think about getting another one :/

    3. Take it from someone who tried that and failed.. miserably. DON'T DO IT!