Friday, 18 April 2014

Faking the Glow - MAC Strobe Cream

MAC's Strobe Cream is one of those products that have been around for ages, with almost always positive reviews, but its something most people seem to overlook as its a part of MAC's permanent line - belonging to the skincare section. I first spoke about it here as more of a first impression on the product. After two months of constant use I have fallen in love to the point where there is no turning back.
There are some products that I would repurchase till the end of time (Chanel Vita Lumier Aqua, Chanel Pondre Universelle Libre, NARS Casino Bronzer.. I think I'll post about this) and the Strobe Cream recently made it into that list. Applause all around.
Strobe cream is essentially a moisturizer, which has a pearly pink-lilac sheen to it. Now, don't let that scare you, when it meets skin it blends in beautifully giving you that very natural "glowing from within" kind of glow. Once you put on your foundation, concealer and powder over it, this still manages to come through and make the skin look really healthy. Every skin related compliment that I've gotten recently (and those are few and far inbetween normally) have been when I've been wearing this. Coincidence? I think not.
This product does have skincare benefits also, so thats one more excuse for you to buy/want/need this - all in the name of it being good for your skin.
I typically wear it over a moisturizer as my skin is pretty dehydrated, but I have worn it on its own during warmer days and it is decently hydrating skin. I reckon if you have normal skin, you can get away with just this, if you have oily skin and find this too heavy, MAC has a Strobe Lotion I think? Which is a lighter version of this.
Quick fact - it costs INR 1950 for 50ml, but I think they have a smaller size.

Next on the glow inducing wishlist? Le Blanc De Chanel (always out of stock - which makes me want it more)


  1. I'm debating whether to try this or the Revlon skinlights... not a huge fan of the shimmery stuff, since I don't wear foundation very often. Le Blanc De Chanel is on my hitlist - along with the YSL Babydoll Kiss and Blush!

    1. Hahha, oddly enough, I've been lusting after skinlights.. but try this. Its amazing!

  2. I have this and its amazing! HG!

  3. Love your review and you have totally sold me on this....I love a bit of glow! This will be perfect under my Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation as that has mostly a matte finish. x
    A MakeupHabit

    1. Ohmy, it works beautifully with Luminous Silk - its probably my favorite way to wear this. :)

      Welcome to my blog, hope to see more of you :)