Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Outfit Details

Necklace - Accessorize

Rings (Gold and Platinum) Midi Ring - Forever New. Heart Tattoo = my favorite. 

Crystal Pendant and Chain - Swarovski

Bag -, Rings - Forever New, Watch - Micheal Kors, Mint Dress (whatever you can see of it) - ASOS.

For a change I thought I'd include a style/fashion post. Since I have no one to take outfit pictures for me, these little "Details" posts have got to do.
Once I find someone who can take a decent picture of my outfit, I'll start updating that section of my blog too. Until then, thoughts?

Oh, and I shall leave you with this - I have two cats, one who usually sits passively and watches me blog/take pictures/put on my makeup, his name is Snowman, pictures coming soon), and the other - who needs to be a part of everything. Meet my attention seeking diva, Qoco.

Qoco, my helper/disrupter. Whenever I'm setting up for pictures for my blog, you will find her sitting right next to the products, waiting to pounce of 'em. Not to mention posing. She loves the camera. 


  1. Hahaha, Qoco is such a cutie. I love how she's all like 'yes hoomin taek mai pitchar'. Also - SO FLUFFEH! :D

    1. Oh lord she is. She is the sassiest cat you will ever meet.

  2. That bag..aah..drool is one of my favorite colors...Qoco is such a sweetheart...please include Snowman and Qoco in your posts from now on :)

    1. Will do :D
      Its seriously inexpensive. And the fact that it looks exactly like a certain Celine helps too.