Monday, 17 February 2014

Favorite Face Brushes

Makeup brushes are a necessity, don't you think? Having several foundations or highlighters, not something you need, but just want. Brushes, you need. Always. Atleast thats what I tell myself.
You can never have too many brushes, and even if you do, you always find yourself reaching for the a few particular brushes, right? These are the ones I use regularly - almost daily, and I only change them around when I feel they need a break. I love them THAT much.

The Foundation Brush
No surprises here, it had to be the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, it manages to buff in everything from my very liquid face and body to my concealer perfectly. It never leaves my face looking cakey or too heavy, and it just blends everything seamlessly. If these were sold separately...

The Concealer Brush
I always used my fingers for concealing, but once I began using Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush, I've never looked back. It picks up just the right amount of product and buffs it in just like my beloved buffing brush. Actually, this is almost like a mini version of the buffing brush.

The Setting Brush
This may come as a surprise, but the Real Techniques Contour Brush is my setting brush of choice, I prefer it to the RT Setting Brush actually. Since I mostly powder under my eyes and my T-zone, this brush is perfect. Its slightly stiff so it sets the under eye concealer beautifully and without any effort. It also seems to pick up just the right amount of powder - almost like it knows its use.

The Contour Brush
The MAC 167 is probably my all time favorite brush for powder products - but it bronzer, blush, highlighter or even powder. The angle really does make a huge difference - especially around the cheekbones. I use this mainly for contour/bronzer, and it never seems to pick up too much product, it also blends it in effortlessly. aaah, I feel I'm using those words too much - but honestly, what other words can you use while describing brushes?

The Multi-Tasker
Ah, my beloved 187. MAC's 187 was the first foundation brush I bought, and used it religiously with my Studio Fix Fluid, but once I stopped using that, this brush was forgotten. Recently, when I had washed all my usual brushes, I reached for this one for Bronzer - and I was skeptical. But it did the most beautiful job. I actually use this more often than all the other brushes put together, because it buffs in foundation well, it gives me that very natural bronze and works wonderfully with both powder and liquid highlighters - it really is a gem of a brush.

So there you have it, my favorite face brushes, what are yours?


  1. I so need to pick up MAC 167 angled brush! i feel the shape is perfect for blush/contour/highlight just as you mentioned!

    1. I never thought I would need it, until I got it, and now I cannot live without it. Also, I ordered my first set of MUG shadows, and your post gave me the final push!

    2. oh wow i promise you'll love them! I too am want few pigments from her line now :)

    3. Ahh, do you use pigments? Hers do look amazing.