Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Revisiting Old Favorites

When it comes to my personal makeup, I have always been a bit cautious of the number of products I own and keep. I hate hoarding. I prefer owning a few options of each thing. For example, 2-3 eyeshadow palettes, a couple of blushes and bronzers and maybe 2 mascaras at a time. However, every once in a while I like to add something I don't need, but really want! And so with the 'treat yo'self' attitude, I gravitated back to some of my favorite products for ages now!

NARS Blushes.
I have never been much of a blush girl. At one point I owned several that I never used and ended up giving away to people, mostly because I like a more bronzed complexion over a fresh, blushing face. Despite all these issues, I still find myself in love with most NARS Blushes. NARS as a brand could sell me bottled cat pee and I'd probably buy it, just because of the man and genius behind the brand, but I digress. I've owned Taj Mahal, Exhibit A and Desire before. All extremely bright and pigmented colours I used to love, but not so much anymore. So recently, when my friend was getting me some makeup as a wedding gift (thanks Sums!) I asked for NARS Sin among several other things. Unlike my previous NARS Blushes, this one is a muted berry with find gold shimmer running through it. It's almost bronzey, and works really well with my general, no makeup-makeup look I like to sport on a daily basis. It's extremely flattering and works really well with pretty much any complexion. It maybe nondescript, but if you get a chance to try this, do it! I swear you won't regret it!

Laura Mericier Baked Highlighter.
When I first read the product description, it said 'baked matte highlighter' which did not seem possible to me, how does one be matte and highlight? But once I used my sample (which I got with one Sephora's Favorite's Kits) I understood exactly what this meant. It's a matte silky semi sheer powder, with the most undetectable micro shimmer running through it. The shimmer is so fine, that it manages to highlight by blending into the skin and 'highlighting' said area. Infact, if you use this with a really fluffy brush under your eyes to brighten the area, it really works! But you need the smallest amount! I love this so much, I used it for all my wedding-related events as it didn't leave visible shimmer on my cheek or emphasise texture!

MAC Paintpots.
Remember when MAC Paintpots were all the rage? It makes me feel so old to think I was a teenager when they were doing the rounds and everybody collected them. Indianwood was my go-to favorite. And over the years I've used several (Groundwork, Rubenesque, Bare Study) of them both in my kit and in my personal collection. But again, if you like that wash of colour on your lids, without much effort, but still makes you look a little grungy - the almost editorial style slept in makeup, try Constructivist. This gorgeous brown with red pearl is perfect for an everyday eyeshadow. And I've been wearing it non stop since I got it.

Do you have any old favorites you have recently been obsessed with? What are they?
And would anyone like a wedding makeup breakdown? :)


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