Tuesday, 25 February 2014

NEW IN! Makeup Geek Eyeshadows!


I know, I know, I've been buying a LOT of stuff offlate - but blame the fact that I'm finally earning my money and not depending on my parents for my beauty indulgence.
I've been contemplating buying Makeup Geek eyeshadows/pigments for well over three months, but once I saw Parita's order and then Ki placed hers, I knew the Universe was sending me the green signal.
This post won't have swatches or reviews, but more of a first impression/ show and tell kinda' post. I will be featuring these eyeshadows in future eyelooks etc. So stay tuned.
Now, I got 9 shadows plus a Z palette! The ones I got are (according to picture)
Mocha - Deep matte brown
Cocoa Bear - Matte reddish brown
Creme Brule - A medium sand colour with a soft matte finish. (this is such a brilliant all over lid colour)
Burlesque - Deep Metallic Burgandy
Sensuous - Shimmery Purple with flecks of silver (this pulls an almost duochrome purple-gold on me)
Pretentious - Metallic Bronze
Corrupt - Intense matte black with slight sparkle
Galaxy - Mettalic Gunmetal
Vanilla Bean - the site doesn't have a description, but I'd say its a warm cream colour with a slight sheen

A few facts for you - Firstly, Makeup Geek shadows are cruelty free and they have vegan shadows, for those in need of it. Each pan is ever so slightly bigger than the MAC shadow pans, but they fit into the palettes. The pans cost $5.99 each and contain 1.8grams of product as opposed to MAC's $10 each and contains 1.5grams of product. (you do the math)
Not only do these have more product in them, but they're cheaper and quality wise equally good, if not better.
Mocha, Cocoa Bear, Creme Brule, Corrupt (almost) and Vanilla Bean are matte shades and are buttery soft and beautiful. I don't have too many matte shadows, which is odd considering its one of my favorite eyeshadow finishes. The others are shimmery and a little out of my comfort zone. I don't usually venture out from my warm bronzes/golds and the occasional red brown, but these colours are still wearable without being too.. jhatang. Of the bunch, I feel Burlesque comes across a little too pink on me, but nothing that I can't work with - I'll probably layer it.

So these are my new MUG Shadows. After this I'm on a self-imposed Makeup buying ban. (HAH, lets see how long that lasts)
Over and out.


  1. wow you got them so fast? Creme Brulee and Pretentious are in my wish list! btw how long did it take for your order to reach you? did you have to pay customs?

    1. They got here in about 8 days? Which is pretty fast! And no, no customs thank fully!
      I think I want a few more mattes.