Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Evening Portion - Expensive Pink

Among the my many many eyeshadows I own (Its an addiction people) one that often gets neglected is MAC's Expensive Pink. Everytime I wear it, I fall in love with it but then I forget about it. Something needs to be done about my memory..

Products Used
Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Expensive Pink Eyeshadow
Inglot 450 Pearl Eyeshadow
Urban Decay Hustle Eyeshadow
Maybelline Gel Liner in Black
Rimmel Scandaleyes Show Off Mascara


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  3. Expensive Pink is a stunning shade! a must have from MAC!

  4. It really is, even though I don't really like pinks !

    1. btw from where do you get Nars, UD stuff in India? also can u pls suggest a good bronzer..I am close to your skin tone around NC40-42..thanks!

    2. Strawberrynet for NARS! They're cheaper than most places and really safe too! Or the occasional trip abroad/friend in S'pore. :)

      I've used a couple of bronzers, The Chanel one is good, but I found it didn't do much for me.
      My FAVORITE is the NARS Casino Bronzer. Its even available on strawberry net now! I'm on my second one. Despite Laguna being their most popular bronzer, Casino works better for more tan skintones. It's almost like a terracota. But it does have some mirco shimmer in it.. just enough to look glowy without visible sparkle.
      I've also tried MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Deep. Which is darker than my skintone, but the texture I'm not too fond of.

      So, I would definitely say Casino!
      I hope this helps!

    3. I definitely am eyeing Casino..oh it come back in stock? i just checked yesterday and it was not in stock :( btw pls suggest some places in Singapore from where you shop? I am planning to visit Singapore in few months so will probably make a wish list :) have you tried Benefit's hoola bronzer? its a great one especially for contouring :)

    4. It was in stock the day before when I checked! Damn, they sell out fast!

      ORCHARD Street! Oh god, that place is like paradise! Ion has Sephora in it? So go there!
      They also have Forever21 and CottonOn and H&M and all that jazz. Haha.
      Changs plaza is where NARS is, I believe, thats going to be the FIRST place I visit when I go there next.

      I did try Hoola, didn't show up on me as well as I'd hoped. :(
      I've been meaning to try the Bobbi Brown Matte Bronzer in Deep! Next time I go to Delhi ;)

    5. thank you so much Shrutilaya..btw totally love your name :)
      I am definitely keeping the places in mind..btw try theBalm products and especially Bahama Mama bronzer is fabulous..i also love their range of blushes..personally Frat boy is favorite! Bobbi Brown Matte Bronzer looks very similar to the newly launched NYX Matte Bronzer range! its got rave reviews on YT! I am eyeing the shade Medium in that..also if you visit Sephora..check out their bronzer in the shade Los Cabos and Bora Bora..both are matte...Los Cabos is a really good one and said to be dupe of Hoola..i have been bronzer frenzy last since last few weeks LOL..pls dont mind :) and thanks once again!

    6. Please! I LOVE talking about makeup! I'll keep going until you stop me!
      I've been eyeing the Mary Lou-manizer forever! Especially because of YT!
      Frat boy is good? I might try that. I've been eyeing Cabana boy because its supposed to be similar to NARS Sin.

      But I just got my dad to get me The new LE Chanel Blush in Presage (Google it, you will LOVE) So, I SHOULD stay away from makeup in a while. Doesn't hurt to dream :P

      *goes to look up the nyx matte bronzer*

    7. OMG Presage is stunningly beautiful! I think it'll look gorgeous on NC40 and above skin tones..especially deeper skin tones..such a flattering shade!
      I have Mary-Lou Manizer and absolutely love it! its gorgeous and definitely a must have if you love highlighters! Got Frat Boy as well but thats with my cousin in US and hopefully will reach me by dec :( btw I have Nars Sin as well..and absolutely love it..its a gorgeous shade especially for our skin tones...i tend to go towards mauve shades a lot in blushes..similarly have Nars Oasis and Mata Hari..you should definitely check out Mata Hari..its very flattering shade! I have reviewed it on my blog just in case if you are interested in seeing how it looks on NC40-42 skin tone :)
      Now I am eyeing chanel blushes..i got the shade CHANEL Joues contraste range – REFLEX..its still with hubby in KL but hopefully by the month that baby will be in my hands! LOL...me too can go non stop talking when it comes to makeup :D

    8. meant Cabana boy..its with my cousin in US :)

    9. Wow. Thats some serious loot!
      I saw both your theBalm and you're NARS reviews (Stalked your blog, hah)
      They look beautiful!

      I love LOOKING at blush, I just don't wear it all that much. Weird, I know -_-
      Would you consider doing a comparison post? With Sin and Cabana boy? :)

    10. I'll definitely do a comparison once Cabana Boy reaches me :) oh I know what you mean by looking at the blushes..some of them are so stunning especially the ones from Guerlain/Chanel/Dior/Lancome..they come with such gorgeous embedded designs that it takes my breath away :)

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    1. I'm so GLAD you like! :D And that you found this!
      I've been so worried how people will react. Not that it should bother me, but it still does a little, y'know?