Saturday, 11 January 2014

A match made in Heaven..?

Something are just meant to be - destiny - fate - call it what you want. Thats what Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (7.5) and Guerlain Meteorites in (2) Biege Tint are - meant to be? Okay, okay, I get it, TOO FAR.

But honestly, if you have skin like mine - which is currently, dry, full of acne scars and generally lacking in any kind of human qualities, you'd love this combination as much as I do. LSF has a light-medium buildable coverage. I use it over my MUFE concealer in 10, but even on its own, it does a pretty good job of covering those nasty purple-brown spots. Finish wise I'd say its not a satiny, nor is it matte - semi matte perhaps?
As a foundation, this is probably the best colour match I've found till date - it smells wonderful, looks beautiful on and I need just about a pump for my entire face. Worth the hype? Entirely.

If you want to take this foundation from beautiful to Movie-Star-Flawless, lightly dust the Guerlain Meteorites over it to set it, concentrating on the cheekbones, nose, fore head - y'know, the entire face basically. It adds such a subtle glow while in my opinion "blurring" whatever imperfections you can still see.
Still not sold? Photographs like a dream. (^picture above is a case in point). I'm normally camera shy (except when its selfie time :D) but with this particular combination of products, whip out those cameras and I'm ready for my close up!

Have you tried either of these products? What are your thoughts?


  1. it definitely gives a flawless effect! loving it!

    1. Flawless - Glowy - Natural - Its perfect. If only they weren't so expensive :o

  2. Do you still like this foundation? Does it oxidise?