Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Pretty in Pink?

Pink in lipsticks is something I am bit scared of. The sheer range of shades and hues with various undertones are enough to scare even the artistically inclined. But once you find that perfect pink, everything just falls into place. SO much so, that you start realizing you can never have too many pinks.. see picture above for pictorial evidence of this very thought.
These are basic ideas I follow when wearing pink - maybe it could help my fellow pink wearing noobs.

Start slow...
What really got me interested in the entire colour range was the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo - a duty rose with a bit of brown it. Its something that looks like a natural pink, only amped up a wee bit.
Wearing this got me thinking, pink is the natural colour of our lips, so this should work, non? And it does! Once I got past my initial discomfort in knowing I was wearing pink.. I went a bit pink mad. Houston, we have a problem.

When wearing a bright pink...
Now, the stylist in me begs you, please don't match your top and your lipstick? I will grovel at your feet if I must, but please. When people match the most prominent colour in their outfit to the makeup, I feel an intense depression coming on..
Instead, if you subscribe to the "matching" way of life, match to an accent, maybe bright pink polka dots, or flowers - whatever. All I'm saying is, don't overdo it. You'll end up looking like ice cream.
Instead, let your lips(tick) do the talking. <--- See that I did there?

Keep it simple, stupid...
This is more of a general bright lip thing than just pink, but still. Keep the rest of the face simple. Smokey eyes and bright lips may work on photoshoots and for special occasions, but for the everyday, choose the feature you want to emphasize and stick with it.
I usually wear a bit of smudgey liner, a neutral eyeshadow like MAC Sable or Estee Lauder Chained with tons of mascara, and let ze pink shine! (Then again, if you like the whole heavy eyes and lips, by all means, be my guest)

So there you go, three simple things I like to keep in mind when wearing a bright pink lip.
I've written and rewritten this post several times, simply because I don't want to sound like I'm telling people what to do, honestly, I'm not. I'm just sharing something I've learnt hoping it may be helpful to someone else. (well, except point 2. I mean that.)

What do you think about pink?


  1. Pink is my forte. The pointers applies to me for red lipsticks....I recently tried happy-go-lucky lipstick from the play land collection and loved it ( though I ended up buying Toying around, that's all together a different story).

    1. Happy go lucky is a muted version of candy yum yum...but looks so flattering on dusky/tan skin tones. Next time do try the other spectrum of pink.

    2. I shall look into it for sure! I had no idea the Playland collection released here! Must go check it out!

  2. Hey also i finally went and bought the L'oreal moist matte lippy in sheer plum. Loving loving the formula. I wouldn't have bought it if you hadn't nudged me to get one.

    1. AHHH, I'm so happy! :D
      Sheer Plum is next on my list! Its the best isn't it? Stays put for hours! :D

  3. I always end up with dusty pink lipsticks for everyday, and the bright ones for special occasions! There's something so beautiful about a good pink lipstick (I need to find a lipstick dupe for NYX San Paulo, since I don't get along with that formula :( )

    1. It still sucks that you and the formula don't get alone! I guess any dusty rose colour would work?

    2. I still have to find 'the one'. Y'know, that one shade that makes you want to wear it everyday, with a formula that's smooth, creamy, and long lasting.. *dreams*

    3. L'oreal Moisture Matte! :D Sheer Plum is a very good everyday shade. You will use it and love it and own it.